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Doughty Street Fiasco ( The Kampfner Interview)

Exhibit A

To: 'Paul Newman'
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 1:52 PM
Subject: RE: The Return of Blogger TV
Are you up for coming on Blogger TV? We have a space tomorrow…

Note the date and time of the above email, which I received yesterday from Iain dale. Now to me tomorrow generally refers to the day after the one you are in . For example on Saturday .‘tomorrow’ would be Sunday . I stand corrected . On Saturday ‘tomorrow’ refers to Monday . At least I think that’s the idea.
Unaware of the new ‘alternate day’ calendar , I dutifully picked out a few favourites blogs and trundled the two stops to Kings Cross .Skipping gracefully through beggars , prostitutes and thieves with a light heart and a tra la la I arrived at 18 Doughty Street about 15 minutes early or 24 hours and 15 minutes early by the ‘new reckoning.’

The plot thickened . Doughty Street continues over Guildford Road into Mecklenburgh Square . If you approach from Grays Inn Road therefore , you can either turn left or right into Doughty Street. If ,as I did , you turn right , there is nothing to tell you that you have left the celebrated boulevard before you reach number 18. In all ignorance , you have entered Mecklenburgh Square, and stand before the residence of John Kamfner, the Editor of the New Statesman, and Brown nose bore nonpareil
I assumed that the New Statesman’s Editor had an adjoining office and there being no choice, rang the bell . Johny boy ( my new chum ),was in a considerable bate when he answered the intercom. Oddly , he was not at all pleased to hear from a little Tory out to gloat at the Brown Bottling panto of a Sunday eve . I said “Is this the 18 Doughty Street ?” he replied “ No it isn`t , you’ve got the wrong place, cross the road”. His tone was heavy with the soul sicklied weariness of the Ancient Mariner . I suspect this is not the first such misunderstanding .

How marvellous that Ian has arranged things thus . Endless keen Conservatives playing unwitting knock down ginger on the Moloch to Brown`s Beelzebub . If I have irritated the flabby arsed vendor of prolix middle brow chatter the adventure can only be counted a success . I think I `m doing the blogger thing tomorrow . If so , I shall go and knock at the mouth-watering Georgina splendour of this canting socialist plutocrat again …perhaps more than once . I hope he sends his Butler down to see me off.

The New Statesman’s current cover page is “ Election fever” Beneath it is the invitation to discover “ What Che Means Today”…Now that’s a happening journal for you. Excellent article on the Bravery of running away “ by Martin Bright who , may well have had the nod on Brown`s “Italian “ moment .

Update : Dale responded thus
Paul, sorry, my body clock must have been wrong. ..... Kampfner is very annoyed at the number of visitors he is getting….!
There you have it newmania ,confidante of Lord Blog of Blogham and aquaintance to top editors will be appearing tommorow.

The Denouement

On this blog I have long argued that the very things that Cameron emphasised initially , neutral tax policy , environmental awareness , devolving power , and even an attempt to understand not merely condemn the famous “Hoodie “ ,would play well with the marginal swingers . No other political commentator of comparable importance (I `m, kidding ) , stuck to this line and I was also -bloody -lutely right . Another Brown ( James ) put it this way …” Sometimes I wanna jump up and kiss myself “
It was the marginal Polls wot backed Brown into a corner. He knew a reduced majority was no mandate and scraping though on the back of the Scottish scam and the boundary commission lag would not suffice . His arriviste Britishness has shown how conscious he was of the need for a English majority . Ruling only a little tartan province of Europe was not what he has been plotting since, at 16, he went blind writing plans for world domination under the bedclothes .How well Cameron called that issue .True it festers at a low level, but it is clearly not the electoral force Brown feared .

On Andrew Marr today 'Flash' waffled pitifully about ,the need to set out a vision” . Here’s an experiment for you . Imagine Tony Blair`s thespian puppy delivery of this hogwash . What have you got ? Thats right undiluted Blair in dark suit and blue tie .

At the denouement of the Edwardian detective story, for one character ,the civility that has hidden his febrile evil fractures before the truth. Typically the villain is supercilious to the end .Let us see how it plays out ..

