Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Things that makes you go ooooooo

Back again the occassional series of oddities and coo making trifles

Next year people born in the 90s ie born after New Kids on The Block, will be eligible to vote ..( well staggers me anyway)

After the end of donor anonymity there are now 205 sperm donors in Britain

The smallest average cock size is the Chinese at 4.9.inches. 7.5 inches is the Swedish and Bulgarian “ideal” and in Britain it is “7 inches”

During the first year of the Nazi invasion, the Red army issued 800,000 death sentences to its own soldiers

2 is the average number of sex toys owned by British women 0.36 is the Indonesian figure perhaps because masturbation is punishable by death there

In 2006 177 British men had surgery to reduce their breast size

Manchester has the worldwide high for women that swallow after a blow job at 50% and another 20% who sometimes do

The production of kilogram of Beef emits the same amount of CO2 as the average European car driving 250 KM

53 % of births in London are to immigrant mothers . In Kensington and Chelsea the figure is 68%

43% of Glaswegian women claim they are more tuned on by porn than sex and 22&%( the highest) of Edinburgh Women would change their boyfriends cock

Transport for London employs 232 people on more than £100,000 per year. The home office employs 43 the treasury seven

The top US 25 hedge fund managers earn more than the CEO s of the S and P 500 companies combined

The UK average for losing your virginity is 15 .5 but higher in Scotland at sixteen years 5 months ( wonder why the bother seeing what they get )

Windscreen wipers, laser printers and bullet-proof vests were all invented by women

And finally the bad news at a rating of 8.5 out of ten the Australian male is officially the one who keeps his woman happiest


New Scientist, No Simple Victory Norman Davies , BBC New Online Home Office , newsWeek, FHM sex Survey and BORIS JOHNSON

Can you guess which is which?


Philipa said...

I think the Boris fact would be about London transport. And on the basis of this published and paid for piece of poo then you Paul, me, Ed, Flo and just about everyone we know is wasted on the blogs and should be employed by the Guardian as a journalist immediately.

electro-kevin said...

How does one measure one's cock ?

From beneath or above ? Where does it start and where does it end and is there a weighting for exceptional girth ?

Oh - has anyone else noticed the use of imperial over metric in what is probably the most important measurement of all ?

Philipa said...

Kev - you need an ooh-ahh bird, introduce to the affected area and count.

Newmania said...

EK you make an important and EK-ish point

Ed said...

EK is referring to the pint of course.

Ed said...

Philipa thanks for the link I shall read it properly next time I can't sleep!

Newmania said...

I must admit I found it an excellent insomnia cure

CityUnslicker said...

the one about the aussies can't be true surely. ...unless there is a similar poll saying all aussie women are mentalists!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about going ooooooo, but Cameron's speech had me clapping at my pc.

What a blinder!

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

That is a sickening blow isn`t it CU

FLO ...I too was clapping the TV. What good this man could do for the country and its people. I believe you will see a Greener Cameron as time goes on as well. It is not easy to be reasonable balanced and yet inspiring. It lifted my heart and filled me with hope ...sniffle

Ed said...

I was nodding at my PC at work. My colleague thought I was going mad but then I said it was DC and he started listening in.

Philipa said...

It's true, i do suffer from insomnia as I have a pain in the neck from an old injury (no details) and am so glad my link is of benefit :-)

Missed Cameron's speech I'm afraid, just got a bit on Newsnight and it seemed all usual vague 'stirring' but meaningless stuff.

Newmania said...

usual vague 'stirring' but meaningless stuff.

Grrrr...Ed is obviously right and you are clearly wrong

Anonymous said...

I think Boris came up with the one about womens inventions - as he is obsessed with women..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Philipa on the crap useless Guardian article..

Steven_L said...

"The top US 25 hedge fund managers earn more than the CEO s of the S and P 500 companies combined"

Here's another one.

The little guy can't put is money into a hedge fund because the FSA rules make it illegal for hedge funds to prmote their products to anyone without extensive investment experience, hence the minimum 1 million dollars/euros in.

So I'm allowed to play poker, roulette, bet on horse racing, football, cricket, the Irish lottery and play bingo. But because of thse rules the big banks can't exploit the gap in the market to sell shares in hedge fund investments.

Apparently these rules are to protect me, 'the inexperienced investor'. No-one stops me just picking a share and buying it.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder!

Newmania said...

Hi SL.....there is a fortune there with your name on it

Steven_L said...

You think? Maybe I'll petition the PM to allow financial services people to promote unregulated collective investments to the working classes.

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