Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day Dreaming

In one of those "How to be successful", books ,which obviously I would not understand ,I read that you should write down all your ideas. I never did ,but perhaps I should start. I mean the small light bulbs that pop into existence as you stare whey faced from the tube into the dark vortex , I have them all the time. Yesterday's crop for example….

It occurred to me for example that you could write a good play called “The Chain“. As I may have mentioned we have sold up in Islington and we are taking the next white flight to Lewes Naturally we are involved in a chain . In fact we have been involved in two ,the first having imploded due to at maggot fantasist. My idea was this. At the beginning of the chain you might have a first time buyer a young person ,or a retired person trading down. In the middle as the size of the property goes up, you meet the gradations of English Society who , I have discovered , are immediately recognisable by class right up to the seriously rich. They are linked by this chain of property , which has implications for society ,and yet they are at all other times separate . It would be a comic and bathetic treatment of archetypes and they would have to collide somehow . Where to take it I don’t know but the examples of disparates thrown into the dramatic crucible that immediately occurred to me were “ An Inspector calls “,” Stagecoach” and “Canterbury Tales “… Worth a short story ?


I have always hated what shampoo does to your hair . It makes it all silky and floppy and I don`t like it . In fact I don’t think many men like it as we see from the industrial strength gel on the loose in the average changing room nowadays . So…why not have a Shampoo called something like “ Soap Texture “ , leaving one’s Leonine cascades fine and upstanding, but with the masculine scent of Leather car Seat. I `ve got the advert and everything.

Soap it Sort it Use it
Any good ?

I have always been a day dreamer and I stare out of the office window now much as I did from the class window years ago. So much time has passed,so many small ideas?


istanbultory said...

Sod Islington. I am busily preparing a masterpiece of smut for Mutley's literary competition. Indeed, Croydonian and Sister Bridgit will play a major role in my oeuvre. I have "Convict bitches and the Tory apprentass" down as a working title.

Croydonian said...

N - sorry to bring you bad news, but there was a play based on that premise, and might even have been called 'The Chain'.

Yup, just confirmed. Written by Jack Rosenthal so therefore likely quite good.

IT - Watch out or I'll sic my lawyers on you.

Philipa said...

I don't want to stop blogging.... I like blogging :-(

Day dreaming and I'm thinking of you... git!

Newmania said...

Yup, just confirmed. Written by Jack Rosenthal so therefore likely quite good.

W9w nice to see you C ...well shows it was a good idea anyway. I`m with IT smut is the thing ,,,......Perhaps Phillipa would help with the smut ...I have some ideas......

Lilith said...

Don't give up blogging Philipa!

Please? There has to be an antidote to Newmania's blog and I think you are it.

Newmania said...

Why does there have to be an antidote Lillith ?

I `m lovely.

I think

Lilith said...

Of course your lovely Newmania, its just a yin/yang thing.

Philipa said...

Newmania is indeed lovely; a hunk - tall, gorgeous, intelligent and built! Rrrrumpf!

I don't want to give up blogging but I keep pissing PH off and I really don't want to. I honestly wish we could sort this out but he won't. It's his way or the highway. I've got about a week left.

Thanks for being nice tho Lilith, much appreciated :-)

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