BROWN( Clapping sarcastically ) “What lovely a story Poirot . What a pity you have no evidence for your funny little theory…”..

POIROT-“ Au contraire mon brave … I can prove that you are not the conviction politician with an alibi for the last then years .Mr. Joe public , who you thought so dull , saw you running the country like a rolling pres release. Your imposture has been “magnnfique “ .It amazed even zee leelte grey cells of Poirot .”

LADY CHUMLEY “ Poirot , what are you saying ?…”

POIROT-“ Blair …Brown … Brown , Blair look closely mon freres …Zey are zee same man “

COLONEL DUFFER-“ My god Poirot “ ‘ You`re right “ Seize the blackguard !“

Bestial; fear disfigures the villains laconic smirk and typically the he makes a dash for it over the croquet court. Finally , dishevelled and desperate , he is dragged back to the patio .There is no escape from the vice grip of a sweating plod and the astonished Hastings.

Brown can say what he likes about the inheritance tax sums , noone cares , its loose change in the 647 billion anyway. He can pose as a serious man “”Getting on with the job “ until the bovine ruminants return and good luck. We have seen the denouement , and in his fond hope that it will be forgotten he has once again misjudged the intelligence of honest Joe Public

PS. I am on Doughty Street tonight..dunno when ,its be there at 8.45

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Lecture On The Legislative Process

'School children in the US state of Ohio were left bemused after images of nude women were shown in a politician's lecture on the legislative process. State representative Matthew Barrett was giving a computerised presentation at Norwalk High School when the images flashed up on the screen. He said he had no idea where the images came from, adding that he took them down after a few seconds. Mr Barrett was "embarrassed and apologetic", police said' - BBC Website.

Well its easily done ...oops !

"If I meet these whores I will have the honour- I repeat, I will have the honour to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their Satanic culture against Islam. If these two prostitutes keep doing what they are doing, we of course will punish them" - Muhammad Abdel-Al, leader of the Palestinian terror group the Popular Resistance Committees. Sounds like a pleasant chap.(17.9)

Anyone fancy a suicide sweep on Britney by the way ....what ?

'The Lord Mayor of Belfast has apologised to a council worker left with back injuries after he tried to leapfrog her during a photoshoot. Lorraine Mallon suffered a slipped disc when Jim Rodgers' knee accidently hit her head as he attempted to vault her. Ms Mallon had been dressed as a tomato to launch a gourmet garden event in Botanic Gardens last month. The Ulster Unionist councillor said he attempted the act of athleticism at the request of photographers' - The BBC.

Send in the Clowns
There ought to be clowns
....well maybe year

Have a nice weekend.

The game's afoot:

This is how the Polls stand Today:
C4 results
Labour (40<4) Conservative (36>3) LibDem (13 No Change)
Times results
Labour (39<2) Conservative (36>5) LibDem (15<2)
Guardian results
Labour (38<1) Conservative (38>6) LibDem (16<4)

The Guardian's results of Lab 38 Con 38 and LibDem 16, mean that Labours majority would be cut to *16*, yes that's *16*.Looking back on the Brown bounce it is retrospectively clear that conclusions drawn were misreading the temporary conditions of the end of a ten year Premiership as meaningful.

Brown`s is trapped ,reconnected with Labour’s record, his faux newness is lost .David Cameron has sacrificed a great deal for the marginals and with Ashcroft`s doubloons clinking into place, Flash Gordon`s position may be worse than it looks . He has alienated his own Party, whose loyalty was based on projecting desires onto his pasty blank canvass. Crucially , the Unions want their money back, and the spectre of a Callaghan, ”Winter of Discontent “ , must be clanking its ball and chain gleefully in the Broon attic .His death warrant is in the post, but it may take a while getting there !

Labour`s mandate in England is untenable at anything like this position. Brown is planning a subterfuge in Scotland, ceding further powers without legislation. This must be nailed ,with the EU lie, as more “Old “Politics.

