Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In Limbo

'An amputated leg has become the focus of a tug of war between the man who lost it, and another who bought it in an auction. John Wood's leg was amputated near the knee after a plane crash in 2004. He asked doctors for it back so he could be buried "whole" when he died. But Mr Wood, of South Carolina, fell on hard times and saw his home repossessed and his possessions auctioned after he couldn't afford to keep them in storage. Unfortunately those possessions included the leg. The limb, which Mr Wood had kept in a barbecue smoker, was bought by Shannon Whisnant last week in the auction' - The Daily Telegraph

I mised this in the Graph the other day but it poppped up on a silly site and of course my mind turned immediately to the title .

Shin Dolours List

1 Hopping Mad
2 Legless
3 Pulling your Leg
4 Out on A Limb
5 In Limbo
6 De-feeted
7 No Leg To Stand On
9 Urban Leg ends

Anymore ?


Arthurian Legend said...


Newmania said...

....just about ...hi AL

Philipa said...

Knee jerk reaction?
Leg legged it.
Smoke gets in your thighs.

Anonymous said...

Smoke gets in your thighs (Philipa)

Love that one :)

Newmania said...

Loved them all Phillipa but the thighs and the smoke is genius


Philipa said...


I'd just like to thank N for his encouragement *sniffs* and Boris of course, and my production company who've been like a family to me *big sniffs* and without whom none of this would have happened *emotion warning* and of course my parents *huge sobs* and my pony who's probably dead now and been eaten by a dog *fountains of tears soaking dress*

someone quick get Adrian Brody and put her mouth to better use!!

They ask me how I knew
My left leg was blue
I of course replied
Something here inside
Cannot be denied
They said someday you´ll find
All who bid are blind
When your leg's on fire
You must realise
Smoke gets in your thighs

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