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Ken `s Hired Liars Compass

This is from Andrew Gilligan`s Piece .Their ludicrous de-contextulising should be risible but it wastes a lot of timedoing it . Wonder why they don`t want to remind anyone about Ken...

What they said he said: "That is why it is so important to persuade the public to snap out of their current curmudgeonliness [towards the prospect of war]."
What he said: This phrase is actually part of a strong attack on the "cynical and ludicrous" attempts by the Government to "persuade the public to snap out of their curmudgeonliness". It condemns the use of "Whitehall-generated drum rolls of alarm" for which there was "no evidence whatever" and continues: "If we are really concerned about the weapons of mass destruction, then let the UN process work itself through."

What they said he said: "America's performance in Iraq was formidable, and made Europe look ridiculous."
What he said: This is taken from an article expressing concern about the consequences of American global dominance. The full quote is: "America's performance in Iraq was formidable, and made Europe look ridiculous. But in the hearts of many moderate people, the very lopsidedness of the world demands some sort of compensation."

What they said he said: "After it [the deposing of Thatcher] was all over, my wife, Marina, claimed that she came upon me, stumbling down a street in Brussels, tears in my eyes, and claiming that it was as if someone had shot Nanny."
What he said: The quote actually reads: "After it was all over, my wife, Marina, claimed that she came upon me, stumbling down a street in Brussels, tears in my eyes, and claiming that it was as if someone had shot Nanny. I dispute this."

What they said he said: "Not only did I want Bush to win, but we threw the entire weight of The Spectator behind him."
What he said: As the use of the past tense might suggest, this is actually an extract from a piece in which Johnson bitterly regrets his support for Bush, describing him as a "cross-eyed warmonger" and "serially incompetent ... maniac" whose re-election was "the most dismal awakening of my life".

What they said he said: "That is why we must explain to them [tax collectors] that their dismissal could be good not only for the economy as a whole, but also for themselves."
What he said: This sentence is actually about how large-scale public-sector job cuts are supported by both Labour and Tories. The quote continues: "It should be explained, first, that the notion of weeding out some of the new public-sector jobs is accepted across all parties, and the loss of some 80,000 posts is envisaged by Labour's Gershon review."


Compass is a group that despised the policies of the Blair government a government where domestic policy was more the remit of Gordon Brown that Tony Blair . It presumably despises the Brown government which makes Ken Livingstone’s presence as a candidate for Labour more ridiculous than it already was. He does not represent Labour party views and he is in another universe to the majority who are not Labour Party members . Compass is the favourite trained poodle of Livingstone precisely because of it hard left not to say bonkers left leanings including wishing to get rid of the queen . As it has declared itself to be nothing short of a propaganda vehicle for Livingstone a man famous for misusing public money for his own campaigning , I think we might reasonably ask where its finances come from…this seems to be somewhat mysterious but we will get to the bottom of it . |hs Compass ever been financed by the GLA in any way or by any other Labour Party organisation? We might further ask why it is prepared to quote out of context in a manner which even if beyond its infantile supporters is presumably not beyond its compilers . If it is prepared to lie right from the start in typical Labour fashion. why should anything it ever has to say be believed. Compass may think London is full of po faced smarmy gimps like its own cohorts but it will find that this sort of banale ( “ you racist”) smear will lend more credence to the corrupt and sleazy reputation that the odious Ken Living stone already enjoys .
The wider point is that Boris has spent years as polemical journalist making a living ,unlike Ken who once did a coupe of weeks as a teacher . He was writing in various shades of irony and to gather snippets together as if he ere speaking as an elected politician is itself a misrepresentation.
They know he isn`t a racist , they know he is not ( actually) especially right wing…Then why do you keep pretending they do not know this …because they are liars and they fear the surprisingly Liberal friendly constituency Boris attracts . Why do they want to reduce Londoners choice to the level of the playground because they know their Marxist patron Ken cannot possible hope to win without such tactics . His old style hard left position is not one many will even be aware still exists…but they will soon know now .