Unity sells. Many UKIP supporters, who know full well their spiritual friends are Conservatives, will baulk at betraying the country at this crucial time .Already their vote is subsiding . The BNP however, Labour’s nationalist rivals, are resurgent .Nick Griffin will stand in Thurrock if General Election is called .Their understandable dismay at the level of immigration will not be assuaged by a few meaningless gestures. These are lifetime tribal Labour supporters , and they will not be back any time soon.

.This is their private family squabble. The way ahead for Conservatives is deep into Liberal localist territory.Margaret Thatcher came to be associated with laissez faire government, silent on schools environment and services. It has become the orthoxy to assume she did not care about the small battalions, but that is far from the truth . She wished them to thrive , and the first job was to remove the stinking corpse of state coercion . This looked like an 'economic' argument which , like Marxism , allows individuals and states but little in between . This is a travesty of ‘The lady.’ who had little in common with the selfish 80s zeitgeist . Some of the “centralising” confusion may have been due to the battles she had to fight with local authorities lapsed into outright gangsterism.

Instead of banging Hayek on the table and saying , ‘This what we believe’ , David Cameron accentuates the objective . Not an atomised cold-hearted individualist country but one in which marriage,the ultimate small battalion, and compassion, is not disrupted by the state .Cameron’s dissection of the LAT (Living apart together) syndrome was pivotal to his magnificent speech.

In this sense Brown is the heir to a fictional Thatcher invented by the BBC in the period of Polly Toynbee as social affairs editor(90s). He really does see individuals as in direct relation to the state . Cabbages for young mums , Sure start and most importantly a benefit system that attacks human relationships are indicative. Things are privatised or run by Brown with nothing in between .

It is against the most deeply cherished tenets of the Labour Party to admit this is misguided .Cameron says it is; and this Conservative message looks oddly very much like the localism of ‘true’ Liberals . Cameron is not attacking single mothers he is removing the state obstacles to natural human behaviour. In other words he is the heir to the real Thatcher.

It is easy to despise Liberals as a disorganised rabble of contradictory poses but many of them are sincerely good people perhaps understandably put off the octogenarian image Conservatives once had . Cameron must continue to update style and bring the localism , freedom and innovative thinking they are capable of into the tent . Elected Police commissioners , vouchers for education, low level decisions in the NHS are key issues . It is not abandoning Thatcher it is rediscovering her for today.The connection was best expressed this way.

“There is such a thing as society It is just not the same thing as the state “

An overall majority requires another 11%. The coalition must stretch from UKIP to Liberal and bind itself around this optimistic belief compassionate free men and women. Cameron showed he has real dignity to set against Brown`s dismal misery which the British mistook for that quality. He has the ability to be the pennant, on this confused battle field, to which all good men and women can and must rally, to save the country from the featureless , blasted no-man’s-land of Brown`s socialist Britain

'For there is none of you so mean and base
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit; and, upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry! England and Saint George!'

( Rapturous ovation……

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Gags Gagged

Incitement to religious hatred will today become a criminal offence in England and Wales with the commencement of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act. Remember Rowan Atkinson saying it wouldn’t allow him to be funny ? Remember Lenry Henry asking if it would allow him to start being funny? As ever everyone had a moan and we all felt better then it quietly becomes law anyway . As of now you cannot hate the hateful and you must respect the absurd and infantile
(Existing offences in the Public Order 1986 Act legislate against inciting racial hatred. Jews and Sikhs have been deemed by the courts to be racial groups and are protected under this legislation, but other groups such as Muslims and Christians are considered to be religious rather than racial groups and have therefore not previously received any protection under the law.)

One point of Interest
“29A: Meaning of “religious hatred”
In this Part “religious hatred” means hatred against a group of persons defined by reference to religious belief or lack of religious belief.
So atheists and agnostics are also protected.

But More Importantly – Who Can We Offend ?

Women in Burka – Does my bomb look big in this ?
Two Palestinians sitting in a cafe.
One pulls out his wallet and sighs: ‘this is a picture of my son abdullah. He was a martyr at 17.’The other man pulls out his wallet and sighs also: ‘this is a picture of my son jamal. He was a martyr at 15.’Wiping a tear from his eye, the first man says: ‘Kids…
They blow up so quickly these days’

Why do men prefer Muslim sex dolls ...they blow themsleves up( get in there !!!)

