Friday, July 13, 2007

Look Back in Languor (2)

You know in retrospect its hard to see what the point of trying to burn people alive ,at Glasgow airport ,was. They were, after all, Scottish people ,going to Spain , they would come back looking as if they had been bungee jumping into a volcano at the best of times…. Bum tsssssk

Is it true that when Annie Leibovitz asked the Queen to remove her Crown for an informal photo the Queen glanced at her full state regalia and politely wondered if the celebrity snapper thought she generally wore a ton of velvet , silk and heraldic regalia to watch Eastenders . Oh I do like to think so .
Isn’t she wonderful !

Has it struck you that some people who ought to be happy are not . Chief amongst them is JK Rowling, god she looks as if she just ate the marzipan revel doesn’t she . One likes to think that the second the front door closes she drops the modest pose and dances down the hall shouting “£600,000,000” I `m so rich it hurts before bathing in champagne. Otherwise what’s the point ?

A word on the EU . In the UK in 2005 , tax free day fell on the 31st of May .In the Eurozone tax free day does not come until the 28th of June. In the US it is on the 11th of April.. Hint hint …

The Labour government always talk about devolving power to the regions . Power was already devolved , to local government whose powers can be varied by statute Law. Regions are sucking up power to the government and away from the electorate.. God I love them ( in the sense that I do not )

…Why is it that Jeremy Paxman does satirical outrage in such a ponderous way. His recent outburst against the tie , worn he says only by politicians the journalists who interview them and dodgy estate agents was alright as far as it went but not exactly a soufflĂ© . Instead he adopts the manner of newly arrived alien dignitary with adenoids ( A Pizza you call it , and it comes in a box , preposterous !)……

Few men are as self obsessed as John Pilger who I am pretty sure (seriously ) has mid term Alzheimer’s. Love this ….“ On 5 June 1968 , just after midnight , Robert Kennedy was shot in my presence at the Ambassador Hotel Los Angeles “… that’s a name drop.

I have just listened to Alisatair Campbell breathlessly narrating his tedious diaries in the manner of Scott of the Antarctic“. On the third day we finished the dogs and began to gnaw on Browns gangrenous knee….it was tough…”. Did he ever stop crying ? Anyway I was reminded of an altogether saner individual .Mick Jagger recently pulled his autobiography because it was too dull . He had been paid a huge fee but he explained “, I was sitting around with someone talking endlessly about the past, lving in it , and I found it rather dull.”…. Micks still got it

And , have you noticed that Tom Jones , not only coughs for no apparent reason but over explains ..cue Welsh accent …” this thing here you see, its called a microphone a amplifies my voice …makes it louder( cough) , so you hear it louder where you are than the way I sang it see (cough)….produces increased volume …etc. ad nauseum”

GM protesters got the wrong field and planted 1000 organic potatoes so as to render the field unsuitable for a GM potato trial . The actual trial took place miles away..Tee hee. A bell ringer had to be rescued form the belfry by the fire brigade having held onto the rope at St John The Baptist Church Lougton Essex …comedy trombone ….

An interesting thought is that having one eye Gordon Brown has no stereoscopic vision and thus no perspective . Does he think Hazel Blears is just a long long way away ? It seems likely .Bum Tsssssk

That was the second of the Look Back In Langour series

Boris in Thong

Go on Boris save us from Ken and I`ll wear the Boris thong outside my trousers for a month.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Dream of The Super State

You cannot help but notice the implacable certainly of those behind the European project , that the means justifies the end . We are clearly not to be given a referendum on such small matters as no longer having our own foreign Policy and equally clearly our Government has been complicit in an ongoing attempt to disguise from the British what is being done . That much is clear form the attitude of other countries to the so called treaty which they have announced gleefully as the Constitution by another name. We can understand , with great difficulty , what and how they are proceeding but the crime lacks a motive . I wonder if the British are easy to fool precisely because they cannot imagine that anyone would want to cease to be a country ?

