Monday, July 09, 2007

Mimi Spencer Is a Man

I rarely bother with it but in response to my wife’s anguish I just thought I `d mention something about the aspirational cobblers that masquerades as writing in the Supplements. For god’s sake don`t ever support any Policy that requires the English to give up snobbery. Social housing , noone wants to live in it . Comprehensive education , we find away to differentiate and make the post code too expensive . Cheap foreign Holidays , we go surfing in Newquay with Giles and Tabs . Whatever the problem there is a classist approach and we will find a way to adopt it .
It is only with reference to this insatiable need for others to be beneath us I can explain the work of one Mimi Spencer who is typical of many more . Here is an extract from this smug mine , you can pretty much cut and paste it any way you like .
“ I am camping at the bottom of the meadow fully of maguerite daisies, heads bobbing amiable in the breeze, My children , their dizzy heads bobbing with daisies are a camping though the long grass…. My hair is in pig tails an arrestable offence for anyone over the age of six . And don’t it feel good …This , Raquel and I agree is the pinnacle of Summer dressing . For two women who spend such a large amount of time thinking about what they are going to wear… blah blah blah”
You get the picture the perfect lives of two perfect women and their perfect children Yeuch. These writers are usually the son or daughter of someone famous who may have had some talent Victoria Coren used to specialise in an infuriating dribble of what my trendy mates did and Sam Leith is not much better in the Telegraph.
Anyway Mrs N was complaining about the sheer self satisfaction of it all and to comfort her I reminded her of the magazine Jackie (“Jackie was a weekly British magazine for girls. The magazine was published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd of Dundee from 1964 until its closure in 1993. ) Note the location ,Dundee.
Jackie was religiously consumed by my sister eons ago and I used to have a peek here and there . I interpret as research but for all I know I narrowly escaped being gay as a June day . The stories concerned ultra smart girls of about twenty living , usually in their own pad , in Chelsea or somewhere in fashionable London. Watching a documentary I discovered that it was all written by local Dundee girls who knew less about such a glittering life than I do and lived wi` their mam . As the readership was under fourteen and provincial the imposture went undetected
So I am guessing that Mimi is in fact a salivating red nosed Hack who burbles any old tosh into a Dictaphone over a pint having a damn good laugh at the people who pretend to “Know the feeling”

When the nails sticks up , bang it down
( Japanese proverb and cure for society)

You can email you abuse to Mimi


Lilith said...

I had a subscription to Jackie magazine. I only read the letters signed "T-Rex fan", and scoffed at the ones from "David Cassidy fan" or "Osmonds fan". It was full of cartoons of girls modelling "fashion". My mum thought me too young (7/8) for platform shoes. But I longed to dress head to toe in Biba....

Lilith said...

When I read journalists like Mimi Spencer I wonder why she thinks we are interested in the slightest in what she has to say about anything?

Self satisfaction isn't the half of it.

CityUnslicker said...

Well sai; however the way to avoid this is simply to avert ones eyes from the rubbish.

Rather similar to large sections of the bbc 'news' site.

However, I agree with you more that theses days nepotism, in line with Labour policy of destroying social mobility, has really become ensconced.

How else do you explain the likes of Bryony Gordon in the daily papers.

Ed said...

I agree with CU, don't spend your hard earned money on trash journalism. I no longer watch the 10 o'clock news because I get angry every time I do.

hatfield girl said...

There are still 2 or 3 tiny Biba dresses in my reserves cupboard, L, but even my girls can't get into them. How could we have been so waifish? The only Biba thing I use now is the tea caddy, black enamel with golden antelopes leaping red lines.

Newmania said...

Sorry HG what is a Biba thing?

hatfield girl said...

Possibly missing the point but the Biba thing is with us yet, only not naturally occurring.

It is a way of being - ethereally thin, not slimmed thin, sort of naturally see through, with incredibly long legs and arms, and pale, (whiter shade of), with huge painted eyes. Hair as long as arms, utterly straight and the best way to describe the clothes is imagine a Jane Austen muslin frock cut off short, but with the little puff sleeves and tight, low bodice, and collar bones and shoulders with those tiny bones; the body and its lightest drapes worn with flat, soft, pale boots.

She did household stuff too, at the end - hence I have the tea caddy still in use.

Lilith said...

I had some Biba magenta eyeshadow for years...sigh

Newmania said...

I am rather enjoying the thought of HG or Lillith in such attire.

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