At the risk of opening a can of Fatwa, anymore ?

Idle Dream No. 94

Electronic communities build nothing. You wind up with nothing. We are dancing animals. How beautiful it is to get up and go out and do something. We are here on Earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.
—Kurt Vonnegut

Not withstanding the above , have had an idea .. IT ( or Stan as he is now known in his sex god manifestation), and I were wondering about the plight of the busy Blogger whose hurried rants were un-regarded as people inevitably go to the brand leading Dales and Guidots . As you would expect, good bad or indifferent ,( and they can be all three) , pushed for time the punter is likely to patronise the reliable purveyor of consistent quality . This is self reinforcing because having become the top brand looking for “ The buzz” even their indifferent material will suck in attention.
The sad consequence is that a lot of people are doing good work which does not get the spotlight it deserves . Hatfield Girl and Raedwald spring to mind but there are many more Cassilis (superb), Ed , all people with particular perspectives and no little talent . Phillipa , CU , whose coverage is top quality and as for quirky humour and insight EK ...Hitch ? Hmmmm perhaps he might like to express his more considered views ... . There is also the problem of having to produce a daily snippet. This tends to reduce everything to blog standard homogenously informal chatter relentlessly iconoclastic along well worn grooves .

I have been looking at cooperative Blogs like the excellent Pickled Politics and Samizdata and more formal forums like Compass and from depths of my quivering grey jelly a solution has birthed itself into being .

A Magazine ...I must clarify here .I mean amagzine format web site not a blog but part of the world of blogs

What about a monthly magazine with regular contributors of more considered articles having an editorial team to ensure a good level of entertainment style and economy eschewing the wilder fringes and locating itself a tad right of centre along the lines of the magnificent Prospect . A Cover detailing the contents and a selection of original work over covering politics , arts , sport business along the lines of New Statesman and the Speccie with some attention paid to the look and layout . The is a web site called Squarespace. That could be used for this purpose at no cost with a bit of help

1 The bloggers would be able to virally advertise and provide initial interest
2 Each would be more likely to get their best work read
3 A chance to do something with a little more space and time some research mayhap
4 A chance to provide a counterweight to the “ Name” draw of the so called top bloggers
5 A chance to polish work a little more by having some editorial tidying and looking at the whole thing as an attractive product
6 Advertising....well it might pay for upgrading as you went along
7 The possibility of getting the odd interview ? Its not hard to do if you ask
8 A chance for those who do not have the time to build up a following to show off their wares if the mag gets a decent reputation as worth bothering with
9 It would all be free
10 Each could concentrate on their strong area and the whole might be greater than the sum of the parts .
11 Non bloggers could contribute
12 Contrary views from talneted lefties would dispell that tedious fog of universal agreement

I do not see why such a beast might not provide something to augment the blogasphere and yet step into the world of features. In fact the more i think of it the more brilliant it gets. Egos would have to be left at the door. Problem 1


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Things that makes you go ooooooo

Back again the occassional series of oddities and coo making trifles

Next year people born in the 90s ie born after New Kids on The Block, will be eligible to vote ..( well staggers me anyway)

After the end of donor anonymity there are now 205 sperm donors in Britain

The smallest average cock size is the Chinese at 4.9.inches. 7.5 inches is the Swedish and Bulgarian “ideal” and in Britain it is “7 inches”

During the first year of the Nazi invasion, the Red army issued 800,000 death sentences to its own soldiers

2 is the average number of sex toys owned by British women 0.36 is the Indonesian figure perhaps because masturbation is punishable by death there

In 2006 177 British men had surgery to reduce their breast size

Manchester has the worldwide high for women that swallow after a blow job at 50% and another 20% who sometimes do

The production of kilogram of Beef emits the same amount of CO2 as the average European car driving 250 KM

53 % of births in London are to immigrant mothers . In Kensington and Chelsea the figure is 68%

43% of Glaswegian women claim they are more tuned on by porn than sex and 22&%( the highest) of Edinburgh Women would change their boyfriends cock

Transport for London employs 232 people on more than £100,000 per year. The home office employs 43 the treasury seven

The top US 25 hedge fund managers earn more than the CEO s of the S and P 500 companies combined

The UK average for losing your virginity is 15 .5 but higher in Scotland at sixteen years 5 months ( wonder why the bother seeing what they get )

Windscreen wipers, laser printers and bullet-proof vests were all invented by women

And finally the bad news at a rating of 8.5 out of ten the Australian male is officially the one who keeps his woman happiest


New Scientist, No Simple Victory Norman Davies , BBC New Online Home Office , newsWeek, FHM sex Survey and BORIS JOHNSON

Can you guess which is which?

