Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Campbell Shows A Glimpse of Real Labour Ankle

Campbell Allows a Glimpse of Labour Ankle

Now I know its adding to the misery of the nation but I cannot resist a couple, of comments about the self infatuated Campbell kiss and tell. I have for a long time argued that the entire Blair Government was founded on the lie that there was ever a “New” Labour . Newspapers love change naturally, it gives them something to talk about . They are also written by people who have never done anything and are uniquely impressed with image . That’s why the commentators got “ New Labour fundamentally wrong in this sense.

After the clause four moment at Blackpool did the Labour Party really change ;well how could it ? Would you suddenly change your innermost convictions because a smily snake oil Salesman came up with a plausible shtick to cavort with for the electorate . Not bloody likely and the same applies.
The corollary of this knowledge ,that Labour has simply remained Labour , tells you all, you need to know about the power of the so called Blairites in the Party. As we have seen for the Deputy Leadership contest, the Party wants tax rises , redistribution , out of Iraq and the whole kit and socialist caboodle that Gordon Brown was not pressed about by the fawning BBC. Right wing Milliband , who by my standards is a dead eyed revolutionary communist, was never going to run , he is nothing internally and his elevation is for the country not the activists .

How was Blair able to retain control for so long ? Firstly he was far left of his appearance shifting GDP to 45% GDP into state managed expenditure over ten years but chiefly because he ceded control of domestic Policy to Gordon Brown and went off to play abroad . The crucial moment was when Gordon Brown mobilised back bench support against Frank Field and `thinking the all too bloody plausible’ became the theme. Blair was only a partner from then on and wounded in the country in Iraq his defence( The voter) was gone . It was only a matter of time the until the real leader of the Labour Party , Gordon Brow, took over.

Campbell’s diaries bear this reading out . We now know that there was more than one threat of a coup and Blair in 2001 had to threaten to withdraw support entirely to avoid being deposed. Campbell will not give the Conservatives a gold mine but he tells us there us one there , and it must surely revolve around tail-wags-dogerry of the Brown Blair relationship. We know that Blair tried to demote Brown and we know he considered leaving early in frustration. Blair in other words lost to Brown a long time ago.

So the leadership contest was a show trial and the Brown accession has begun in lies. The Labour Party have maintained the narrative that there was a Blair Party and there is now a Brown Party and the media are once more rolling over like soppy Spaniels. This is an entirely different matter than when John Major took over and the calls for electoral legitimacy are well founded. Conservatives worry because although Thatcher supported Major ,to the astonishment of the Left, the fact she wasn’t there was in itself enough to placate the electorate . They wonder if Brown can work the same trick and make his bounce into a surge . As I have pointed out the rationale for his doing so is infinitely weaker but the Conservative Party cannot afford to let the electorate work it out for themselves . I would suggest referring to Brown / Blair government as I now do. Brown cannot side step his own record and the Campbell diaries are further evidence that Brown was always the spider at the centre of the web.

PS I did like the story that Mandy took a bitch slap at Campbell during a row about the shirt the leader should wear. Straight from Little Britain isn1t it ...god I wish he`d have a pop at me .....


Ed said...

N, isn't the Blair to Brown transition the opposite of the Thatcher to Major one? With Major, the country knew that the reforms must continue because the old economic problems were still only too apparent in 1990-1992 but they didn't want an increasingly arrogant Thatcher throwing her weight around and - importantly - making mistakes (particularly the poll tax).

Blair won because he promised not to undo the painful reforms but them having been made he said we could live in a "nicer" world and be more generous with the public services.

People got fed up with his targets and centralisation and want a change from that, and Brown says he is the man to ch ch ch change away from Blairism.

But while Major continued the reforms with a friendlier face, Brown has been the cause of the very things that people don't like about the Blair years. He has no mandate to move away from the agenda set at the 2005 election but will have to if he is to stand a chance at the next one.

ps I can't stand the way the BBC is referring to "the new government". While it is true that the Queen has asked Brown to form a new government, its members are selected from the same Parliament and from the same set of well-meaning fools.

Newmania said...

Brown has been the cause of the very things that people don't like about the Blair years. He has no mandate to move away from the agenda set at the 2005 election but will have to if he is to stand a chance at the next one.

That about sums it up Ed and the BBC`s treatment of the whole charade has been pathetic . I have never noticed the continual bias as much as I do now . Its inconceivable that if Thatcher had handed on the crown to an imagined "partner " in the Thatcher project this person would have got away with washing away their sins.

They have been given free ride

Ed said...

The old saying about people getting the government they deserve is truer than ever in these shores.

We have become too comfortable in thinking that our leaders only have our best interests at heart.

Newmania said...

I don`t recall any PM prior to Blair when I suspected that it was a carreer before anyhting else.

Anonymous said...

Blimey you have been busy haven't you!! I have to say that the change from Thatcher to Major did seem like the end of an era - this messing about between the grinning one and the odious one doesn't seem like that to me at all...

istanbultory said...
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istanbultory said...

I have taken firm a vow to avoid any contact with AC's literary offerings...
The clunking fisted one was at the heart of the NuLabour project from Day 1. The Brown strategy now seems to involve the pretence that Brown is an alternative to Blair; I doubt he is anything of the sort. Are people in Blighty buying into this bollocks-the idea that somehow there was ‘clear red water’ between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The idea that Brown has been secretly opposed to privatisation, to the war in Iraq, to the Labour government’s assault on civil liberties - but keeping quiet through ‘loyalty’ - is patently absurd.

Newmania said...

Well IT that was rather what i was getting at as well . Indeed you are correct.

Did you evber explain where you got to ?

Mutley an exciting and instictual response.Oddly you are quite right.

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