Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Dream of The Super State

You cannot help but notice the implacable certainly of those behind the European project , that the means justifies the end . We are clearly not to be given a referendum on such small matters as no longer having our own foreign Policy and equally clearly our Government has been complicit in an ongoing attempt to disguise from the British what is being done . That much is clear form the attitude of other countries to the so called treaty which they have announced gleefully as the Constitution by another name. We can understand , with great difficulty , what and how they are proceeding but the crime lacks a motive . I wonder if the British are easy to fool precisely because they cannot imagine that anyone would want to cease to be a country ?

British politicians have one language for Europe and another one for home . We rarely hear the spring form which a drive for Super Statedom comes but an unguarded moment it can leak out . Wim Wenders , the German film Director made a speech to the European Film Academy recently and it is quoted in the New Statesman at length . Here are some selected quotes and bear in mind there is no sense whatsoever of anything controversial being said . I hope it gives an idea of the motive behind well meaning Europeans and its utter irreconcilability with the integrity of Great Britain.

Witness One Wim Wenders

1 When I was a boy the idea of Europe , the friendship between Germany and France , and the even more utopian vision of a United Europe set my imaginations soaring
2 Why was their never a European version of the American dream isn`t it time to start dreaming it
3 When I was young and I lived in a country that was embarking on a new future, a country that had just been readmitted to the international family of nations …At the time I would have preferred to be anything rather than German( Perhaps that is why members of my generation find it so easy to be European patriots )

There is much considered comment about the way that American culture has predominated and a theme of a United Europe being able to use its domestic market to rival the American Film Industry
My little country my endangered language my local culture is being protected by a bigger power.”
Overall he sees the EU as protecting European culture and rivalling the US. He seeks to find a way of giving Europe a Soul which , he says , would have go the Constitution through. Here is a central statement ..
“ An en-souled Europe would not have rejected its Constitution on the contrary it would have pushed it through. “

Wim Wenders is entirely oblivious to his assumptions . He is clearly a well meaning man in his own lights but what does this consist of . Firstly displaced German aggression and guilt and more in the text than the sub text. Fear of Globalisation especially the US model and envy of American success are present. He also mistrusts nationalism and emphasises local culture . This is the conclusion

“ This certainly involves preserving social justice , safeguarding peace and freedom and preserving human rights and fighting to restore the health of our sick planet. But in the coming age this cannot be achieved by economic means alone . If Europe is to prove itself to Europeans it must define itself through..the wonderful chaotic unique diversity of its culture “

That is the problem . We in Britain are not a selection of statelets to fit in a new Hapsburg Empire . We are a cohesive country with much to be proud of and we are neither Green obsessive nor Socialists . We are closely linked with the Anglo Saxon culture and feel far less threatened by America .Most of all we area country not a collection of “ chaotic unique and diverse cultures.”

Witness Two Norman Tebbit

Norman Tebbit sees the expansionism in a direct line from Phillip of Spain through Napoleon the Kaiser and Hitler…..

1Even today the would be imperialists who dream of challenging America for world leadership know that until this Nation is subdued their ambition cannot be achieved
2 The Regions are encourage to deal bilaterally with Brussels …to be integrated as dependent provinces..… neuter this country

To be continued....( In my next post I will discuuss the means wherby the EU seeks to shatter England inparticular)


Ed said...

Yes let's all play happy Europeans - who cares what the voters think, they are too stupid to understand. This is exactly the kind of attitude from the political elite that has led to war, twice, in the 20th century. Hey how about trying it again?

They know perfectly well that England is the oldest and strongest nation in Europe (in face the first nation ever and the nation that launched a thousand... ok well America). To make Europe as a federal dream you have to break England. I wonder why Brown has just abolished the failed regional assemblies? Is it so he can bring them under direct control.

Wake up England. Wake up America you might have to save us again.

Newmania said...

When you think about it Ed Germany and Italy were unified yesterday by our standards . They have absolutely no concept of a culturally coherent demos . Thanks for looking in i fear this is rather a dry suject and its nice to know one or two have a look at least.
One thing I notice is that its not as if German Europeanism is driven my overtly malign motives it has behind it a sort of expansionism but because it believes it is for the good.