British politicians have one language for Europe and another one for home . We rarely hear the spring form which a drive for Super Statedom comes but an unguarded moment it can leak out . Wim Wenders , the German film Director made a speech to the European Film Academy recently and it is quoted in the New Statesman at length . Here are some selected quotes and bear in mind there is no sense whatsoever of anything controversial being said . I hope it gives an idea of the motive behind well meaning Europeans and its utter irreconcilability with the integrity of Great Britain.

Witness One Wim Wenders

1 When I was a boy the idea of Europe , the friendship between Germany and France , and the even more utopian vision of a United Europe set my imaginations soaring
2 Why was their never a European version of the American dream isn`t it time to start dreaming it
3 When I was young and I lived in a country that was embarking on a new future, a country that had just been readmitted to the international family of nations …At the time I would have preferred to be anything rather than German( Perhaps that is why members of my generation find it so easy to be European patriots )

There is much considered comment about the way that American culture has predominated and a theme of a United Europe being able to use its domestic market to rival the American Film Industry
My little country my endangered language my local culture is being protected by a bigger power.”
Overall he sees the EU as protecting European culture and rivalling the US. He seeks to find a way of giving Europe a Soul which , he says , would have go the Constitution through. Here is a central statement ..
“ An en-souled Europe would not have rejected its Constitution on the contrary it would have pushed it through. “

Wim Wenders is entirely oblivious to his assumptions . He is clearly a well meaning man in his own lights but what does this consist of . Firstly displaced German aggression and guilt and more in the text than the sub text. Fear of Globalisation especially the US model and envy of American success are present. He also mistrusts nationalism and emphasises local culture . This is the conclusion

“ This certainly involves preserving social justice , safeguarding peace and freedom and preserving human rights and fighting to restore the health of our sick planet. But in the coming age this cannot be achieved by economic means alone . If Europe is to prove itself to Europeans it must define itself through..the wonderful chaotic unique diversity of its culture “

That is the problem . We in Britain are not a selection of statelets to fit in a new Hapsburg Empire . We are a cohesive country with much to be proud of and we are neither Green obsessive nor Socialists . We are closely linked with the Anglo Saxon culture and feel far less threatened by America .Most of all we area country not a collection of “ chaotic unique and diverse cultures.”

Witness Two Norman Tebbit

Norman Tebbit sees the expansionism in a direct line from Phillip of Spain through Napoleon the Kaiser and Hitler…..

1Even today the would be imperialists who dream of challenging America for world leadership know that until this Nation is subdued their ambition cannot be achieved
2 The Regions are encourage to deal bilaterally with Brussels …to be integrated as dependent provinces..… neuter this country

To be continued....( In my next post I will discuuss the means wherby the EU seeks to shatter England inparticular)

Mrs. Draper Serves a Mugging For Breakfast

What on earth got into Kate Garroway this morning?! The unexceptionable clothes horse that blandly wafts me through my coffee ( after my run and Porridge ) , was attacking poor defenceless David Cameron like a rabid hound . Again and again she interrupted him , not when he was waffling which he rarely does , but when he was reasonably trying to give his view of her altogether silly questions . Her fixed point of view was something like , its all very well moaning but Gordon’s in charge now and he has to make these decisions . I have noticed recently that the prevailing left wingery of the British Socialist Broadcasting Company does non stop at the levy ,it floods straight over into the independent sector . Confusing? Not really. Large companies operating with government licences are, if anything, more beholden to the state than their direct employees.

Interestingly there was some evidence of coaching. David Cameron quite correctly pointed out that everything Gordon Brown has presented as new is in fact the result of up to ten years development and has already been announced. He also quite correctly commented that the supposed cabinet government did not apply to cancelling the Super Casino . In leapt the rabid bimbo ,her fangs bared ! “Aha” she cried “So you complain when its new and you complain when its old , he can’t win. !”.
In fact this remark was a dumfounding non sequitur which clearly puzzled Boy David , heroically maintaining his sang froid . It is however a view expressed in the New Statesman and it is a view we might expect one Derek Draper to hold .
Taking little interest in the News of the Screws I have Mrs N to thank for this insight....

Kate Garroway is of course, Mrs D ( For Derek) Draper .

