Monday, August 27, 2007

Broken Society

The Rhys Jones story is going to be seen as the moment when the tide turned . An ICM poll out shows Browns lead has slipped to five points , the first good news all Summer .Finally the bounce is diminishing and Cameron is breathing down his neck . For a mid terms blues old Government that would normally be a good place to be in but with the attempt by Brown to present himself as new its different now . Well done David Cameron for sticking to the middle ground and continuing to outline a new caring light touch government . This could get pretty close so lets not have any more silly public debates to be presented by the BBC as deep division..
What encourages me most of all, is the way the Labour Party have misrepresented the figures on gun crime. This was a mistake , to have lied about it undercuts all their pious protestations about this being “ To sad for cheap Party politics “ .I have been discussing the matter with Bob Piper the unreconstructed hard left quasi Communist Labour Councillor on Dizzy . Dizzy is on superlative form at the moment and he has the back ground to the Labour wriggling on gun crime.

Piper - Bulger was a one off meaningless tragedy . This is a gang related and gun related crime. The Labour Party, even then a Brown Blair project, went for the lowest possible assault on the national conscience over Bulger, claiming that this was symbolic of …...god knows what. This campaign was so loud continued and significant that Andrew Marr was still commenting on it as part of his recent history . The scale of cynicism and stupidity are of quite a different order and prior to Brown and Blair it was unheard of in our democracy. . Deny it as much as you like …noone who remembers the Bulger period could honestly agree with you.
Additionally the Conservative Party are only continuing the what they have been saying for a long time on the causes of the ”Broken Society”… the difference is that after this boy’s death someone is listening
The Labour Party has not stolen money from the inner cities. It has stolen from the working class and lower middleclass who bear the brunt of increases on taxation . This has been something like 38% to 45% state governed expenditure as a share of GDP. With continued growth however this represents a massive shift in resources to the state Now the beast must be fed . By its attacks on property ownership in the estates through criminal service charging by its creation of more homogenous slums by its anti family policy and anti work marginal taxations and centralized Byzantine benefits ( which are about the same spend as income tax is in revenue,) it has created an underclass. Labour themselves recognise this of course , hence the tax credit scheme which tries to bridge the what was once called the poverty trap .
This scheme , in addition to being delivered with the incompetence of the medical provision for the Crimea , has failed entirely in its express intention which is to get people back to work . The working population today is larger than ever but that is because the lower middle classes and working classes now need two incomes to afford a house the non working population is also expanding and despite heavy disguise as disablement it is a 1.6 million , there are about 5,500,000 of state dependents . The number of people not working at all in some areas is staggering the worst being Glasgow. The prevalence of gun crime and gang structures is related especially when the father has been removed from the picture .

It is not a question in reality of the Labour Party being evil although as an organisation it is structurally sick, . It is a question of them being wrong . The wrongness is in the belief that the state can provide the social structure and moral purpose that is the answer to crime . They believe that people can be motivated to be better by an identification with the government . Laughable obviously and especially in this country. In order for them to start to think about the problem the doctrinal crimes are legion . Perhaps there is a point at which charity is harmful ? Should benefits be early and proactive but with a cut off point? Should the incidence of single motherhood which is fine for Polly Toynbee `s chums be something we should consider and should we return to supporting the family.

No one is claiming that these are easy problems to solve , noone wants to pick on the most vulnerable . , David Cameron has called it a multi generational problem but all the Labour Party can ever do is steal from the working and give to the problematical. Meanwhile in London Cuddly Ken is enforcing the construction of new slums which will not ,as he claims , lower the housing list (13000 in my borough) it will attract more of the homeless. Usually a hugely disproportionate share of the 585,000 immigrants per year. Do you imagine he is unaware of the fact they will have to vote for their masters . He in particular bears a personal responsibility for the gun crime epidemic in London. He takes our money and buys voters houses …. Dame Shirley except of a grand scale . Without this Labour would be finished in the South and suspect the motives of him and Prescott for whom he was the front. The housing industry is populated by unreconstructed socialists and the dirty little secret of Labour as you will well know is that most of the Party are in fact doctrinaire collectivists working under cover.
They love handing each other public sector jobs as you also know

You see the future as taxes , state hand outs and state targets Piper , I see it as families work and state enabling I see the gains of socialism and there were many ,as banked . You want to go on until the individual is defeated


Mountjoy said...

