Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ken`s Favourite Country Leads The Way

Cartoon police officers are to appear in "pop-up" warnings on the internet every half hour to warn Chinese users that they must steer clear of unapproved websites.

The police image that will appear on computer screens
An official said it was important to wipe out information that "disrupts social stability", a catch-all phrase often used to refer to emails, bulletin boards and blogs that challenge the political status quo
"Jing" and "Cha", its two "internet cops" are named after the two characters that make up the Chinese word for "police".Isn`t it typical that whilst the country Livingtsone spent £400,000 of our cash creeping to thinks about the politics of the web all we think about is checking eachother out . Image conscious we usres have created a 550% increase in demand for photo airbrushing at Snappy Snaps. Aren`t we great !

PS 70% of London Conservatives back Boris and I notice that Private Eye have started a good satire on the Compspart Groups who are resposible for going through the Borisian output since he was in short trousers for embarrassing quotes. They will get their reward in further tax payer funded Ken adverts


Mountjoy said...

This is yet more evidence why Boris needs boot Red Ken out of London for good ...

... and thereafter every time Ken logs onto a computer he can have a cartoon of Boris pop up and say, "BEAT YOU."

Newmania said...

Oh make it so so ...make it so ..I `m hoping to help a bit actually Mountjoy

Ed said...

I think blogs should be banned - they are far too revolutionary for my liking


Steven_L said...

You on about 'Compass' - Jack Target, PaulD and I have been winding them up all week, you all should join in here:

The blog om their Boris smear is already 185 comments. Check it out and leave a message for the lefties.

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