Whites Will Be A Minority in 20 Years

Today the Telegraph announces apocalypticly that whites will be in a minority by 2227 in Birmingham .David Cameron has made some measured and contextualised remarks about immigration putting a strain of services and suggested that the true costs and benefits of immigration be totted up and the numbers annually agreed. A better idea I heard was for companies wanting skills to bid for the allocation and have a market in imported skill . At the moment the rest of us pick up the costs and difficulties but I would argue the real costs is cultural .This recognises the truthfulness of that much maligned remark “ I `m not racist but .....” My remarks were following Iain Dales article in the telegraph which had some waffle about “Triangulation” in them the words we need are Cultural Capital.

The subject of recast migration fears has already been dealt with in the New Statesman in an article which got a lot of response ending with the words “” They “(economic migrants ) should have as much right to live and work here as the rest of us and if that means building more homes and roads to accommodate them so be it “( Brendan O`Neill) .. This was the end of an article in which he claimed the BNP were wrapping themselves in a Green cloak and that’s the sort of attack you can expect , its racism thinly disguised . The association of the BNP with the Conservative Party is the subliminal message . Even this Brownite mag`s readers were spluttering ant the naivety

Cameron`s weakness to this sort of accusation is that he is not telling the truth he is only telling a more acceptable story. The reason for slowing immigration is not because of the pressure it puts on public services , although it does , or more to the point on housing ( 1,000,000 of the proposed 3,000,000 new homes will be occupied by immigrants not here yet ) it is to do with a concept now gaining currency that he should import into his vocabulary and that is Cultural Capital. All socially conservative people across the spectrum believe that there is a value in communities and coherence between otherwise atomised individuals. You do not shoot your friends and brothers, prescription can be light because voluntarily engaging in socially beneficial behaviour becomes the norm. This is the resolution between the Libertarian and prescriptive ideas in Conservatism. .

Take schools ;Dianne Abbot David Cameron, Tony Blair Emily Thornberry and many more took one look at the multicultural heaven and sent their children elsewhere. This is because schools struggling to cope with eight languages and twenty traditions are overloaded and the necessary esprit is elusive. We instinctively know that this understanding built up over time has a value and that many new elements once dilute it particularly to the cost of working class communities who rely on a more public expression of social coherence.

Now when we look around at where we are going to live like Billy Bragg ( in all white Dorset) Political correctness disappears from the hallowed sanctuary of the car. When we see a lot of black or Asian faces we think “Oh dear this doesn’t look good “. We are not thinking about Public services of even housing we are making assumptions about class but chiefly we are seeing what we imagine correctly to be an atomised and alien environment where you know little of you neighbour.. That is because it would be entirely reasonable to assume that it is far more likely that cultural capital was built up in the person of whites as they were likely to have been here longer . This will sometimes be unfair , there has a been much comment ion the phenomenon of the “ Coconut”...brown on the outside but all assumptions are unfair to exceptions.

As long as Cameron cloaks what is a defence of the culture and integrity of the English with whatever clothes are lying in the shop he is vulnerable to the accusation he is sugar coating racism. If he admits the truth about immigration and its problems well as its benefits, then he can cast of racism as a category and open the new front of ‘Cultural capital ‘ accessible to any race if we retrun to 'monoculturalism' albeit with great toleration of difference . It is this above all that new Labour have shown unrelenting contempt for and it is the difference between the Conservative instinct and the National Socialism of Brown and the BNP.

I understand the dangers but when the Telegraph announces white will be in a minority in Birmingham in twenty years people are concerned and it is not because they are Nazis it is because they fear the cost to the community and the values that make it work.

Cultural Capital Cultural Capital Cultural Capital

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Are We Defending ?

‘Winston Smith, a member of the Outer Party, lives in the ruins of London, the chief city of Airstrip One ‘(1984)

As I get older I am more interested in the 'conserving' side of conservatism. I find myself thinking "I `m, not at all sure a lot more planes are going to do me any good whereas the knowledge that another part of the country is ruined does somehow hurt me"
I have seen the arguments kicked around on the economics and I think I back Cameron’s green initiative on balance. The answer for internal travel is rail but we keep building roads .

