Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reminds Me Of Me

I used to be a winger and was pretty speedy in my day. When I got to the County trials though I met people who put my enthuastic lollop into perspective .This chap deminds me of imaginary me .... a treat for rugby fans

US Eagles - Takudzwa Ngwenya burns Bryan Habana


Philipa said...

Went to a party recently and talked about rugby, as you do, making small talk, to a chap who sat in the next seat but one (I was near a table, next seat was empty). I then chatted about Victorian architecture to a chap who sat directly in front of me (90*) and then I politely asked about his work and talked about international trade - I enquired whether he thought we should have a referendum and asked his opinion about our absorbtion into the EU.

I later learned that I was practically sat on the rugby chaps lap and was 'comming onto' the other chap.

I haven't yet worked out which bit of my conversation on the EU was code for 'how about it big boy'. And I know my bottom has grown a bit since being ill but two seats?? Crikey - I'm amazed I still fit through the door!

If you haven't guessed, I get pissed off by everyone assuming that a single woman over the age of 25 MUST be in want of a husband - anyones husband. And I'm sorry but there is only so long I can talk about soft furnishings before I glaze over and lose the will to live. No wonder I miss blogging :-(

So does it work both ways N? Is this post code for 'I'm a wanton sex God, take me now'??

Nick Drew said...

Mr Mania, you tease, the clip has been taken down!

Newmania said...

I see that Nick how annoying and it was so good that I had to have another look when I got home.

I have never seen such pace on a Rugby field it was quite astonishing. The chap beat Habama on the outide and the rest of the SA cover could not believe what you were seeing

Newmania said...

Phillipa you can be quite playfully flrtatious .People get the wrong idea sometimes , as a chap its hard to know you know.

You have a spectacular figure though I remember it well

Philipa said...

Newmania - I've found that sometimes, to a chap with a face like a dogs backside, 'good morning' can be taken as a come-on and married men, when faced with a challenge from their wives as to why they were competing for attention from the woman in the corner, will often take the 'it was her, not me' approach. It really is so very tiresome.

And remember; you can be who you want to be on the net, but in person you are stuck with who you are. In person I'm disappointingly civilised. Boring I know.

I'm always tempted to fulfill my reputation - you know, be the really quiet one who shags the host in the tool shed or who goes to one of these conferences and grabs a handful of a certain pundits arse as he walks past. But I would find such behaviour quite revolting. I am, sadly, quite conservative and feel it's now some kind of subversive behaviour. I feel I should wear a T shirt with Boris or PH or Norman Tebbit photoshopped over Che.

I would start a movement but I fear we just have to wait for Brown to go.

Philipa said...

N, thanks for the bod compliment BTW - you're the kind of fab chab whose honey could be knocking table lamps off when she walks in a room and you'd think she was beautiful. There are not many like you about, sadly.

Newmania said...

...I hasve an idea for your talents P

Nick Drew said...

yes, well, back to the topic, err,

hopefully this Wundertry will be replayed many times becoz I MISSED IT !

I will envisage the youthful Mania, no.14 on his back, when finally I get to see your protege in action: I am sure you had a tremendous inside step

Philipa said...

Yes, the topic of unbridled testosterone and controlled aggression - let's have more of it!

Rugby kit is optional - you can wear what you like in front of your own PC!

Newmania said...

I am sure you had a tremendous inside step

The longer ago it was the better it gets .

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