Derek Draper has a ignoble pedigree of flunkyism and fellow travelling. Employed for years by Peter Mandelson, He became a lobbyist and set up the New Labour organization Progress. He is reckoned to be one of the brains ( cough ) behind New Labour. . In 1999, he was working as a lobbyist for GPC Market Access, and in this position he got involved in the usual Labour sleaze concening business access and influence. As an Express journalist Draper was allegedly receiving prior notice of important Government decisions. It was also alleged that he was able to have an undue influence on Government decisions. by an Observer journalist, Greg Palast.. Draper was much derided for his boast that "There are 17 people who count in this government. And to say I am intimate with every one of them is the understatement of the century." Dezzy boy himself having gone nuts when he lost his preening right and now he writes weedy gruel about therapy in the Mail.

What did the famille Draper chat about over breakfast this morning I wonder? It seems highly likely that this amiably fatuous presenter was wound to a pitch by her lefty loon husband . There have been signs of his influence of late locally . Kate was involved in a fracas at the Town hall about an extension for which they did not have planning permission. Naturally the Drapers feel themselves above the law and have claimed celebrity immunity with much wailing and weeping. They live in what is called the millionaire square in Islington , the largest patch of undisturbed mouthwatering Georgian property in London . Prices there are eight times the level of the Caledonian Road Estate some yards away. It was then , in these salubrious surroundings that Kate and her Loon Lefty burn out basket case persuaded themselves that they were , between them ,serious journalists and decided to try to mug David Cameron. Naturally it did not work but what a complete fool the bimbo made of herself . I hope there will be some disciplinary action . I shall be complaining later today. My suspicion is that Draper is trying any means he can to Brown nose and his recent creeping bears it out .

“Former Labour “insider” Derek Draper ultimately defended Brown’s suitability for PM; his behaviour was merely part of his strategy to secure the premiership. Now he was assured of the job, Brown would calm down a bit”
Draper wants back in and Kate wants to help they should leave their canoodling at home if the Leader of the Conservative Party is going to be interviewed with the grace and intelligence ogf a Grange Hill pupil protesting about uniforms

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

House !

LONDON (Reuters) - The government announced a series of initiatives to boost the popularity of long-term fixed-rate mortgages on Wednesday in a push to make the housing market less vulnerable to interest rate swings.

Oh cripes what on earth do they know about interest rates ! We have just been selecting a mortgage and we have gone for a three year fixed rate . Our thinking is that if by any chance the rate has gone up steeply between now and then most people are so highly geared there will be a revolution and it won’t matter any more . If you were thinking of following our example I should warn you that Mrs N and I have along history of getting almost everything wrong. Experts judge stupidity to have been a contributory factor.
I noticed the Mail went with a Home Buyer crisis front page rehashing all the old worries about the earnings lending ratio .The problems young people face and so on.
The solution soi disant is to concrete over the South of England thus equalising supply and demand but I see two problems .

1 Overcrowding is caused entirely by immigration and cheap housing will only suck in more.
2 The existence of lots of property noone wants will not affect the market .There is already market dumped property all over the Inner Cities . East London and South. Flats can be obtained for £50,000, easily whithin the grasp of anyone with any right to be thinking about buying . Of course these are not salubrious areas but then will the new soulless concrete jungles be any better . I doubt it.

Family Misfortunes

With David Cameron aiming the "Family" Howitzer into the “equally valid lifestyle “ Left I have been thinking about justifying giving the traditional family special treatment. I stress that we do not start from zero .The disincentive to remain together is high . A couple on £18000 per year pay a penalty of £8588 per year of their pre tax income when they live together. Even a couple on £50,000 would be more than £7000 per annum worse off . It is entirely beyond argument that children in two parent families fair, far better, and as only one in twelve married couples part within the first five years of a child’s life marriage is obviously key. For unmarried couples that figure is one in two .One in two!

The subject goes deeper than that . When I look around at the nearby estates I am escaping from, it is more than the absence of fathers and work .There is a sort of moral hopelessness that sets in and what a lot of the better off do not realise is that in this stony ground there are lots of good seeds. The forgotten decents as they are called often work even though it makes no difference to their income .