Why is this ? Studies show that Roads generate traffic not lessen it and we cannot build more roads at the hub points . I was looking at buying a house in Brighton and wherever you are the air literally thunders with the noise. No thanks . Road transport generates about 142 m Tonnes of CO2 a year which is about 25% of the total for the UK . I am something of a sceptic on environmentalism in its absurdly apocalyptic guise but in general I approve of stewardship over the country and by extension the world.My commonsense view is that it would be surprising if the events of the 20th century had no effect on the atmosphere.I have no doubt exaggerated claims are made but in any case the Oil is running out and we are turning the country into a dump.So many people who are quick to adopt right wing attitudes to defence forget what it is we are defending and always side with big business in the despoiling of this 'precious stone set in a silver sea'

Decisions on Road building are made under the NATA system introduced by Labour in 1998 by chief fat fraud and corrupt opportunist Prescott ( whose son is of course making a mint handling dubious planning applications ). Section 3.5 for example gives the road option extra points because more cars and lorries generates more fuel tax revenues . It actually deducts points from rail and public transport options because they will remove cars. Each driver minute saved is valued at 44p which leads to a huge notional value for every road suggested. The new widening scheme for the M1 between junctions 30 and 42 costs £1.5 billion but adds value notionally of £4.5 billion over its life so it is approved. It is clear that almost any road would be approved on this basis with no value assigned to environmental effects except to be called ‘moderate , severe or very large adverse’. This has in the past frustrated road builders and the DTI are lobbying hard to lose this emotional element . They want numbers in the mix but the signs are they will be risibly low . This is quite wrong anyway as the emotional attachment is precisely the point . In my view the only real point.

I am no longer in favour of development for economic or Libertarian grounds regardless of the conservation cost. It would suit the local skip company very nicely to tip his waste in front of my door but I feel he should bear his own costs and part of that is the cost to our spirits.David Cameron has at least grasped the real issues . Environmental concern has resolved into gestures on Green products while politicians are in fact committed to vast programmes of construction that dwarf this green garnish. Cameron cycles the cycle with a car behind him but he walks the walk with a policy behind him and that is a deal more important

The whole system has been biased against rail from the beginning. The motor-way system was kicked off by Ernest Marples who also commissioned Dr. Beeching to produce his report which closed thousands of miles of rail track. Marples was the founder of Marples Ridgeway a firm of civil engineers that specialised inroad building . As transport minister he transferred two thirds of his shares to avoid a conflict of interest . He gave them to his wife !!

I started with Orwell and I `ll end with some evocations of the infinite spiritual worth of our country poetic and comedic

From Gods Grandeur …( Gerald Manley Hopkins )

And for all this, nature is never spent;
There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;
And though the last lights off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs—
Because the Holy Ghost over the bent World broods
with warm breast and with ah! bright wings

I like this bit of Dads army is which the affection we feel for the bumptious but decent Mannering is more explicit than is usually allowed. Wilson and Mannering are walking along the coast in a beautiful dusk.....

Wilson-[( languidly)“ You know Sir , it really is rather a beautiful evening …..”
Mannering ( barks )” It’s a beautiful country Wilson…”

Are we going to keep it that way ? ……This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England or are we content to have Airstrip One ?

Ken`s Favourite Country Leads The Way

Cartoon police officers are to appear in "pop-up" warnings on the internet every half hour to warn Chinese users that they must steer clear of unapproved websites.

The police image that will appear on computer screens
An official said it was important to wipe out information that "disrupts social stability", a catch-all phrase often used to refer to emails, bulletin boards and blogs that challenge the political status quo
"Jing" and "Cha", its two "internet cops" are named after the two characters that make up the Chinese word for "police".Isn`t it typical that whilst the country Livingtsone spent £400,000 of our cash creeping to thinks about the politics of the web all we think about is checking eachother out . Image conscious we usres have created a 550% increase in demand for photo airbrushing at Snappy Snaps. Aren`t we great !

