Thursday, August 30, 2007

UKIP Listed

Annabelle Fuller the UKIP press officer has alluded tactlessly to the Methuselan vintage of its members. She describes them as “ Grade 2 listed “ like the deco interiors the Troxy Conference Centre booked for their stately okey kokey. Mushy food for the toothless will be laid on , most Jars that will be easy to open ... there will be NICE BIG WRITING...and a PA system that repeats itself automatically ? ...speak up young man

What the faux edgey Etonian Devil`s kitsch (en) makes of this . Perhaps he will feel its time he stopped baiting the oiks took some responsibility and supported the Conservative Party. I do hope so we need all good men even those temporarily blinded by the possibility of a glittering media career and UKIP sovs flowing pocket-wards.


Ron Mole said...

With age comes wisdom.
Its a great pity that the younger elements of society do not shoulder their responsibilities.

Newmania said...

Oh I agree Ron...I`m listing badly

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