Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Denouement

On this blog I have long argued that the very things that Cameron emphasised initially , neutral tax policy , environmental awareness , devolving power , and even an attempt to understand not merely condemn the famous “Hoodie “ ,would play well with the marginal swingers . No other political commentator of comparable importance (I `m, kidding ) , stuck to this line and I was also -bloody -lutely right . Another Brown ( James ) put it this way …” Sometimes I wanna jump up and kiss myself “
It was the marginal Polls wot backed Brown into a corner. He knew a reduced majority was no mandate and scraping though on the back of the Scottish scam and the boundary commission lag would not suffice . His arriviste Britishness has shown how conscious he was of the need for a English majority . Ruling only a little tartan province of Europe was not what he has been plotting since, at 16, he went blind writing plans for world domination under the bedclothes .How well Cameron called that issue .True it festers at a low level, but it is clearly not the electoral force Brown feared .

On Andrew Marr today 'Flash' waffled pitifully about ,the need to set out a vision” . Here’s an experiment for you . Imagine Tony Blair`s thespian puppy delivery of this hogwash . What have you got ? Thats right undiluted Blair in dark suit and blue tie .

At the denouement of the Edwardian detective story, for one character ,the civility that has hidden his febrile evil fractures before the truth. Typically the villain is supercilious to the end .Let us see how it plays out ..

BROWN( Clapping sarcastically ) “What lovely a story Poirot . What a pity you have no evidence for your funny little theory…”..

POIROT-“ Au contraire mon brave … I can prove that you are not the conviction politician with an alibi for the last then years .Mr. Joe public , who you thought so dull , saw you running the country like a rolling pres release. Your imposture has been “magnnfique “ .It amazed even zee leelte grey cells of Poirot .”

LADY CHUMLEY “ Poirot , what are you saying ?…”

POIROT-“ Blair …Brown … Brown , Blair look closely mon freres …Zey are zee same man “

COLONEL DUFFER-“ My god Poirot “ ‘ You`re right “ Seize the blackguard !“

Bestial; fear disfigures the villains laconic smirk and typically the he makes a dash for it over the croquet court. Finally , dishevelled and desperate , he is dragged back to the patio .There is no escape from the vice grip of a sweating plod and the astonished Hastings.

Brown can say what he likes about the inheritance tax sums , noone cares , its loose change in the 647 billion anyway. He can pose as a serious man “”Getting on with the job “ until the bovine ruminants return and good luck. We have seen the denouement , and in his fond hope that it will be forgotten he has once again misjudged the intelligence of honest Joe Public

PS. I am on Doughty Street tonight..dunno when ,its be there at 8.45


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! I love it!

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Broon's demise in this delicious situation evoked an old style actor for me too...

I'm the Broon
The Big Feartie
P'raps you've heard of me
Bouncing along
Feigning I'm strong
As I panic and gasp for fresh air

I dress up in fashion
New teeth - watch them flashing
Hide under me cuff all the nulabour stuff
Hide me tartan and kilt under me washing... ]
I'm Brrrrroooon, the Big Feartie from Fife!

I stroll
With the greedy
Roll Lies to the needy
Call for champagne
Write me memoirs again
...Then come back and borrow the ink

Though anal retentive
I live most expansive
Racked up so much UK debt that I can't retire yet
Yes, I'm Brrrroooon
The Big Debtie from Fife

I smile
While they're extending me
Cheer upon cheer
Whenever I appear
To lead defeat

So strict are my people
(Though not quite William Wallace's strain)
If they ever knew I'd been talking to you
Why they'd never prop me up again!

I'm Brrrooooon, the Big feartie from Fife!

My tough pose, tho' quite comical
Is a technical miracle
Terror holds up my face and keeps my tongue in place
And stops it from drooling away...

I'm Broon, the Big Feartie, I rise at ten thirty
And Buckingham Palace I view.
I stand in the yard while they're changing the guard
And the queen shouts across "Toodle oo"!
The Prince of Wales' brother along with some other

"Calling an election?"
"Why, come and see Mother!"

But I'm Broon, Brrrrooooon - so I panic and swoon
I've got no bottle to turn up the throttle
So I run home in fear of my life
Cos I'm Broon, the Big Feartie from Fife!

Newmania said...

Wow thats awseome Flo...and a fave comic ditty of mine anyway

Clap clap clap

Anonymous said...

I have always agreed with you Mr N... as I am bit of a liberal.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try to watch you on Doughty street, I shall be wearing black stockings and suspenders, ny waspie set and a blonde wig - I hope thinking of me does not put you off...