PS 70% of London Conservatives back Boris and I notice that Private Eye have started a good satire on the Compspart Groups who are resposible for going through the Borisian output since he was in short trousers for embarrassing quotes. They will get their reward in further tax payer funded Ken adverts

Admit It She`s Fantastic

If I didn’t love Kate Winslett before ( which I did ) I do now . She is just fantastic as the smoking lecherous Oscar obsessed star of another “Bloody holocaust film” in ‘Extras’
Top moments
1 (Looking at woman with Cerebral Palsy ) “ That’s another one of course , they always give you an Oscar if you play a mental ...”
2 ( On the holocaust) “ Christ the last thing we need is another film about the holocaust ...I mean it was bad ..we know lets move on ...but they always give you an Oscar ..Look at Schindlers List !”

I missed Extras the first time round and I watched the DVD yesterday but it did tickle me from time to time. The whole racism gag in the Samuel L Jackson show was stomach cramp inducing .The odd thing is that such is La Winsletts inter-galactic talent that even in the supposed real film in which she is a Nun hiding Jews feels entirely real for about ten seconds . I like to have at least one babe a day and she is fully deserving of adoration. Talented beautiful and sort of nice in an English way. I see Andrew Marr the Scottish Socialist will be doing an R4 programme on Englishness. Grrr

PS . Another drama when the supporting characters become the lead is “ Much Ado About Nothing “ fact that is one of the many layers of meaning to the title.... Oh suit yourselves as your Francis would say

Literary Giant Awakes

Jeffrey Archer has just finished his new novel " A Prisoner of Birth ", apparently the lag (in the novel) was innocent and escapes to exact revenge on the wuffianly wogues that put him there......I wonder how often in his career the lag ( who wrote the novel) deplored the dirth of social shame in our inner Cities....

( At school we learnt to underline things like this and write irony)

Don`t Spoil The Subprime

Years ago into the 1970s newmania senior was a pretty high profile Lloyds Broker. He was embroiled in a scandal that was at the beginning of a long list of scandals which did much to end Lloyds as it used to be. Nowadays it is really a name behind which companies write Insurance in the usual way aside from the Marine Market.
Anyway this scandal involved the writing of a certain Sasse Syndicate of a binder for the states called the Den Har binder. At that time, and still as far as I know , Premium written outside the US had to be declared surplus and those writing in the US had to accept a trenche of income that they might not want to accept . This was slum business for which there was no possibly underwriting rate. Nonetheless US Insurers had to take their share and all of this lead to the deadly cocktail of a huge flood of money with commissions to be made but no underlying underwriting criteria. It looked quite different by the time it got to London but the results were predictable .Events surrounding the catastrophic losses of this binding authority lead to the end of newmania seniors glittering career and the suicide of Tim Sasse.
I haven’t thought about it for a long time but with the Sub Prime lending scandal threatening to engulf the world in a new depression I cannot help but notice the similarities . One of the usual Lloyds broker tricks was to take a load of rubbish ( like US slum business) pass it though an Insurer and sell it as a treaty into the na├»ve treaty( Reinsurance) market it might be re packaged but the real trick was to get away from the risk and talk about the money
That is what has happened again except on a grand scale. Just as Insurance used to be passed around a treaty placement spiral so derivative s debt and loans are passed endlessly around with commissions all the way by the time it gets through a couple of hoops no-one remembers what it was. Brokers want commissions and lenders want the business.

Here is a question “ Would you lend money at any rate to someone with no job no security and no obvious way of paying you back.”
Answer “ No”

By passing this question through what is in effect a sort of laundry of derivative markets the question is lost. I know the story and it is a lot less complicated than it may be made to appear. I remember a very similar one

UKIP Listed

Annabelle Fuller the UKIP press officer has alluded tactlessly to the Methuselan vintage of its members. She describes them as “ Grade 2 listed “ like the deco interiors the Troxy Conference Centre booked for their stately okey kokey. Mushy food for the toothless will be laid on , most Jars that will be easy to open ... there will be NICE BIG WRITING...and a PA system that repeats itself automatically ? ...speak up young man

What the faux edgey Etonian Devil`s kitsch (en) makes of this . Perhaps he will feel its time he stopped baiting the oiks took some responsibility and supported the Conservative Party. I do hope so we need all good men even those temporarily blinded by the possibility of a glittering media career and UKIP sovs flowing pocket-wards.