It is as if abandoning this basic unit of the sub state society attacks the whole like a cancer . When people talk about feral children they are using hypoerbole but there is something in it .Un-socialised children are verging on dehumanised at times . When you read of a gun killing about some sexually motivated pecking order( Honour ? ) it isn`t just the crime but the mental world you enter that is so terrifying. A primordial world of sexual display and primitive unattenuated need.

This has nothing to do with the working classes .It is an under-class but not defined by income . Indeed ,a single mother working seventeen hours a week collects the equivalent of £35,000 per year in state goodies . Grey market income is almost universal and skilled deception of the system a hereditary profession , Council premises are frequently let-on informally while the couple reside in one of the other of their homes. The nearest equivalent I can think of is a sort of parallel society like the gypsies .

There is , as I mentioned ,another side to this . We are currently living in a country where the indigenous people are simply not reproducing . They are at a rate of about 1.3 which is a population implosion.. At the current rate we are headed to a another 20,000,000 in these shores over the next fifty years . That is entirely immigration and the progeny of recent immigrants . If you subtract form that “Indigenous “ figure “ those collecting benefits we can see that a part of society is being destroyed as surely as Stalin destroyed the kulaks. Figures like this cannot , of course, be extrapolated in any such way but nonetheless the face of the country is changing far faster than anyone is aware. At this point a certain element will shout racist but that isn`t the point . In a society with no ethnic coherence social policy becomes impossible and a Liberal society at all is under threat. This is statistically true around the world and if questioned I can quote from Cash Nexus

In Iain Duncan Smiths report there is much discussion of how sorting might effect the stark figures and it is not as simple an argument as the Mail , for example , pretends. Polly Toynbee wrote a cogent attack on some of the single mother assumptions recently that has a place in the debate.. We should also not imagine that a change can be effected with no pain to anyone. It must be gradual and careful gathering support along the way . I see the reintroduction of property owning and capital schemes for the poor as part of the picture along with educational improvement . Without involving as many as possible in the solution the numbers will defeat the project.

I thought this story in the Irish Independent summed up the moral corruption that state hand outs engender

Couple got €30,000 in benefits for dead child
AN English couple have been jailed for six months for claiming more than £20,000 (€30,000) in benefits for their dead child. Benjamin having died in 2002 - two weeks after his premature birth. They even chased up the Inland Revenue, saying they needed the money for Benjamin. More than £13,000 (€19,000) was handed out in child and working tax credits alone.
The fraud finally came to light in 2006 after the couple moved house -. At Isleworth Crown Court last week, they were both sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day Dreaming

In one of those "How to be successful", books ,which obviously I would not understand ,I read that you should write down all your ideas. I never did ,but perhaps I should start. I mean the small light bulbs that pop into existence as you stare whey faced from the tube into the dark vortex , I have them all the time. Yesterday's crop for example….

It occurred to me for example that you could write a good play called “The Chain“. As I may have mentioned we have sold up in Islington and we are taking the next white flight to Lewes Naturally we are involved in a chain . In fact we have been involved in two ,the first having imploded due to at maggot fantasist. My idea was this. At the beginning of the chain you might have a first time buyer a young person ,or a retired person trading down. In the middle as the size of the property goes up, you meet the gradations of English Society who , I have discovered , are immediately recognisable by class right up to the seriously rich. They are linked by this chain of property , which has implications for society ,and yet they are at all other times separate . It would be a comic and bathetic treatment of archetypes and they would have to collide somehow . Where to take it I don’t know but the examples of disparates thrown into the dramatic crucible that immediately occurred to me were “ An Inspector calls “,” Stagecoach” and “Canterbury Tales “… Worth a short story ?


I have always hated what shampoo does to your hair . It makes it all silky and floppy and I don`t like it . In fact I don’t think many men like it as we see from the industrial strength gel on the loose in the average changing room nowadays . So…why not have a Shampoo called something like “ Soap Texture “ , leaving one’s Leonine cascades fine and upstanding, but with the masculine scent of Leather car Seat. I `ve got the advert and everything.