Reminds Me Of Me

I used to be a winger and was pretty speedy in my day. When I got to the County trials though I met people who put my enthuastic lollop into perspective .This chap deminds me of imaginary me .... a treat for rugby fans

US Eagles - Takudzwa Ngwenya burns Bryan Habana

Our Changing Bus

In 20 years the English white ethnic group will reach the end of a 1000 years in which they have been the majority in England . I have invented a bus with 30 people on it that you might have got on this morning and this is the way it will look now and in 2027 assuming current rates of change.

Bus 2007
30 people
24 White English (80%)

Bus 2027
34 People
17 White English (50%)

Bus 2047
38 people
8 White English (21%)

Show Your Working

There was a net emigration of 107000 British and a net immigration of 292000 other ethnicities last year. This was in my recent boring stat mine, and based on government figures that may well be underestimates. .In the population 560000 arrive and 380000 leave annually so there is a net migration of 180,000 but the first figure is what people are really worried about because it is the coherence and integrity of the national culture that is perceived as threatened.

The Changing Mix On The Bus Of England

Call. England a bus of 30 people . As , in the 2001 census Eighty-seven per cent of the population of England gave their ethnic origin as White British we’ll say , and this is out of date , 26 of the 30 bus travellers are ethnically English. Population is, according to the government ,rising overall at 285000 per year. And the population of England is 50,000000. I have to guess here but my guess is that practically all that rise is in England certainly Scotland has been depopulating until very recently. In bus terms then you get a new passenger every five years more or less.
By net ethnic change by immigration alone but one member of the bus ( to make it simple )changes from black to white every 4.1 years In twenty years then the bus will have 34 people on it of which 9 are now “other ethnicities” .
However this does not include the vastly different rates of population growth of ethnic minorities. In fact English are replacing themselves at the staggeringly low rate of 1.4. In twenty years then by sheer non breeding the replacement rate is about 1.52 or 76 % so the bus will actually have in twenty years.2007, 30 People of whom are 26 White English By 2027 34 People 19 of whom White English
In fact the 26 is the position at 2001 not 2007 . The change in proportion is also moderated by the assumption that population growth is all in England but I want to err on the side of caution. If we project the rate of change of proportion ( which we now know ) back and then recalculate the probable position at 2007.In 20 years the proportion of white English changes from 26/30 to 19./34 which is 86 % to 55 % or 1 and a half % per year ( in bus terms o.45) 2.7 actually so I’ll call it 2 again to err on the side of caution
So the true position roughly and as far as I can work out is as I have mentioned above
I appreciate of course that there are assumptions here but the basic figures are solid and the maths is just schoolboy stuff . I have moreover tried to drift towards the Conservative as I have gone through. I have shown the working any criticisms are easily made the final interation is aonly a bit of fun really as the peeiod is toom long .Is this a bad thing or a good thing . I would say it should be handled carefully and slowing the rate of change is clearly a sensible response

In Limbo

'An amputated leg has become the focus of a tug of war between the man who lost it, and another who bought it in an auction. John Wood's leg was amputated near the knee after a plane crash in 2004. He asked doctors for it back so he could be buried "whole" when he died. But Mr Wood, of South Carolina, fell on hard times and saw his home repossessed and his possessions auctioned after he couldn't afford to keep them in storage. Unfortunately those possessions included the leg. The limb, which Mr Wood had kept in a barbecue smoker, was bought by Shannon Whisnant last week in the auction' - The Daily Telegraph

I mised this in the Graph the other day but it poppped up on a silly site and of course my mind turned immediately to the title .

