Saturday, October 27, 2007

Harman Must Be Ritually Slaughtered

"When I talk to people in the Highstreet, as I do , I don`t get any sense of the temperature being a tad uncomfortable ..."(Hell)
( Harman, the jackal, speaks from Lucifers earthly palace )

I have just watched Harriet Harmonisation on Andrew Marr and been ordered from the room by Mrs N as I am scaring the boy and boring her . That woman ( Harridan) drives me to gibbering incapacity. I try to see that labour MP`s are not soulless zombies and there are quite a few I rather like ..( pssst I find Lord Falconer a charming sort of a chap …sorry). Should Harriet Harman ever breed with David Milliband , however, their demonic spawn would undoubtedly usher in the end of all day,s complete with torture and cosmic convulsion In fact I can here the anti christ`s mare now ..

“ …you know , the papers are talking a lot about boiling arterial veins but when I go around , ‘as I do ‘, and talk to people,’ in the high street’ , they tell me they want their local ‘ospital to work and the hosing to be there for their kidz . I `m just not getting any sense of dissatisfaction with the infernal dynasty and its and its shrieking delight in wickedness…… ”

She lies like a true addict. Even Scotty Marr, Brown’s coiffured poodle, had to ask “ Do you think the unfairness of the Scottish position is something the English just have to swallow “.

The answer to this is …,“ Well yes otherwise we cannot hope to form a government ever again in England “

What did she actually say ?

..” Well cross rail is only going to effect Londoners but do we say MPs from elsewhere have no say “. She cannot , I repeat , CANNOT , be that stupid , of course we all have say because we all live in the same country; England , you fatuous malignant cow . Do we have a Barnett style transfer fo funds between Islington and Luton . No we do not …hint hint !Guess what she suggests ,,” I think we need to think about devolving power down to the regions so people have more control in their lives .”

This would be the regional experiment roundly rejected in Newcastle despite the funds directed by by the EU into supporting the division of England into easily gobbled snacklets . So lets get this straight harridan . Scotland , you think, is country ,and England is just a set of regions .However you divide up the pie it will still be at a democratic deficit .She has a of phobia about answering questions it must be medical . I love what she had to say about the Polls as well.... .

“We cannot always be looking over our shoulder at the Polls “

. This from party who have just pulled out of a general election with all the grace of a fat sleaze bag pulling out of a whore, when caught by his wife .This from a Party who cobbled together a junk yard challenge IHT and , capital gains tax relief , on the basis of focus groups .

She gave us more of Brown setting out his vision. This is a thing to do during an election campaign and not from the presidential throne room. If its Blairism no-one wants it , if its not then we need an election. Sorry for the inconvenience broon you insane dribbling paedophile gimp , it’s a little thing democracy we are rather fond of .

On the Scottish gerrymandering , I noticed what I thought was a good solution in the Spectator on Thursday . Why not reduce the number of Scottish MP s ? This would pay some acknowledgement that English decisions will affect the Scots and yet not allow legislation affecting England to be asymmetrically pushed though by unaccountable Labour lobby fodder. This was much the deal with N Ireland for years which had about 2/3 of the commensurate number .In that they were unlikely support a government alone it was acceptable . It was not , as Labour liars say , comparable in any way with a full program of legislation on the back of a foreign country.nIt would be cheap and the truth is o much now takes place in Holy rood they have nothing to do up there anyway.

While we are at it , lets have about 2/3 as many MPs over all and start paying them properly and no more cheating with the second house and the allowances . It is also absurd that the leader of the country gets less than a man running a small scaffolding company .He should be on £500,000 . You will notice that Blair quit the Common and Lords immediately thus disguising his sources of income . Now he has bought himself yet another mouth-watering piece of heritage , Winslow hall you have to wonder where the money comes from an what exactly his priorities were in the last days of office.

Ahem some of that may have been a little intemperate ….all better now.……

The Madness Of King Brown

There is a persistent rumour that Brown has been taking medication associated with neurosis for a number of years. On e of its side effects is a slackening of the facial muscles and I am sure I can detect just that .