Soap it Sort it Use it
Any good ?

I have always been a day dreamer and I stare out of the office window now much as I did from the class window years ago. So much time has passed,so many small ideas?

Women Waste Money

An interesting perspective on the proposed easing of the tax burden on married couples in Guardian comments is free

“Provided tax breaks for married couples are extended to people in civil partnerships, the Conservatives are right to propose them. The more interesting question is whether a financial incentive of just £20 per week will encourage people to tie the knot.
I doubt it. On this meagre incentive a couple would take 15 years to save the approximately £16,000 cost of the average British wedding”

Two points here . Why should two gay men have a tax break? What are their special responsibilities exactly eh ? I lived with my brother in a flat on the Essex Road for about five years ...yes we had a great sex life but no , not with each other. What is the difference ?They like to fornicate , we liked to play squash occasionally . Is one hobby better than the other. I `d love to know why this conspicuously well funded section of society is getting a free ride.

Secondly the ridiculous cost of wedding s is entirely the fault of women. What man really wants to spend a fortune on his “Big Day” and nowadays you can forget her lot paying.
Isn`t it time that women got over their Princess fixation and gave men a break.
So there you are ;good news for the married man ,but if you think hard enough you can still find a reason to moan about gay men and women.


Campbell Shows A Glimpse of Real Labour Ankle

Campbell Allows a Glimpse of Labour Ankle

Now I know its adding to the misery of the nation but I cannot resist a couple, of comments about the self infatuated Campbell kiss and tell. I have for a long time argued that the entire Blair Government was founded on the lie that there was ever a “New” Labour . Newspapers love change naturally, it gives them something to talk about . They are also written by people who have never done anything and are uniquely impressed with image . That’s why the commentators got “ New Labour fundamentally wrong in this sense.

After the clause four moment at Blackpool did the Labour Party really change ;well how could it ? Would you suddenly change your innermost convictions because a smily snake oil Salesman came up with a plausible shtick to cavort with for the electorate . Not bloody likely and the same applies.
The corollary of this knowledge ,that Labour has simply remained Labour , tells you all, you need to know about the power of the so called Blairites in the Party. As we have seen for the Deputy Leadership contest, the Party wants tax rises , redistribution , out of Iraq and the whole kit and socialist caboodle that Gordon Brown was not pressed about by the fawning BBC. Right wing Milliband , who by my standards is a dead eyed revolutionary communist, was never going to run , he is nothing internally and his elevation is for the country not the activists .

How was Blair able to retain control for so long ? Firstly he was far left of his appearance shifting GDP to 45% GDP into state managed expenditure over ten years but chiefly because he ceded control of domestic Policy to Gordon Brown and went off to play abroad . The crucial moment was when Gordon Brown mobilised back bench support against Frank Field and `thinking the all too bloody plausible’ became the theme. Blair was only a partner from then on and wounded in the country in Iraq his defence( The voter) was gone . It was only a matter of time the until the real leader of the Labour Party , Gordon Brow, took over.

Campbell’s diaries bear this reading out . We now know that there was more than one threat of a coup and Blair in 2001 had to threaten to withdraw support entirely to avoid being deposed. Campbell will not give the Conservatives a gold mine but he tells us there us one there , and it must surely revolve around tail-wags-dogerry of the Brown Blair relationship. We know that Blair tried to demote Brown and we know he considered leaving early in frustration. Blair in other words lost to Brown a long time ago.

So the leadership contest was a show trial and the Brown accession has begun in lies. The Labour Party have maintained the narrative that there was a Blair Party and there is now a Brown Party and the media are once more rolling over like soppy Spaniels. This is an entirely different matter than when John Major took over and the calls for electoral legitimacy are well founded. Conservatives worry because although Thatcher supported Major ,to the astonishment of the Left, the fact she wasn’t there was in itself enough to placate the electorate . They wonder if Brown can work the same trick and make his bounce into a surge . As I have pointed out the rationale for his doing so is infinitely weaker but the Conservative Party cannot afford to let the electorate work it out for themselves . I would suggest referring to Brown / Blair government as I now do. Brown cannot side step his own record and the Campbell diaries are further evidence that Brown was always the spider at the centre of the web.