Anonymous said...

Re: the rhetoric of 'change'.

I've just watched Broon mumbling hs phoney excuses in the Marr interview and Cameron's response to this again.

There were many negative and positive points, but one word caught my attention in particular.

Brown had gone on ad nauseum about his big work of change and Cameron criticised how little real change Broon has actually achieved.

At the back of my mind were the many people who say to me: "More bl**dy changes, what are the bl**dy government going to mess about with next? Why can't they just bl**dy leave us alone? Bl**dy politicians?"

Then Cameron talked of change and qualified this by saying he was talking about IMPROVEMENTS and puttign things right. I'm sure a lot of people who are peed off with hearing the same old rehtoric will warm to that sort of language.

Can we please, David Cameron, develop a broader and more people friendly language in respect of necessary reforms?

'Change' has become a dirty word for many in this country. Concepts such as improvement and putting things right are so much more attractive.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo the whole business of Broon having a cosy chat with fellow Scottish socilaist Marr in behind Nick Robinson`s backk and not coming to the door to speak is yet another dreadful spinning low

Newmania said...

Not at all Mut...I rarely wear anyhting else

Anonymous said...

Exactly,n. An end to spin my foot. The whole election fever business was a labyrinth of spin from beginning to end:

Leaked: Brown appointed a director of general election resources for early sept

Leaked was recruiting campaign support staff who could start immediately

Anti-spin spun: Broon smiled smugly and knowingly when asked if there would be a snap election, then refused to answer

Broon brought forward important HOC statements, thereby fuelling, economy damaging, speculation

Labour activists told to be ready for election

Ruth Kelly admitted her last week that her local party had done the huge amount of preparation needed for an election

Leaked that Ed Miliband was writing election manifesto

All the tactics nulab used in October 2004 prior to the election of May 2005

And who really masterminded those? The same arch spin meister who, for c20 years, has been training journalists to respond like Pavlov's dogs to his whistles and to bark as required at the choice cuts of well spun leaks he throws via his accomplices in crime - so as not to dirty his own hands and reputation with it.

And hiw did Broon come to be such a clever spin meister? My guess is that the big girl's blouse learned the tricks of the trade even as a wee babby in his small Scots home town. Such places revolve around nasty, bullying gossip. Perhaps Broon even helped out in the funeral parlour or grocer's shop which formed part of his family's dynastic Inschian empire.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Little wonder then that the wee laddie looks so much like a Mrs Broon as he smiles that sickly smug, pursed lip smile of his, and stands like a big girl's blouse, hands flapped over his imaginary bosom. Because, deep in his psyche, the wee laddie really IS that evil, manipulative, Scots small town gossip, Mrs B, who gets her jollies off on on the spin:)

Auntie Flo'

Stan!! said...

Never mind, Gordo, there is an afterlife for you in Brussels.
If we are being 'practical' and we see that the IHT initiative can wipe out a Labour lead of around 10% overnight, then just imagine what a proper Tory manifesto might do! BTW, the PM's own seat could well be a marginal in a Lab/SNP fracas.

hatfield girl said...

It concerns me that many Labour supporters have turned away from politics almost completely during the last shameful decade, and for them Conservatives remain what the party was branded in the nineties. They are wholly unaware of the changes and now are awakening saying 'The Conservatives are stirring again, we must return and oppose them', when the people they should reactivate their political lives against are their own party they are ashamed, and have been ashamed, to look at for years. And many of these people are articulate, clever, effective campaigners.

There is a complex educating and updating job to be done involving people who are unwilling to look at what the current regime really does.

Newmania said...

I `m not sure HG most of the labour suppport is along strictly pragmatic lines . Public sector (8,000,000) Unions and benefits .... Thats the bulk. the progressives that chatter mnake little difference to the numbers although they are an important marginal group

Newmania said...

Hi Stan.Is rthat right about Cowdenbeath...surely not ?

hatfield girl said...

The SNP candidate in Kirkcaldy is an undertaker, I read. (snigger).

Newmania said...

(snigger). HG ?

BTW I was thinking of calling the proposed monthly format "Spectrum". the idea is ahave broad spectrum of opinion such as might challenge the 'Labour' coalition which contains staggering disagreement. The opposition still neds to be 11% ahead for a majority . UKIP and Liberal must rub along in a looser confederacy.

I am trying the think of how to do it. It might be easier to just do a and cheap but stick to the principles.

Lilith said...

very funny HG

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