Monday, October 01, 2007

A Blog-Standard Post

Hague took the gloves of and landed plenty of straight rights to exposed Brown chin at the conference yesterday

It is a truth universally acknowledge that the Conservative Party are happier when they are unified. I find it hard to forgive Ancram who has... “ .. reached that age in his career when he would obviously like an interesting job of some kind “( C. Moore) but Graham Brady is a different matter . I do not blame the Brady bunch for the Grammar school fiasco ,soi disant , an honest difference of opinion between well meaning people with the same broad assumptions and desires is not , to my view , a fiasco.
Nonetheless I was pleased to see him take the trouble to say the bleedin’ obvious in the DT today ,( of Grammar schools ).“ I strongly believe that they are one of the effective vehicles of social mobility in our country. This is an important differences of opinion but should not overshadow areas of agreement – giving head teachers real power to remove disruptive pupils from their schools , stopping the closure of special schools so people are not treated as if they were the same , giving civic groups the freedom to set up their own schools in areas that desperately need them; pushing on with the with the city academy programme “. Gordon Brown has quietly dropped the whole thing which I have often mentioned

One might wish that these overarching areas of agreement had occurred to Mr. Brady before he handed a gun to the Guardianistas but he might with justification, say loyalty work both ways . Norman Tebbit in a broadly supportive Speccie article, skewers those who glibly assume that the onus for unity falls only in the right with a historical perspective too often forgotten
“..its not all David Cameron’s fault . It goes back a long way to when the Euro fanatics ambushed Margaret Thatcher and dragged her into the ERM before they finished her off in 1994.
The fuse they lit lead to black Wednesday when Major , Heseltine and Clarke gambled against the currency markets and lost......For some reason the Cameroons thought that if they distanced themselves form the Thatcher years they could escape the curse of the ERM debacle . they called it decontaminating the brand but ended up flushing the baby of Margaret Thatcher’s success down the down the plughole

So ‘fings aint lookin ` so bad’ today and with Boris showing that he is deadly serious finally winning Iain Dale`s support there is a spring to the newmania step.Or at least there was until I noticed this remark in Chaz Moores` notes

One needs a word to describe the monotonously chirpy , conventionally iconoclastic ,relentlessly informal tone of voice that is typical of the blog. Does the phrase ‘Blog- standard’ already exists?’ If not it should ”
Eeek blimey Chaz gi`us a chance ....(ouch!)


Nick Drew said...

Still, at least he obviously reads you all the time (relentlessly), Mr M

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Hello!!! I am interviewing Geoff Hoon at 1:30 today at Downing Street.

I will be asking him questions about his role as City Minister and Chief Whip, what Labour's plans for London are (business, Finance, Crossrail) etc.

If you have any questions (sensible ones) please post them on my blog and I will ask them for you!!

Newmania said...

Woww........mermaid i had no idea you were so important

Travis Bickle said...

Given his (Mr Hoon's) performance post Iraq I suspect the most probable answer you will get to your questions is "I don't know"

Newmania said...

Buff is his real name

electro-kevin said...

Sorry Newmania - I hadn't realised you were back in action. I have some reading to catch up on then !

Newmania said...

Ho ho EK ....I don`t think its compulsory and I run out of time ..nice to see you though.

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