Friday, August 31, 2007

Ken `s Hired Liars Compass

This is from Andrew Gilligan`s Piece .Their ludicrous de-contextulising should be risible but it wastes a lot of timedoing it . Wonder why they don`t want to remind anyone about Ken...

What they said he said: "That is why it is so important to persuade the public to snap out of their current curmudgeonliness [towards the prospect of war]."
What he said: This phrase is actually part of a strong attack on the "cynical and ludicrous" attempts by the Government to "persuade the public to snap out of their curmudgeonliness". It condemns the use of "Whitehall-generated drum rolls of alarm" for which there was "no evidence whatever" and continues: "If we are really concerned about the weapons of mass destruction, then let the UN process work itself through."

What they said he said: "America's performance in Iraq was formidable, and made Europe look ridiculous."
What he said: This is taken from an article expressing concern about the consequences of American global dominance. The full quote is: "America's performance in Iraq was formidable, and made Europe look ridiculous. But in the hearts of many moderate people, the very lopsidedness of the world demands some sort of compensation."

What they said he said: "After it [the deposing of Thatcher] was all over, my wife, Marina, claimed that she came upon me, stumbling down a street in Brussels, tears in my eyes, and claiming that it was as if someone had shot Nanny."
What he said: The quote actually reads: "After it was all over, my wife, Marina, claimed that she came upon me, stumbling down a street in Brussels, tears in my eyes, and claiming that it was as if someone had shot Nanny. I dispute this."

What they said he said: "Not only did I want Bush to win, but we threw the entire weight of The Spectator behind him."
What he said: As the use of the past tense might suggest, this is actually an extract from a piece in which Johnson bitterly regrets his support for Bush, describing him as a "cross-eyed warmonger" and "serially incompetent ... maniac" whose re-election was "the most dismal awakening of my life".

What they said he said: "That is why we must explain to them [tax collectors] that their dismissal could be good not only for the economy as a whole, but also for themselves."
What he said: This sentence is actually about how large-scale public-sector job cuts are supported by both Labour and Tories. The quote continues: "It should be explained, first, that the notion of weeding out some of the new public-sector jobs is accepted across all parties, and the loss of some 80,000 posts is envisaged by Labour's Gershon review."


Compass is a group that despised the policies of the Blair government a government where domestic policy was more the remit of Gordon Brown that Tony Blair . It presumably despises the Brown government which makes Ken Livingstone’s presence as a candidate for Labour more ridiculous than it already was. He does not represent Labour party views and he is in another universe to the majority who are not Labour Party members . Compass is the favourite trained poodle of Livingstone precisely because of it hard left not to say bonkers left leanings including wishing to get rid of the queen . As it has declared itself to be nothing short of a propaganda vehicle for Livingstone a man famous for misusing public money for his own campaigning , I think we might reasonably ask where its finances come from…this seems to be somewhat mysterious but we will get to the bottom of it . |hs Compass ever been financed by the GLA in any way or by any other Labour Party organisation? We might further ask why it is prepared to quote out of context in a manner which even if beyond its infantile supporters is presumably not beyond its compilers . If it is prepared to lie right from the start in typical Labour fashion. why should anything it ever has to say be believed. Compass may think London is full of po faced smarmy gimps like its own cohorts but it will find that this sort of banale ( “ you racist”) smear will lend more credence to the corrupt and sleazy reputation that the odious Ken Living stone already enjoys .
The wider point is that Boris has spent years as polemical journalist making a living ,unlike Ken who once did a coupe of weeks as a teacher . He was writing in various shades of irony and to gather snippets together as if he ere speaking as an elected politician is itself a misrepresentation.
They know he isn`t a racist , they know he is not ( actually) especially right wing…Then why do you keep pretending they do not know this …because they are liars and they fear the surprisingly Liberal friendly constituency Boris attracts . Why do they want to reduce Londoners choice to the level of the playground because they know their Marxist patron Ken cannot possible hope to win without such tactics . His old style hard left position is not one many will even be aware still exists…but they will soon know now .


Ed said...

No but have you seen Ken's river festival? Worth the precept just on its own!

Mountjoy said...

Compass is one of these organisations that uses Newspeak and hence they have twisted Boris's words in this dreadful way.

Anonymous said...

Following the illegal invasion of Iraq, I had a chilling insight into the mentality of compass types at a 'Regeneration' quango conference into the proposal to dump a development of 20,000 or more houses on the Conservative supporting ward of my town.

A friend and I had decided - following the suggestion by that wretch Geoff Hoon (April 4, 2003) that mothers of Iraqi children killed by cluster bombs would “one day” thank Britain for their use - that we had to take the opportunity of the Conference to protest to our MP (a government minister and leading member of the quango) about the invasion and slaughter of innocent Iraqis.

As those attending the conference were largely a broad spectrum of nulabbers and left wingers - and my friend and I smuggled in anti-war placards stuffed up our jumpers to hold aloft throughout our MP's speech - we expected to be savaged and chucked out, and we were.

However, prior to that we witnessed an extraordinary scene. Our former Labour MP, a very knowledgeable and widely respected grandee of the local Labour Party, with extensive knowledge and experience of our town's development, spoke against the proposed massive expansion. Or rather he attempted to. Left wing wreckers, including at least one Labour councillor, shouted abuse at him and distorted almost everything he said. They continuously shouted him down to prevent him being heard. Much of this came from members of his own party. He was so astounded and angry at this that it provoked him to speak out against the invasion too, which resulted in more even abuse being hurled at him.

Still a Lib Dem at that time (just), I found myself at a, largely Labour, conference, in the oddest position - of having to stand up and shout at Labour Party wreckers to allow their fellow party member and former MP to speak.

No way were these people going to allow common decency, the truth or democractic procedure to stand in the way of their power and ambition.

Newmania said...


I supported the invasion of Iraq as I support the spread of social democracy when posible and because America are our only real ally and leaving them in the lurch was not an option for anyone who seriously cares about our security.
At least one member of every single family in Iraq was killed over the years by Sadaam including all potitical dissenters many of whom had friends in this country.

Virtually none survived even if they recanted their thought crimes. The fact that war is a nasty and brutal busines is not news .

I do not support a foreign policy centered on Euro posturing nor even Liberal Empiricism. I want oru security attended to first and that vitally includes support for the US as both Parties recognise.

So if you are looking for peaceniks you are not in the right place

So if you are aloooking for peasc

Steven_L said...

I've spent all day starting my own website to smear people who smear Boris on.

It's not finished yet, I've still to deal with Compass.

Then they are all getting google-bombed, who says politics can't be fun!

Newmania said...

I have been taking a few trips down Compass way isn`t it

Steven_L said...

I noticed. Popping over and winding them up was stage one of the plan. Cutting and pasting Tayles' comments from Boris's forum onto theirs under the name 'ThatcherforQueen' was stage 2.

Stage 3 will be setting up a website on blogger to show the world what a bunch of wankers they are.

Stage 4 will be to google-bomb the website until it comes above their real one,

Newmania said...

Yes yes I want to play !

Lilith said...

Actually Newmie Baby, I never supported the invasion of Iraq, not for a second, and its not because I am a peacenik.

Newmania said...

Was that you Lillith ,., didn`t say

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