What's even more interesting is that as Conservative Home reported yesterday, "Most importantly, most of the fieldwork (22nd and 23rd August) was completed before the Liverpool shooting and the Conservative Party's sure-footed response to that tragic event", and it will be interesting to see what the Labour lead will be in any future opinion polls.

Labour has made a pig's ear of dealing with gun crime and really is time they get a grip. More police on the beat would be a good start.

Stan!! said...

Excellent stuff, Mr N. Agree with the entirety of it. DC's non-shift to the right hasn't damaged him in the slightest. And Gordon B. is now facing a serious, growing upsurge in Labour MPs wanting a referendom on the EU Constitution/Treaty. The whole EU debate is a lethal one for Gordo:a lose-lose situation of the worst kind. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of Gordo....the honeymoon will be over very fast if an EU referendum is held.
As for the suffering masses, the poorest fifth of households, which accounted for 6.8% of all taxes in 1996-7, accounted for 6.9% of all taxes paid in 2004-5. Meanwhile, their share of state benefit payouts dropped from 28.1% to 27.1% over the same period.
More disturbingly, personal debt levels of more than £1 trillion in the UK mean that about 15 million people are exposed to external shocks such as a sharp rise in the oil price. A downturn in the economy would create serious economic and social problems for these 15 million people who struggle with debt repayments.
There is, of course, extensive ‘hidden unemployment’ in many parts of Britain and argues that the real level of unemployment is actually around 2.8 million. In addition to the 900,000 people out of work and claiming benefit, Britain had another 1.7 million "hidden jobless".
Quite a record...

Newmania said...

Stan ...thats a terrific summary , I soemwhat lack your talents for pithy brevity. I am encouraged by the Labour revolt over Europe .
It may be that election vioctory will be a tough ask but Brown will take office with no madate and a gfag end inheritance. With luck it will finish labour as the old guard take over with disastorous results .

Newmania said...

Mountjoy , I think trying to spin the figures on this has been the first blink. Browen owes the left a geart deal and they are not going to sit still while he continues tok appear to tack right.
This tensuioon only needs a wobble to erupt and while ,as i say , it may be optimistyic i do not think this GE is a forgone conclusion yet

Anonymous said...

The Rhys Jones story is going to be seen as the moment when the tide turned...You see the future as taxes , state hand outs and state targets Piper , I see it as families work and state enabling I see the gains of socialism and there were many ,as banked . You want to go on until the individual is defeated (newmania)

I wholeheartedly agree, n. The outrage of the public and opposition at the death of that innocent little lad, Rhys Jones - the latest in a roll call of innocents killed as England trundles further and further towards a gun society bereft of community values and denied a justice system - is a watershed.

This is the first crack, soon to become an almighty schism, in the foundations of the hegemonic fortress of nulab.

Before our eyes, mighty chunks are chipping off of those foundations.

Crack! Goes the hegemonic relativism at the heart of nulab's fortress and it's insidious attack on our family and community values splits asunder. For it's that breakdown of values which pointed the gun at Rhys Jones.

Crack! Goes nulab's fat cat elite's increasing state control and manipulation of the majority through benefit dependency and the client state which underlies their hegemonic fortress. For it is a section of that client state which held the gun.

Crack! Goes the surveillance state at the heart of nulab's stone cold power and the CCTV, ID cards and DNA testing with which nulab has replaced our justice and policing systems. For it is into the vacuum left by the impotence of that surveillance state and the breakdown of proper justice and police systems that the gun has stepped.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo I love your stuff I really do I could give you a big kiss sometimes ...
Lucky for you you are miles away and anonymous ...still


Anonymous said...

And what does nulab have to say about the breakdown of our communities and law and order?

Jack Straw sits in the BBC studio wearing a concrete smile - which soon began chipping off his face as the BBC grilled him mercilessly, WELL DONE, BBC! - and claims crime is falling. We're just too thick to realise we're safer, he suggests.

I live in Brixton says, Straw, twice - as he's filmed ensconced in his mansion in the idyllic countryside, surrounded by the sort of police presence the rest of us have forgotten existed, as his people, a woman and children, play SAFELY outside, yes SAFELY OUTSIDE.

And Bob Piper blames US, the people, for being so stupid!