Its a ....zzzzzzz

'Criminals in Limerick Prison have reportedly taken out a contract on the life of a sniffer dog who has almost cleared the prison of drugs. Reports this morning say inmates are so frustrated with the dog's success that they have ordered their associates to have him killed. The two-year-old black-and-white spaniel called Rocky is reportedly making an average of 10 drug finds every day in the prison's visiting area. Visits are down by more than 30% since he began his work' - Irish Independent.

Now the identical story turned upa month or two ago located in the far east....a bit of a doggy meme me-thinks

Ian Dale was right

Some of us recall vividly how the mighty warriors squared up . The sun was glinting on their bronze plumed helmets , the serried ranks of Hoplites bucking land baying in their rage but it would all rest on these two the end of the duel one would be bloodied in the boiling dust another triumphant and carried aloft by history. On the side of Conservatism , sense and honesty Iain Dale , on the side of perfidy and Mephistophelean sophistry Aunties director of News Helen Boaden . It appeared the mighty Dale had fallen when ...

“ Helen Boaden issued a partial apology but denied a suggestion by Dale that the coverage had begin with the words “ The Labour Party has today criticised ..” by giving a list of examples to demolish his flimsy case....

The cheering multitudes were astonished, how could this be, it certainly felt as if Redwood was the subject of a BBC( paid by taxes) hate campaign ? Boaden held the shield of Dale aloft to accept the acclaim of the beeb drones but behind her Dale stirred ( or will later today ) crept up behind her and ran her through.. Dale is victorious Boaden an unrecognisable mangle of limbs and shards of metal is why.......

Private Eye reports today that the examples she picked DID contain Labour Party criticism in the first twenty seconds .

BBC ONE-news 24 Labour says its evidence that the Tory right had taken over the agenda

Radio 4 8. AM- Labour says its evidence the right has regained control of the Tory agenda

Radio2..11AM-Labour says its evidence those on the right are back in control of the Toru agenda

BBC News website – Labour claims the proposals show the party is lurching back to the right in the face of disappointing Polls “

Five Live 11. AM Labour has condemned the latest review of Policy carried out by the Conservatives as a lurch back to the right wing of the Party

Have plate of this and eat it up Boaden you lying fraud . You are persoanlly and instituionally prejudiced .You constantly campaign against the Conservative Party and it is quite obviously motivated by survival instinct mixed with the class bias of your left wing intake .We should not be paying for this rubbish and if it was a mistake, then the standards of journalism involved are woeful. In common with everyone else in the states propaganda bureau you are a Labour voter, you have betrayed your prejudice, and you should resign...I have read your list of accolades and all I can say is.. "Don`t preen when gongs are clearly handed out like smarties to the child with the best plasticine model!" That you lied to cover up your inadequacies demonstrates that you agree with me


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Abu Hamster

Terrorists are crawling out of the woodwork

What a Let Down

Realising , perhaps belatedly that few people are going to be interested in my further long ruminations over the weekends encouraging Polls ...( but if you are please look I am ! ) I am trying a new tack.
The word that must sum up the Blair /Brown period is disappointment. With all the wealth that has flooded the nation from the world of global interconnected capitalism we should have done so much more so that is the first in my list of thing that are disappointing

Things are disappointing in real life

1 Blair / Brown...see above

2 Really Large breasts . – Encased in scaffolding and bursting from a sweater they are the very apex of temptation. The magnetic lure can be so strong that its possible to go to work in someone lese office from idly wandering in their direction. However, when the bra comes off what calamity. They immediately turn into a pair of grazing manatees nuzzling interestedly into your partners armpits they are inert to the touch and wander disinterestedly from your hand like children`s magic gloop.

If I think of any more I will add them ...any suggestions on the list of things that are profoundly disappointing

If you can keep your head .....

