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Fight The Compass Lies About Boris

A war has broken out of some intrest on the Compass site ( which is in my list. It is interesting because it one of the few times I have seen genuinely differing points of view opposed. This was an especially good comment from Paul D . Please visit the fron and let them know how much you , like me , despise their lies and low name calling ...( The bastards). I was going to post but got carried away with the fun of it all . This was a mighty blow from Paul D who I know from the Boris Blog of old ...

In your assassination job on Boris, could you please explain why the following were not included in the "setting out of his record"?

On the low-paid
"...the best thing I can do is to publicise this outrage, that in a country of ever rising taxes it is the poorest who seem to be clobbered the hardest..."

On Tories
"Why is the Tory party - the TORY party - proposing an infringement of liberty, when of the 19,000 accidents involving cyclists per year, not a single one involved the use of mobile phones? It may be that it will gratify the resentment and jealousy that burns in the breasts of British motorists, to see the pedallists punished. But that is no way to make law."

On degrees
"We can laugh at degrees in Aromatherapy and Equine Science, but they are just as vocational as degrees in Law or Medicine, except that they are tailored to the enormous expansion of the service economy."

On grammar schools
"It is no use the Tory party now calling for a wholesale restitution of grammar schools, as some kind of symbol of ideological virility, when many parents would simply interpret that as a savage willingness to let their children be judged and found wanting at the age of 11."

On the tabloid press
"The paradox, the mystery, is that this paper - let us call it the Beast - is just about the most savage and hysterical and reactionary paper in Britain.... Every week these tabloid papers pry, bribe, lie and bug in order to reveal that human beings are sometimes engaged in carnal activity.... They then publish these titillating details, which are devoured across the land with a mixture of gratitude and self-disgust, and which are indispensable to maintaining circulation."

On jobs
"It would be wrong to go into the next election promising a huge purge of public-sector jobs."

On Iraq (let me remind you of the Compass report's take: "Boris Johnson’s support for the war in Iraq was extreme – indeed to a point that even many supporters of the war might find distasteful ...")

"It is now commonplace for people like me, who supported the war, to say that we "did the right thing" but that it had mysteriously "turned out wrong". This is intellectually vacuous.

...we must be honest and accept that the price has been far too high, and that General Dannatt is right to say that our presence is making things worse.

...There is one last excuse for those of us who were so trusting as to support the war in Iraq -- and that excuse is disintegrating before our eyes.

...look at the war in Iraq, which I supported, but which has proved a grim lesson in the hazards of imposing one's own world-view on others. because it was in the interests of the people of Iraq.

... We didn't do it for ourselves - oh no, we weren't being selfish - we did it FOR THEM. And that was the argument I swallowed myself, when I spoke for the war in March 2003; and I must now admit, in all intellectual candour, that it looks pretty thin.

So this is the incurably hardline Tory right-wing monster you so despise.

How many of you have got this far, or is it fingers in ears, la-la, turn the page quickly?

I must, however, commend the authors of the Johnson assassination for one thing. At least they did not label him a child killer, as some of the left have done, for his rational objection to an EU proposal forcing parents to buy car booster seats for their children. Ten to one they were tempted, though.


Steven_L said...

They're communists you muppet, you aint going to change their mind about Jack shit. It's the public you've got to alert to their detestable ways.

I've started a new series of websites on blogger dedicated to 'Friends of Ken Livingstone'

Compass have a lovely new website here:

Now what we all need to do is 'googlebomb' them

Start putting comments all over the internet on popular blogs with the hyperlink directing to that website.

When more sites link to my new site than their site it'll overtake them in google. Then when people search for 'compass' etc there's a good chance they will read it.

Newmania said...

Muppet moi ? Which one ...not Miss Piggy I hope

Steven_L said...

I dunno, but Livingstone is Gonzo with that almighty snout he keeps buried in the trough

Young Londoner said...

Boris Johnson has made so many U turns and contradictions in his statement launching his campaign for Mayor of London that it is no wonder he has such a clearly well merited record for ‘buffoonery’ - managerial and policy incompetence.

Boris Johnson now states that he will not get rid of the congestion charge, while previously he totally opposed it, writing: “In these dark days of the New Labour tyranny, when the maniac Ken Livingstone is charging you an extra £1,200 for the privilege of using the Queen’s highway”. (Life in the Fast Lane p185)

He now claims ‘I will be the greenest Mayor, far greener than Ken.’ (Evening Standard 3 September). A claim that is ridiculous given than he opposes even the Kyoto treaty on climate change: ‘But of all the tough-guy acts that Bush has performed in his first few months, of all the pieces of exuberant Reaganism, nothing has so intoxicated the world with hate as his decision to scrumple up the Kyoto protocol and use if for putting practice in the White House…
‘Because we still need a rich, confident America; not just to provide the cash for the global military leadership that the United States has to give from the Gulf to Kosovo, but also to keep the world economy moving…. If America were to meet its Kyoto targets now, it would require a cut of 30 per cent in emissions, and how, exactly, is that supposed to work in the current economic downturn…. It would exacerbate the recession, and when Bush says no, he is doing what is right not just for America but for the world.’ (Lend Me Your Ears p318)
He now declares that he strongly supports Crossrail, London’s most vital transport project, but he failed to participate in the vote on it in Parliament.
He strongly supported the Iraq war before deciding later to change his position – after tens of thousands of people were dead.
He supported the election of George W Bush in 2000 and his re-election in 2004 – now he thinks it was a mistake
London has no need of a Mayor who takes wrong decisions and then has to change them, but one who takes the right decisions at the time they need to be made – as Ken when he supported Kyoto, opposed the Iraq War, supported congestion charging.
Boris Johnson is not simply extremely right wing. He is also incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Steven_L said...

They're communists you muppet, you aint going to change their mind about Jack shit. It's the public you've got to alert to their detestable ways.

I don't think they are, Steven_L. They sound to me more like the sort of wet student bar philosophers and pseudo left idiots who, often with a pint in one hand and their student notes in the other, taught me Marxist theory for some years.

If you think they they're attacking Boris you should hear what they have to say about each other. Aside from their unconvincing claim to mutual hatred of Capitalism - how can they be anti-capitalist when they're all on the make? - I've not met two who can agree with each other, or one who can tell you plainly what he or she actually believes . As for theory and political beliefs, they make these up as they go along.

Marx is revolving in his grave with embarrassment and anger over Compass's humiliatingly inept and undialectical critique of Boris. While it's small beer to pull Marx's conclusions apart, he was a master of critical methodology who took meticulous care to understand and quote his subject's precise and comprehensive views before criticising them. Marx would have been as appalled at Compass's deliberate misquotes and distortions as we are.

These are the sort of people who prompted Marx to say after a fashion, If they're Marxists, hell, I'm not a Marxist.

Auntie Flo'

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Can't be arsed. Visited the site and it's virtually unreadable.

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