The German vision is something quite alien to this country though and there are many whose jobs dep[end on its continued momentum and that is where it ceases to be a view and becomes a plot .

Has Brown abolished the Regional assemblied Ed ? When was that I didn`t notice ?

Nick Drew said...

An important theme Mr Mania, I look forward to your developing it. Two early interjections:

(a) things we don't intuitively grasp - as I've said somewhere recently, probs HG, we don't grasp 'solidarity' in quite the way it's meant in Euroland. Something like "we know the CAP is corrupt and inefficient, but it's a price worth paying for solidarity with rural communities".

Just as we didn't grasp how deadly serious the West Germans were all through the '70s and '80s when they quietly told anyone who was prepared to listen that they were striving for reunification and nothing would stop them.

(b) the rejection of the 'Anglo Saxon' (irony !) economic & business model: only a little below the surface, this means rejection of the New York financiers model, which in turn means ... yes, you guessed, it is thinly disguised anti-semitism, be in no doubt.

(shall I collect the Godwin's Law prize now, or at the end of the series?)

Ed said...

I read about the assemblies on another blog somewhere no idea whether it's true but it sounds plausible. Now all the responsibilities they have are under the direct control of Brown. So much for pluralism.

Anonymous said...

It is probably better to make the country "imaginary" or even "legendary and fabulous" as it means that in law it does not exist and cannot be taken over... What do you think of that for a scheme?? Cornwall has managed it..

Nick Drew said...

Mutt, a romantic notion but a bit defeatist, because I reckon a number of things in Euroland are going (coming) our way

la luta continua!

(PS I realise this gets a bit boring, but verification is ekbomit !)

Newmania said...

Cornwall has managed it..

The EU fabricated myth of an independent Cornwall is exactly the sort of thing I am going to develop next Mutley

Well done on the prize Nick...there is certainly an anti Americanism involved

Anonymous said...

I think we should have a referendum on EU membership. That way the Tories would campaign for it, which would wind up saddo activists like you. ;-)

Newmania said...

That way the Tories would campaign for it,

Which ones would they be then ? Such a referendum would be lost and the C0nservative Party could not carry a pro Europe position not shared by its membership.

Foolish anon.If you aren`t interested in politics then why comment ?

Ed said...

Anon makes a good point though - the official party position is pro-EU but a reformed EU but most Tories are either pro-integration (small number) or pro-out.

Philipa said...

Ed - I have to say that I've done a complete 180 regarding your thoughts and comments and find myself agreeing with you at mostly every turn. Newmania, you have real competition here!

Newmania said...

Ed is very good P . MP material ...I `m just an old moaner.

I think there would be some nervousness about actually leaving , I would share it . It cuts along Party lines so its a less good point than it might appear.

Ed said...

Hurrah! And I agreed with you on Lilith's blog a few minutes ago.

Ed said...

Hey N, a couple of my friends at the pub last night were discussing your blog - you are famous!

Philipa said...

Yes Ed I think you should become an MP immediately - it wouldn't keep you out the pub tho ;-)

Newmania said...

Why shouldn`t he not at least make some initial enquiries . Its not that hard.

electro-kevin said...

I am perplexed. The EU appears to be undoubtedly hedgmonic, but where does this impetus to unite come from ? Catholicism ?? Where ?

I can see the point of poorer countries wishing to dive in, but why so for more powerful ones such as Germany, France ... us ?

Why would our national leaders wish to cede their power to a centralising body - as it seems they do - any more than you or I ?

Ed said...

The British desire to dive in came from that period of national insecurity post WW2 and pre-Thatcher when our leaders wanted to try and make Britain feel important again. We'd lost our economic lead to the Americans and our strength was destroyed by the war. The Empire was disintegrating.

But what these people don't realise is that there's nothing wrong with being a smallish country without much influence on the world stage. Our politicians spend far too much time and effort trying to make us think they are important instead of getting on with making the country run well. It's all their own vanity of course like Blair wanting a "legacy" etc.

It's the voters who are the mugs, because many have blind faith that all the decisions are made with our best interests at heart.

Nick Drew said...

Kev - see comment above re 'solidarity'. It really means something quite specific and actionable to them - more than we realise.

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