Shin Dolours List

1 Hopping Mad
2 Legless
3 Pulling your Leg
4 Out on A Limb
5 In Limbo
6 De-feeted
7 No Leg To Stand On
9 Urban Leg ends

Anymore ?

The Pontiff Is Out

Looking back on the last sermon I see I have utterly failed to articulate my point. It can stay there as a reminder not to waffle .Oh well,. back to gags and ranting for me ...sigh

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The Pontiff Is In...

On Comparse they are having a discussion about philosphy , albeit it at a barbarian level. I had a go at trying to join up life the Universe and evrything. I know what I mean...does anyone else ?

I would simply like you to give me an example of what the human species has contributed OUTSIDE of our own species that would justify your claim that humans are agents for moral good.( Said A.N. IDIOT)

The Indian Tiger`s diminishing numbers are causing somewhat more distress than the demise of the Giant ground sloth 70,000 years ago, precipitated by innocent primitives.We are getting better at empathising then , worse at being selfless and brave though .We shall se no more Protestant martyrs and far more recanting ,( The Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh recently said that there hasn’t been an Archbishop of Canterbury pious enough to be worth killing since 1645) .. .
Humanists saw morality as a 'phenomenon' not a verity, given meaning by culture and evolving upwards paradoxically approaching ,the divine.
Its difficult to argue that anything outide man has a moral purpose . Either it "Nature" or "God" "picks them arbitrarily( so murder might be good) or it cannot supply them .In fact it is not property of a “Moral” to be given as it contains the meaning eternally present .( JS Mill….and then Bertrand Russell).

Morality cannot be approached as an absolute but must be treated as if it were .The universe is indifferent to the feeling of humans moral or otherwise we create out own value between us through shared understanding . This is the value of custom by which we learn both to play and listen.That quality which results, we call music, and morality is akin to this .It may be provisional but reaches towards the state of angels. This odd bathos between the particular and the immense is clear to us in tawdry pop songs and moments of solitary sublimity

It is because Conservative believe that people are innately capable of great goodnes that they are happy to allow independence. They are however 'fallen', and outside the fortifying effects of culture the exchange required for each stagnates. It is a dynamic vision of man thinking and doing in community family and love . It is not an individual in society moved by rules like a cog in a machine.

The contemplation of God is the contemplation of what a man could be at best, and buttresses individuals in ,for example ,a Chistian tradition. The humanist George Elliot was kind to churchmen in the tales of Clerical life for this reason . The step forward came from the human heart though.. Maggie Tulliver. She is the clearest expression of this humanist system derived from Feuerbach. Conservatives also locate this spring of goodness in the individual and not the economy on the rare occassions they allow metaphysical speculation( aso as not to interprupt either Dinner or work

The Classical account of men is as buckets , incapable of anything of worth unless organised into patterns . The romantic view is that each is a 'well' and of limitless depth. Conservatives are romantics, for us men are candles illuminating the world, for the socialists they are mirrors reflecting their surroundings .

Philosophical miserableness , stoicism , nihilism and spiritual ( not pragmatic) scepticism all lead to the view that only the imposition of order will suffice No wonder this the life hating , paranoid Nixonite figure of Gordon Brown appeals to every cowardly pessimistic fibre of the nation. The golden browed young prince Cameron offers another way. Hope for the future .

Its not to late to turn from the dark side even now and help make a country for men and women who are not only not units of production.

In A Pickle On Immigration

I have been reading the superb Pickled Politics .Leftist, and a bit PC you might not expect me to loathe it, but au contraire . We cannot all agree and it is open different and good humoured.I recommend you visit.The following remarks were made by the editor which I ended up answering fully.

Sunny Said
I’d love to see evidence of the Tory party moving on from the old days of naked racism.. ……Incidentally, it may be that a population the size of Liverpool is coming here… but around a similar size is emigrating or returning back to their home country……….The CBI has said plenty of times that immigration is economically positive for Britain."

Newmania replies
Again this meretricious mantra “ Conservatives are racists “ ?.To have every loyalty to your country and culture derided as "racism" along phoney PC lines is unacceptable . Brown is the one promising “British jobs for British workers “ not the Conservative Party whom you slander out of sheer habit .