But at my back I always hear
Time's winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity........

Listening Gordon ?. There is an Autumnal snap to my stride as Cameron remorselessly closes the gap to a mere 5% in the ICM Poll this weekend. Consider the old Scotty side kicks position . As David Cameron said , no-one was going to take a man who has managed to remove Blair after unprecedented electoral success , lightly ,but how do he do it . He did it by being immensely more powerful within the Labour Party .Blair’s power was in the country and when he sold that for Iraq he was finished . This was never an orderly take over it was a coup. Brown’s power does not come from being a charming and delightful, fellow though. Hardly he is a cold academic egomaniac whose position in the Labour Party is much akin to John Redwood to the Conservatives .He set himself up as the Soul of the Labour Party which means he is a indebted to the left of the Part especially the Unions .They put him there and they have trusted him with posturing as socially Conservative . These postures ,slavered over by the pathetic BBC have been meaningless anyway. His claim for example to support City academies is somewhat undermined by quietly dropping support. Now they expect some pay back.

Amongst the key issues for Brown is Europe .The Labour Party left is as intensely political as the Conservative right wing and they are enraged at the sheer effrontery of the treaty. Remember the opposition to the 1972 betrayal chiefly came from the left. It appears they will, play the lap dog no more. Ian David son has gathered 120 MPs who are prepared to semi publicly defy Brown and join the right in a demand for a referendum. Brown knows he cannot allow this because it would be to admit he has lied and that his government is founded on lies . We are back to WMDs and the culture of dishonesty to which he was supposed to be the antidote . Labour whips are therefore in a state of abject panic at the thought of this going public but the whiffs of smoke are already airborne ,they are chasing phantoms with butterfly nets . The translation is out ...they know the truth

The same constituency will be attacking brown over his agreement to cap Public sector pay deals at 2%. The Public and Commercial Services Union are calling ror coordinated strikes unless they get what they want as are others. This pie will be headed for a PM`s face we know, at the TUC conference next month . Brown will do what he always does , he will say yes and then hide . He has already signalled he will be caving in to the unions . Brown cannot have a “ Winter of Discontent “ but he has got to his position by raising expectations . Now he has to deliver ,,......

City Unslicker remarked on his recent, superb post about returning to the 1970s that we seem to have seen this all before and it is not coincidence . When Thatcher moved the political goal posts the labour party realised it has to change or it would disappear. However its name and image moved far quicker than the Party who have been working to regain control ever since . The coronation of Brown marks the end of a project going back to Kinnock to inoculate and then enact Socialist legislation. 10 points ahead the crowing in the New Statesman was unmistakeable. “We are entering a new era where comfort comes form the left”

Its hard to imagine so look at it through the mirror . The Conservative Party is full of people who think there are votes to the right. There may be actually but not seats . Similarly the Labour Party is full of people who think there are votes to the left. In forcing Gordon’s hand they will see themselves as doing him a favour . He knows , and we know , that the suggestion of Old Labour back in charge can lose him everything and the compromise and lies he will have to deal in will shackle him even if he does win. Ater the BBC fuelled belief that by standing around in wellies Gordon stopped the floods has subsided with the waters we are back to real politics .Who is standing stubbornly on the middle ground ...its that infuriatingly clever Cameron still articulating his evolved vision for a way forward for the country.

The tide is turning but we need loyalty discipline and indefatigable purpose .Shame on those who have panicked Cameron has proved himself steadfast wise and modest if a little inexperienced , understandably......... Rudyard Kipling was describing not just the proper man but the proper Conservatrive . Read this most loved poem again and see what it has to say about balance, leadership and seeing the job through.(May I remind those who sneer at Kipling that TS Elliot was awed by his mastery of verse form......)