Add to this his embarrassing outbursts of unrestrained bestial hate at PMQs and I seriously wonder if we do not have a very loose cannon on the poop deck. He has , after all discovered tat the argument of his life , that he is better than Blair is demonstrably false . When a man is mono manically fixated what could such a shock do to him ? I have noticed his judgement becoming increasingly flawed and he seems to have acquired in indecisive madness of Hamlet without its analytical interest. Suggestions are starting to be made that he may not fight the next election due to ill health .
I remember an electrifying Hornblower story when the all powerful captain has lost his noodles and the crew slowly summon to courage to mutiny . He last period is characterised by paranoia cruelty and volcanic temper. Are they even now meeting in snatched moments below Parliamentary decks screwing their courage to the point of admitting Labour has made a historic error ;and something must be done quickly


The New Monks Of Europe

One of the best books I have ever read is The Discarded Image by CS Lewis. Scurrying around the house I have been unable to locate my copy but I remember enough about his picture of the later Medieval educated man and how it felt for him to be alive .

When such a man walked out into the night he did not think the stars were nearby.He knew they were unimaginably distant , but they were a finite distance away, and further more they were 'up'. Newtonian Gravity was not available and he thought of up and down going on forever ,a sensation that speaks to your bones. He also envisioned the cosmos as full of light and music. Space was was concieved as a huge Cathedral in which he, man, stood unmoving at the centre . This picture delighted the scholars seeming to place everything in its place and tie in every scrap of knowledge they had. There is none of the existential panic that so typifies the modern mind when it looks out at the stars . Everything was in its allotted place.

This idea of the Cosmos was only part of an all encompassing model which is the eponymous discarded image . Lewis argues that Mediaeval man at his most typical was not a romantic and the Knightly genre was unusual . In serious moments he was a list make, codifier and reconciler.

He had a great job on his hands . The people of that period did not think of themselves as progressing they were conscious of the greater achievements of the Classical era and thought of themselves as comfortably half way done the stairs in a position of equilibrium . They looked back to the golden achievements of the past rather than revering everything modern and progressive.

The Classical period they worshipped was unfortunately one they understood very little. They had no idea then that the dustbin of miscellaneous texts bequeathed from antiquity were of entirely different types and periods . Urban Comedies religious texts Christian and pagan , separated by a thousand years, were treated as equallY ‘true’ . Not unnaturally monstrous contradictions arose, that the Mediaeval mind set about reconciling with assiduous glee together with Germanic folk wisdom . This multi generational task was not unlike the building of Cathedrals .The model encompassed science medicine religion and every aspect of their world. It is itself the great achievement of that period and each Monk liked to add his own flourish to its perfection . Think of the elaborate lettering or the accumulation of detail, in the Gothic style .

The problem with it all was that it was not true . As an artistic exercise it was mesmerising but it did not work . Most of the progress of Victorian medicine was not so much progress as realising the remnants of the model were utterly wrong , with their humours and demons.To the Monk knowledge cam from ‘Auctoritee’ not empirical experiment which would have affronted his religion and his temprement

Shoot forward in time to the present and I have been wondering why it is that such a plainly doomed endeavour as trying to homogenise Europe into a single state acquires such pseudo religious adherence . Are we , experiencing the re-assertion of the Monkish codifying tendency that was so predominant for so long .?

Think of the way a piece of legislation is born . An especially controversial one ( See Christopher Booker The Castle of Lies ) was the near destruction of our lettuce growing industry in the 90s due to the proliferation of viral nitrate regulation . It started with a carcinogen scare on Germany and the attempt to legislate for levels in their own country . This immediately came under the auspices of the EC Commissions standing committee on food as a potential restriction of trade. The proposed restrictions would make growing under glass impossible and so Southern Europe was delighted and supported the regulation which would finish the UK`s £65 million industry centred in Lancashire . Other Northern European countries did not understand the implications and promised support .Commission regulation the input of politicians was not essential . There was no evidence to support the cancer scare and the UK`s product was universally consumed domestically . Nonetheless the UK government were obliged to enforce a law that wiped out our industry . In fact at that time a five year breather was agreed and I am not up to date with the denouement.

My point here is that the supposed attempt to level trade between vastly differing and highly controlling states is inevitably going to spawn an fractal level, of codifying and and complicating . To the Monkish mind the very complexity of it is beautiful.