The CBI are speaking on behalf of big business, for whom immigration is an unalloyed good. They are not paying for the services, they just like the flexible Labour force. Migration watch , a revisionist academic group, reckon that an immigrant contributes about a Mars bar a month, net. There is no accounting for the lost cultural capital though, which in practice people vote for with their feet by moving. Migration watch have been proved right in every disagreement with the government over statistics over a period of years.

Irwin Selzer is a balanced commentator, and he said there are winners and losers Employers get cheap labour and we get cheap goods . Low paid Brits lose out and those dependent on services lose out .Others note that in Iceland with 300,000 and no immigration at all they the 6th highest GDP per capita in the world. Some ,moreover, doubt that a country that fought two world wars and ran a quarter of the world could not have survived with its indigenous talents. Clearly it could, but there would have been debits to the equation.

I think immigration in moderate numbers is a sort of spiritual good, and a necessary cultural tonic.I am unconvinced that we don’t pay for it initially or that we should be expected to have no say on rate pof change.The economic argument is secondary , in my view, to the continuity and integrity of the national culture.

Many immigrants agree .A MORI Poll showed that 68% of us thought there were too many immigrants and this view was shared by 45% of Asians and 48% of blacks . 56% believed that immigrants received unfair priority on housing and services, a view popularised by the Labour Politician Margaret Hodge in Barking .Figures are clearly underestimated though - London Boroughs have vehemently complained that grants , linked on government stats are always inadequate to the real experienced immigration( Including left Councils , which may account for the cross ethnicity agreement ).Other Surveys put the level of concern higher .The Economist … found that 75% of Britain’s wish to see an overall limit to immigration.

.The white English are still the biggest ethnic group by far, but it is becoming only one of many .It is no longer true to say that the country is basically ethnically English After 1000 years of racial and cultural homogeneity and many wars fought to preserve this state, it is a remarkable how little difficulty there has been .Emigration ,at record levels , is about half as large a factor, in the rapidly changing face of Britain.

Second generation communities are sometimes less integrated than their parents, so the effect of contemporary changes will be greatly multiplied over time .
I am not against immigartion and I am certainly not unaware of the advantages of new people in our midst .I only say that the rate of change is far to fast. I advocate common sense and caution I deplore the quasi religious PC agenda whereby to comment at all is ,"Racist". . Those are my thoughts and these are …

………………………………......THE FACTS

In a recent survey of young Muslims One in 8 admires al Qa’eda ., 40% want Sharia law in Britain and 75% want women to wear the veil. In all cases the view of the over 55s are far less radical for example only 17% wanted Sharia law in Britain. .

According to almost certainly underestimated official figures , 560000 arrive and 380000 leave annually .

2000,000NI numbers issued to non Britain’s in the last four years ,last year 713000.

There was a net emigration of 107000 British and a net immigration of 292000 other ethnicities.

…So in 25 years 7.5 million approx. of other ethnicities .

The birth rate is the highest it has been in 25 years and yet the native population is replacing itself at only a rate of 1.4 (it is imploding)

Some groups , ( not the Poles for example ), congregated in small areas. 2288,000 or 31.1 % of Londoners were born outside the UK this year.

Migration watch estimates there will be 70 million of us here in fifty years overall ( The government says 70 years ) and this is in the fourth most crowded country in the word excluding City states

Nat statistics - One in Four babies is born to a foreign mother -

White children are a minority now in a fifth of education authorities

Birmingham has 300 schools 57% of primary and 52% of secondary pupils are from non white families

.35,000 of the 96000 who settled here last year do not speak English.

A survey of 300 Mosques by the BBC showed that only 6% preached in English

Nat statistics -One in ten people are born overseas

In the first year of the governments completely underestimated the Polish and EU influx .565000 came but 380000 left . Still this leaves 185000

.In the end 579,000 Eatern European immigrants have settled here.

We have 600,000 here illegally

Last year the ONS concluded they had been 45,000 under the count for years .

After the expansion of the EU 13000 were predicted but thus far that has been 70,000

Of the 3 million homes to be built in the SE 1million if them according to govt, figures ( quoted by N Soames MP and unchallenged ) will be taken by immigrants not yet here .