"When you get a major news item one of the problems is that ALMOST EVERYONE, the bloke behind the bar, the woman on the bus, the butcher, baker and bloody candlestick maker... have all got some simple solution to a complex problem. It is a black and white world to them... there are no shades of grey in between, this is what you need to do, and these are the people to blame for not doing it."
(Bob Piper)

What sort of detached, elitist, overprotected, political bubble do you inhabit, Bob Piper? We, the "bloke behind the bar, the woman on the bus, the butcher, baker and bloody candlestick maker..." are the ones who feel threatened daily and who are getting shot. How dare you criticise us for demanding solutions which worked well for centuries before nulab destroyed them in a decade - proper communities and values, proper policing and a proper justice system - in place of the inept, phoney systems with which you've replaced them.

Not hard to see why mealy mouthes Piper and nulab prefer conveniently spun shades of grey relativism, is it? Because that's where they can hide away from the reality of the huge damage they've done to our communities and justice system.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, newmania! But I'm not anon, I'm

Auntie Flo'

45govt said...

Excellent stuff Mr NM, and from your posters. I sadly cannot see how Britain can recover from the point it is in on the crime merry-go-round, for the simple reason that NO Party has the will, to take the draconian steps to reverse the slide.
Even the simple things like building more prisons, making a clear commitment to filling them with no more early release, or community service, clearing out the incompetent, failed tiers of senior police and judges who are making a mockery of the (perfectly adequate) existing laws. A reversal of the presumption of preference for all things alien, to the detriment of the indigenous population. (I read recently, on Electro-Kevin I think, that while the British Legion must pay £20,000 to hold a parade, and football tickets fund police presence at matches, the Notting Hill Carnival, a completely alien event, is funded publicly.) A firm policy of repatriating ALL non-national offenders within 10 days of conviction, together with any illegal immigrants, WITHOUT concern for their alleged problems in their home States. This of course will mean the repeal of the iniquitous human rights act, which all the lawyers (read politicians) will fight tooth and nail.
The more that is currently extracted from the tax-payer, the more the current suicidal path is entrenched by this most gerrymandering of administrations.
Guns are merely a symptom, they can NEVER be removed from society. Every effort has merely entrenched the rights of the criminal over the law-abiding. The latter give up their legal guns, the former laugh at their stupidity.
Where America goes this year, we go next, so we need some blue-sky thinking, if we can't disarm criminals, arm the law-abiding citizen. Encourage self-defence, and back up the citizen who uses it. If a burglar fall out of an upstairs window, tough. If two burglars break into an isolated farmhouse at night and get shot, fair enough. The criminals' rights must end where the crime begins, it's that simple. Florida started a change of policy in the US where states have moved to shift the onus on citizens applying for permits to carry a concealed weapon from the applicant to the authority involved. They are called the "Shall Issue" laws, and the police MUST issue the permit to any citizen applicant of good character, and must show good cause for a refusal. So now it is not just friends of the Sheriff or politicians who get the OK. Florida recorded a drop of 28% in recorded crime against the person in the first year since enactment, and nearly all States have now followed their lead. It is instructive that by far the highest levels of gun violence are recorded in those jurisdictions with draconian anti-gun laws, D.C., Baltimore, Chiago, NYC. You could add, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, London to that list.
We KNOW what works - William Bratton led the way with his "broken windows" policy in New York, and so did Ray Mallon here. Bratton got backed, Mallon got sacked. The Gods wept.

Newmania said...

45 Govt. I am going to have to read that again..I `,m at work.

Boris is over in the states talkingot the Polcice chief of LA now (with his own money)

I think the connection between guns are gun crime is quite complex and while I do not accept the usual story ( less guns here and less murders than the states). the opposite is also unprovably caused by the guns themselves.

One thing is certain the recent pointless gun laws we have had are an illiberal token punishing the law abiding only

Newmania said...

Flo thats a very right wing sort of response from you, I probably agree but I think in would want to emphsise the ...what I can only call "The causes of crime "....eeeeek !

Travis Bickle said...

When you consider a definition of irony nothing really compares to the likes of Jack Straw (who apparently didn't recognise Mugabe before shaking his hand) putting the onus on the public to be "vigilant".

45govt said...

Travis, you don't believe that cunt Straw do you? He's just a superannuated student activist who got caught, and took the standard Nu-Lab line -deny everything. Wosn't me, not even there guv, it's a doppelganger, my contacts slipped, is that who it was? I thought it was Michael Jackson, enywun coulda made the same mistake, innit.

electro-kevin said...

The Rhys Jones issue appears to have quietened already.

So long as the Human Rights Act is in place and we are members of Europe there is little we can do about crime.

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