Like the Medieval system however it does not work and will be exposed by empirical experience . Unlike that discarded image, it bequeaths nothing but ugly inscrutable Articles and memoranda as well as a ravenous Mantioch that sucks the life force of nations into itself and feeds on their still twitching limbs


Finally it is upon us , we are off on Tuesday for our new life in Lewes . I am busy packing and preparing and will not be at work next week so I am, unlikely to be blogging a great deal. Usually when I say this I find I cannot resist some important point that only I can do proper justice to but my computer will actually be unplugged .. in fact that is the thing that scares me the most , not being able to get back on line
I have just called up to find out what I have to do and it is actually going to take just about a month to get broad band reconnected. That really is incredible isn`t it. I supose I can do things at work but I just find it beyond belief that it is that slow .Two days before you can even ask and then 15 working days to connect . Thats a month to flick a switch . Why why why is is always the same !!!! USELESS. I have just been to get the flat on my motor bike repaired and they do not have the part so I will have to shlep up to London and ride the stupid thing all the way to Brighton .The cycle shop that used to repair my cycle is closed so I can`t sort that out either.AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH...The worst thing is a month to get broadband on though , I could not believe my ears.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Nice Personality

Cameron has drafted in the curvacious Kirstie Allsop (of location location location) as a housing guru . The government has nabbed a TV nanny to give advice on children`s issues.So now, even by turning quickly to the News, I am unable to avopid the walking oxymorons "Television Personalities".

Truly the apocalypse is upon us
( As Croydonian would say)

Wide Open Mental Spaces Of America

The Yanks Are Coming

Update what do Sammy Davies Junior, Martin Luther King ,Frank Sinatra, Kennedy,Dean Martin have in common...for the right answer a cash prize of £1000 will not under any circumstances be given. Anyway now we know how clever we are let have a laugh at stupid Americans

Now you know some people say America is the land of the wide open mental spaces . Oh no... this land of intellectuals includes many clued up College Graduates like Channing Crowder a Miami Dolphins player. You may not be aware of this but the said Dolphins are over here for some sad Harlem globetrotter style show game game against the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium. This interview never happened but the words and facts about Mr. Crowder are all unaltered.................... through the round window......

Newmania : So Channing , looking forward to visiting country that colonised yours” ...

Channing :He admitted he did not know until now where London was - or that Londoners spoke English."I couldn't find London on a map if they didn't have the names of the countries,"

Newmania : Come on Channing , surely you must know something about the geography of places outside the good old US of A

Channing "I swear to God. I don't know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that."Crowder added: "I know (Washington Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him."That's the closest thing I know to London......

Newmania :Errrm Channing are you saying that you think when someone is called London you think they have to be from notice you are not called “ Atlanta “..perhaps Mr. London comes from elsewhere ?

Channing :He's black, so I'm sure he's not from London. I'm sure that's a coincidental name."

Newmania :What was you degree in again Channing ....? Just wondering

End Of Interview high fives All Round

The Miami Dolphins are play the New York Giants at Wembley this Sunday in the first NFL regular-season game to be played outside the United States. I am not looking for ward to the post match interview

Things That make You Go Coo

After the heavyweight abortion stuff concluding with Flo telling me I should be ashamed of myself, I am moving swiftly on .With the cheesy grin of a game show host ,allow me to inroduce the latest smorgasbord of curiosities in the occassional series " Things that make you go coo"...I had better immediately explain the pictures :

Mozart wrote a canon in B flat major called “Leck mich im Arsch”(Lick my arse) Wikipedia

Doris Lessing is the aunt of Gregory Gysi and east German Lawyer who , until recently , led the PDS , the successor party to east germanise ruling Socialist Unity party.... (German Embassy)

There are 60 people with the first name Hitler in Venezuela

New York Times 5.9

According to official figures Iran has between 15000 and 20,000 transsexuals .It performs more operations than any other country barring Thailand . Ayatollah Khomeini passed a fatwa authorising such operations – The Guardian 26.9

'An Australian barmaid has been fined for crushing beer cans between her bare breasts while an off-duty colleague has been fined for hanging spoons from her friend's nipples, police said on Wednesday. Police in Western Australia said the 31-year old barmaid pleaded guilty. "It sends a clear message to all licensees in Peel that we will not tolerate this type of behavior in our licensed premises," local police superintendent David Parkinson said' – AU
(.Its good to see bar maids challenging male stereotypes)

There have been only two reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster so far this year and there were only three on 2006. A decade ago the numbers were consistently in the high teens.- The Times (29.9)

60% of Porches ever built are still on the Road( Porsche)

In Iceland 96% of women go into higher education, in Australia the figure is 91%

Oxfam is Europe’s biggest high street second hand book retailer – Oxfam

'A woman teacher was facing jail yesterday after being caught nearly five times over the drink drive limit at lunchtime. Karen Howard, 44, was stopped in her car at 1.30pm . Deputy district judge, Anthony Smith-Jones, described the reading as 'phenomenal' - The Daily Star.
( Phenomenal , she must be so proud )

In 1987 61% of Britain’s top Lawyers , doctors business men, politicians and journalists had attended Oxbridge. In 2007 the figure is 47%
- British coucil