PS I did like the story that Mandy took a bitch slap at Campbell during a row about the shirt the leader should wear. Straight from Little Britain isn1t it ...god I wish he`d have a pop at me .....

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mimi Spencer Is a Man

I rarely bother with it but in response to my wife’s anguish I just thought I `d mention something about the aspirational cobblers that masquerades as writing in the Supplements. For god’s sake don`t ever support any Policy that requires the English to give up snobbery. Social housing , noone wants to live in it . Comprehensive education , we find away to differentiate and make the post code too expensive . Cheap foreign Holidays , we go surfing in Newquay with Giles and Tabs . Whatever the problem there is a classist approach and we will find a way to adopt it .
It is only with reference to this insatiable need for others to be beneath us I can explain the work of one Mimi Spencer who is typical of many more . Here is an extract from this smug mine , you can pretty much cut and paste it any way you like .
“ I am camping at the bottom of the meadow fully of maguerite daisies, heads bobbing amiable in the breeze, My children , their dizzy heads bobbing with daisies are a camping though the long grass…. My hair is in pig tails an arrestable offence for anyone over the age of six . And don’t it feel good …This , Raquel and I agree is the pinnacle of Summer dressing . For two women who spend such a large amount of time thinking about what they are going to wear… blah blah blah”
You get the picture the perfect lives of two perfect women and their perfect children Yeuch. These writers are usually the son or daughter of someone famous who may have had some talent Victoria Coren used to specialise in an infuriating dribble of what my trendy mates did and Sam Leith is not much better in the Telegraph.
Anyway Mrs N was complaining about the sheer self satisfaction of it all and to comfort her I reminded her of the magazine Jackie (“Jackie was a weekly British magazine for girls. The magazine was published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd of Dundee from 1964 until its closure in 1993. ) Note the location ,Dundee.
Jackie was religiously consumed by my sister eons ago and I used to have a peek here and there . I interpret as research but for all I know I narrowly escaped being gay as a June day . The stories concerned ultra smart girls of about twenty living , usually in their own pad , in Chelsea or somewhere in fashionable London. Watching a documentary I discovered that it was all written by local Dundee girls who knew less about such a glittering life than I do and lived wi` their mam . As the readership was under fourteen and provincial the imposture went undetected
So I am guessing that Mimi is in fact a salivating red nosed Hack who burbles any old tosh into a Dictaphone over a pint having a damn good laugh at the people who pretend to “Know the feeling”

When the nails sticks up , bang it down
( Japanese proverb and cure for society)

You can email you abuse to Mimi

The Doctor he said ...


The thing that seems to have struck people more than anything about the Glasgow bomb was the fact that Doctors were involved. I distrust Doctors , if you are at deaths door they can be relied on to pull you through. You have to admit it did make you proud to be British hearing the plucky Glaswegians congratulate themselves on a good kicking being handed out . Three Doctors and no deaths ,..pitiful , Harold Shipman , one Doctor and 300 dead. We don`t mess around here in the UK. In any case they could have killed a lot more people by not washing their hands


Someone enquired as to who or what this cultural icon ( they say ) is . I `m afraid the exotic fruit of my ignorance has been exposed the inclement British cultural weather and I now have a rough idea . Like Kate Moss his earnings have been boosted considerably by public drug addiction but isn`t he just a bit fat for a heroin drug addict .

What does he cut it with ....a Hollandaise Sauce ?


Long a hero of mine I like this stat of his . In the current tax system a couple with two children would have to work 100 hours more to get the same take home pay as a single mother with two children. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....


It has been remarked often that Brown would have got his act into gear a lot quicker if Chelsea had been flooded . Had Aberdeen been flooded the Scottish parliament would simply have soaked up the water with currency and sent England the bill....well they would wouldn’t they.