London has 690,000 jobless adults all of whom are eligible for skill less jobs taken on by immigrants .

A quarter of new households under Labour have been immigrant households

Some Good news .

Interesting ethnic breakdown on the work-shy of London .Least likely to be workless are THE INDIANS followed by the whites . …(This was on news night )

The Muslim Education centre of Oxford offered to help finance a schools legal challenge to a girls right ot wear a full face veil in class

The fastest growing group are mixed race and I am doing my best to make it more so.

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Blog-Standard Post

Hague took the gloves of and landed plenty of straight rights to exposed Brown chin at the conference yesterday

It is a truth universally acknowledge that the Conservative Party are happier when they are unified. I find it hard to forgive Ancram who has... “ .. reached that age in his career when he would obviously like an interesting job of some kind “( C. Moore) but Graham Brady is a different matter . I do not blame the Brady bunch for the Grammar school fiasco ,soi disant , an honest difference of opinion between well meaning people with the same broad assumptions and desires is not , to my view , a fiasco.
Nonetheless I was pleased to see him take the trouble to say the bleedin’ obvious in the DT today ,( of Grammar schools ).“ I strongly believe that they are one of the effective vehicles of social mobility in our country. This is an important differences of opinion but should not overshadow areas of agreement – giving head teachers real power to remove disruptive pupils from their schools , stopping the closure of special schools so people are not treated as if they were the same , giving civic groups the freedom to set up their own schools in areas that desperately need them; pushing on with the with the city academy programme “. Gordon Brown has quietly dropped the whole thing which I have often mentioned

One might wish that these overarching areas of agreement had occurred to Mr. Brady before he handed a gun to the Guardianistas but he might with justification, say loyalty work both ways . Norman Tebbit in a broadly supportive Speccie article, skewers those who glibly assume that the onus for unity falls only in the right with a historical perspective too often forgotten
“..its not all David Cameron’s fault . It goes back a long way to when the Euro fanatics ambushed Margaret Thatcher and dragged her into the ERM before they finished her off in 1994.
The fuse they lit lead to black Wednesday when Major , Heseltine and Clarke gambled against the currency markets and lost......For some reason the Cameroons thought that if they distanced themselves form the Thatcher years they could escape the curse of the ERM debacle . they called it decontaminating the brand but ended up flushing the baby of Margaret Thatcher’s success down the down the plughole

So ‘fings aint lookin ` so bad’ today and with Boris showing that he is deadly serious finally winning Iain Dale`s support there is a spring to the newmania step.Or at least there was until I noticed this remark in Chaz Moores` notes

One needs a word to describe the monotonously chirpy , conventionally iconoclastic ,relentlessly informal tone of voice that is typical of the blog. Does the phrase ‘Blog- standard’ already exists?’ If not it should ”
Eeek blimey Chaz gi`us a chance ....(ouch!)

Cameron simply lacks the upbringing. ....

Interesting article in the Observer comparing Brown's upbringing with that of Cameron and the consequent creation of their values. Here is an excerpt:

'If stable family life, reverence for education and encouragement to excel are privileges, Brown had them in abundance. He also had access to the network of connections that link the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Labour party. There are parts of Scotland where the established church's influence on the establishment party is more important than the C of E's cameo as the Tory party at prayer. The difference is that Scotland's establishment party is Labour and it privileges its own to undeniable effect. The reputation for nepotism that damaged it in last May's contest with the SNP is no invention.

Seen in this context, Brown was about as fortunate as a politically ambitious young Scot could be. Forget Eton and Oxford. He had the right family, the right school, the right university and, of course, the left opinions.......
I doubt Cameron has anything approaching Brown's faith in his right to power. Etonians have been disliked for decades. The country has only just begun to perceive the true nature of the Scottish Labour party.I shall be stunned if the Conservative leader emerges from his party conference looking as smug as Gordon Brown did this week. Never mind the polls, Cameron simply lacks the upbringing.
( Tim Luckhurst is professor of journalism at the University of Kent and a former editor of the Scotsman.')

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