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,
If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son

Monday, August 27, 2007

Broken Society

The Rhys Jones story is going to be seen as the moment when the tide turned . An ICM poll out shows Browns lead has slipped to five points , the first good news all Summer .Finally the bounce is diminishing and Cameron is breathing down his neck . For a mid terms blues old Government that would normally be a good place to be in but with the attempt by Brown to present himself as new its different now . Well done David Cameron for sticking to the middle ground and continuing to outline a new caring light touch government . This could get pretty close so lets not have any more silly public debates to be presented by the BBC as deep division..
What encourages me most of all, is the way the Labour Party have misrepresented the figures on gun crime. This was a mistake , to have lied about it undercuts all their pious protestations about this being “ To sad for cheap Party politics “ .I have been discussing the matter with Bob Piper the unreconstructed hard left quasi Communist Labour Councillor on Dizzy . Dizzy is on superlative form at the moment and he has the back ground to the Labour wriggling on gun crime.

Piper - Bulger was a one off meaningless tragedy . This is a gang related and gun related crime. The Labour Party, even then a Brown Blair project, went for the lowest possible assault on the national conscience over Bulger, claiming that this was symbolic of …...god knows what. This campaign was so loud continued and significant that Andrew Marr was still commenting on it as part of his recent history . The scale of cynicism and stupidity are of quite a different order and prior to Brown and Blair it was unheard of in our democracy. . Deny it as much as you like …noone who remembers the Bulger period could honestly agree with you.
Additionally the Conservative Party are only continuing the what they have been saying for a long time on the causes of the ”Broken Society”… the difference is that after this boy’s death someone is listening
The Labour Party has not stolen money from the inner cities. It has stolen from the working class and lower middleclass who bear the brunt of increases on taxation . This has been something like 38% to 45% state governed expenditure as a share of GDP. With continued growth however this represents a massive shift in resources to the state Now the beast must be fed . By its attacks on property ownership in the estates through criminal service charging by its creation of more homogenous slums by its anti family policy and anti work marginal taxations and centralized Byzantine benefits ( which are about the same spend as income tax is in revenue,) it has created an underclass. Labour themselves recognise this of course , hence the tax credit scheme which tries to bridge the what was once called the poverty trap .
This scheme , in addition to being delivered with the incompetence of the medical provision for the Crimea , has failed entirely in its express intention which is to get people back to work . The working population today is larger than ever but that is because the lower middle classes and working classes now need two incomes to afford a house the non working population is also expanding and despite heavy disguise as disablement it is a 1.6 million , there are about 5,500,000 of state dependents . The number of people not working at all in some areas is staggering the worst being Glasgow. The prevalence of gun crime and gang structures is related especially when the father has been removed from the picture .

It is not a question in reality of the Labour Party being evil although as an organisation it is structurally sick, . It is a question of them being wrong . The wrongness is in the belief that the state can provide the social structure and moral purpose that is the answer to crime . They believe that people can be motivated to be better by an identification with the government . Laughable obviously and especially in this country. In order for them to start to think about the problem the doctrinal crimes are legion . Perhaps there is a point at which charity is harmful ? Should benefits be early and proactive but with a cut off point? Should the incidence of single motherhood which is fine for Polly Toynbee `s chums be something we should consider and should we return to supporting the family.

No one is claiming that these are easy problems to solve , noone wants to pick on the most vulnerable . , David Cameron has called it a multi generational problem but all the Labour Party can ever do is steal from the working and give to the problematical. Meanwhile in London Cuddly Ken is enforcing the construction of new slums which will not ,as he claims , lower the housing list (13000 in my borough) it will attract more of the homeless. Usually a hugely disproportionate share of the 585,000 immigrants per year. Do you imagine he is unaware of the fact they will have to vote for their masters . He in particular bears a personal responsibility for the gun crime epidemic in London. He takes our money and buys voters houses …. Dame Shirley except of a grand scale . Without this Labour would be finished in the South and suspect the motives of him and Prescott for whom he was the front. The housing industry is populated by unreconstructed socialists and the dirty little secret of Labour as you will well know is that most of the Party are in fact doctrinaire collectivists working under cover.
They love handing each other public sector jobs as you also know

You see the future as taxes , state hand outs and state targets Piper , I see it as families work and state enabling I see the gains of socialism and there were many ,as banked . You want to go on until the individual is defeated

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