A friend of mine has been in all sorts of trouble . He is a local teacher and had been accused of racism by a black teacher. The allegation is false and he demanded that his accuser come to a special meeting to explain himself . A full apology was forthcoming but not before some interesting details came out .
The witness said :
“ I `m sorry , I have obviously misjudged you but I heard you say in the pub we were right to stay in Iraq because we were ethnically superior”. In fact the words used were “Ethically superior “

How can any teaching get done in this sort of atmosphere “ I heard you in the pub ?”. I can’t see what’s so wrong with the first statement myself

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bright New Dawn

. I watched Andrew Marr , the Scottish socialist serve Gordon Brown gift wrapped delicacies to masticate upon at his leisure the other week with cold fury. Just ask the question any media lecturer might ask about he recent New labour Coverage on the BBC. Would a Martian have the slightest idea why it was that Blair was leaving so early or that Brown had attempted a putsch ? Would he have been able to tell the difference between the understandable sentimental treatment of Diana`s Birthday bash and the political coverage of Gordon Brown ? With difficulty .
I don`t object to hagiographic creepothons to “People’s Princess” . Personally I detested what she symbolised about the country but if it is balm for the scarred over rift between the people and monarchy in I approve. Some would say why bother with the fossilised remnant of an institution. I quite agree. Instead we might ask some sympathetic Generals if they would sponsor her Majesty’s direct and benevolent rule Yes quite so ; we should dispense with this silly parliament thing entirely . The building might be used for children’s trips like a Real working mine” , with “real MP`s “ now employed to have the same debate interminably .Naturally Government takes place elsewhere a. They said in Russia ,”We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us “. With parliament it has become “ “We pretend to care and they pretend to rule us “ . Of course Gordon has promised to change that. From his attitude to the disguised EU treaty and English votes we know he is lying .

The sight of Alistair Campbell explaining why is wasn’t the money that made him dish up his squalid career from the crypt before Blair was forgotten encourages me in the belief that we should take our grievances directly to her majesty. How Andrew Marr ( again ) can sit there and allow this squirming maggot to smear this meretricious emollient on the public is beyond me . Perhaps he earns his thirty pieces of silver after all . One can only gaze in slack jawed astonishment at an organisation capable of appointing Polly Toynbee as their social affairs editor and passing it off with Gallic shrug and moue. Breathtaking. You might as well have woman’s hour hosted by a man .It was in 1946 …ah the good old days eh

Then ,just as the sea of evil smelling soul`s corruption seems endless there springs up bright fresh hope form the heart of things . That hope is David Cameron. This week he pulled the bathrobe away revealing the disgusting old bruiser Brown is at PMQ`s .This morning his performance with Marr was magisterial. Naturally pussy cat Marr turned Tiger when dealing with our hero but his bias back fired . The harder the ball zinged down the wicket the more momentum Cameron had to use. He was quite simply the most accomplished performer I have ever seen .I am quite serious.

He is not in a position to repeat easy slogans his point is subtle balanced and yet clear. For example , he dealt with the accusation that he did not like single mothers with fulsome praise for the way they cope with a difficult job . He dealt with Brown’s acquisition of Digby Jones by suggesting how useful some of the advice he has given him in the past might be . He was delighted to be unable to support Brown’s not very mysterious reticence in taxing Private equity income….( Would you like to guess why ?). He was gemstone bright simultaneously wafting comforting pheromones towards moderate England . There was something new here though , a side we have not yet seen and that was when he got on to the subject of the broken society

It was here I felt my heart swell with pride as a Conservative sketched an overhaul of the benefits system and not in a vengeful but in a careful and sympathetic way . When he spoke of a multi generational task to “mend the country” you felt this was a man who meant it and could do it. I have always admired David Cameron but I can understand the frustration some have felt in the phony Tony war period Now the game is afoot he emerges as an inspirational leader.
You may sneer but people tell me they have had their “Cameron moment “ and this morning was mine . The moment you looked at him and no longer felt inclined to be cynical , when the burden of disillusion slipped from your shoulders and everything seemed possible again. With such a man to lead you and the talents of the British people why should anything be beyond us . Conservatives must choose to sulk in their tents or be part of the greatest story of the age …….

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember'd;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.

Who`s with me !!!

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