Thursday, August 30, 2007

Admit It She`s Fantastic

If I didn’t love Kate Winslett before ( which I did ) I do now . She is just fantastic as the smoking lecherous Oscar obsessed star of another “Bloody holocaust film” in ‘Extras’
Top moments
1 (Looking at woman with Cerebral Palsy ) “ That’s another one of course , they always give you an Oscar if you play a mental ...”
2 ( On the holocaust) “ Christ the last thing we need is another film about the holocaust ...I mean it was bad ..we know lets move on ...but they always give you an Oscar ..Look at Schindlers List !”

I missed Extras the first time round and I watched the DVD yesterday but it did tickle me from time to time. The whole racism gag in the Samuel L Jackson show was stomach cramp inducing .The odd thing is that such is La Winsletts inter-galactic talent that even in the supposed real film in which she is a Nun hiding Jews feels entirely real for about ten seconds . I like to have at least one babe a day and she is fully deserving of adoration. Talented beautiful and sort of nice in an English way. I see Andrew Marr the Scottish Socialist will be doing an R4 programme on Englishness. Grrr

PS . Another drama when the supporting characters become the lead is “ Much Ado About Nothing “ fact that is one of the many layers of meaning to the title.... Oh suit yourselves as your Francis would say


Lilith said...

Nah, Newmania, you got no takers so far for La Winslett. She's quite butch.

Lilith said...

I believe she's a bit of a gay icon...

Newmania said...

She`s nice Lilitth i was trying to be a bit classy....with the usual result embarrassing failure

hatfield girl said...

'as your Francis would say'

giggle, how long did that take N? I'm going to use it too with all sorts of sayers.

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