Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What a Let Down

Realising , perhaps belatedly that few people are going to be interested in my further long ruminations over the weekends encouraging Polls ...( but if you are please look I am ! ) I am trying a new tack.
The word that must sum up the Blair /Brown period is disappointment. With all the wealth that has flooded the nation from the world of global interconnected capitalism we should have done so much more so that is the first in my list of thing that are disappointing

Things are disappointing in real life

1 Blair / Brown...see above

2 Really Large breasts . – Encased in scaffolding and bursting from a sweater they are the very apex of temptation. The magnetic lure can be so strong that its possible to go to work in someone lese office from idly wandering in their direction. However, when the bra comes off what calamity. They immediately turn into a pair of grazing manatees nuzzling interestedly into your partners armpits they are inert to the touch and wander disinterestedly from your hand like children`s magic gloop.

If I think of any more I will add them ...any suggestions on the list of things that are profoundly disappointing


Jenny! said...

Not all large breasts are that disappointing...FYI!!!

Newmania said...

Whe I`ve tried them all I`ll jknow for sure

electro-kevin said...

I like mine with a "What the f*** you looking at ?" kind of attitude about them. Breasts with attitude not magnitude is where it's at.

Newmania said...

His EK I saw a quote from yiour blog today , your fame us spreading. Not suprised actually .

Anonymous said...

I can tell you what little Gordie likes - mummy's boobs.

Well, he's brimful of Sarah now she's 45 - inches
Brimful of Sarah now she's 45

Broonie needs a bosom for a pillow, Broonie needs a bosom
Broonie needs a bosom for a pillow, Broonie needs a bosom
Broonie needs a bosom for a pillow, Broonie needs a bosom

Nick Drew said...

Well then - it seems that not much disappoints you, does it Mr M ?

This is keeping with your perennial optimism, sunny disposition, and benign outlook on humanity.

In this context the twin pairs, Brown+Blair and the Barrage Balloons, come off really badly ! But in a kindly sort of way.

Even the simile - a monster pair of tits - is homely and fun.

A gentle barb, nicely done.

(or did you mean to be crueller ?)

electro-kevin said...

I was never disappointed with Blair of Brown. I've always hated them.

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