'Police patrolling the red-light district of the Belgian capital have been ordered to stop visiting brothels when on duty. A letter sent to officers in Brussels'....."These officers think their duty hours are to be used to..., visit brothels or massage parlors, and entertain (intimate) relationships with residents of the neighbourhood during their patrol," said the letter from a local police chief' - Reuters.
( Fancy that)

Britons eat 97 % of thee world’s baked beans

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pro Death Lobby

In the United States, a baby born just twenty-two weeks after conception is expected to be allowed home within the next few days. Doctors in Miami believe that Amillia Sonja Taylor is the most premature baby on record to survive.
She was born on October 24th last year, just twenty-one weeks and six days after conception. She was delivered by Caesarean section, barely the length of a ballpoint pen and weighing just two-hundred-and-eighty-three grams.

Looking at the statistics Nadine Dorries reported that survival rates at 23 weeks were as high as 40% a fact suppressed by the overwhelmingly pro death BMA. Best practice achieved 66% at 24 weeks . I have met Nadine and she is a bit of a tasty treat actually , I `m sure she is presenting what she sees as a balanced picture. The striking thing though , is the steepness of the decline from 24 weeks to 20 weeks . If we are to take viability as a marker , an assumption I question personally , then it looks as if we are reaching the low limit .

What has viabilioty got to do with it though .I know a ten week old foetus has arms and moves and wants to live ., I have seen it . At six months , whether or not it is viable , I have the greatest difficulty with accepting that abortion is not murder.

Wake Up!

Hateful in so many ways . Simply Red are Dead

Taking Red Nose day "Humorously "

Lovely Boris , victories be upon him , has some eye catching population stats this morning , the population of the world is , I gather , double what it was when I was born at £6.7 billion, and is hurtling towards £9 billion plus by 2050. In its day it was the apocalyptic topic of choice for the hand wringing classes and right up there with the fast approaching ice age .Thrilling graphics of Sabre Tooth Tigers prowling the Severn Tundra were set alongside piles of bodies accelerating towards the moon extrapolated from the population growth of a small Brazilian village, but no more .

Now we are all apparently in a cosmic oven set to gas mark four our angst is environmental . As Boris points out, that is getting the cart before the horse . How can we hope to steward the climate with the bloody numbers out of control
With his recent piccaniny torments still tender Boris understandably skates around the reasons population growth “dare not speak its name “ Its simple enough ,and I turn to Tony Benn for a gestalt .” You mean you don’t want any more brown babies “

Quite , when over-population was the fault of greedy white Europeans living high on the hog, the hair shirts duly appeared ,. Now it is chiefly a brown problem its “ All gone quiet over there “. I had previously though the stupidest example of Political correctness was the BBC concealing clear evidence that AIDS was spread in the heterosexual population by immigrant Africans . I was wrong , this Liberal wrong headedness is a worldwide suicide note . I will start taking Red Nose Day ‘humorously’ when its starts to talk about the real solutions to famine. Less people

Simply Red are Dead

Thank the lord Simply Red are no more . I detested that whiny voice, found Mick Hucknall repellent and saw them as the nadir of the musical abyss that was the 80s . I read the name was inspired by...” Manchester United ,his left leaning politics and his hair colour “ . Now if I `m not allowed to hate a ginga trot United fan, there is frankly no point in the powers of discrimination god gave me . Obscurity be upon him.

Wake Up !

The less you have the more you dream . I see this waiting behind herds of proles buying lottery ticket, a state numbers racket on which Italia’s biggest business ,( The Mafia ), probably had a consultancy role . The waifs of the depression turned in their horde to Buzby Berkley `s opulent enchantments and the estates of England are dosed on prozak .The chattering classes never understand the need for escape , how would they , passing elegantly amongst the urban exquisites of the new elite court, for them life is an escape already .
Devil`s kitchen, currently , the eye of the Lisbon storm , and other bourgeois Libertarians think it would be a good idea to legalise drugs . After all they safely experiment, spliffing sophisticatedly over crème brullee and Hayek. As Noel Gallagher said .”The middle classes experiment, the working classes just get on with it “... the difference was best captured in the immortal ‘Common People’ by Pulp:

Have you ever watched your life slide our of view ,
And dance and drink and screw..
Co`s theres nothing else to do
You’ll never live like Common People!”

When I spoke to him DK wanted to allot arable land to the production of narcotics ..madness. Still suppose harvest Festival might be quite something !

Th Th Th th Thatsssss all folks

They have their exits,…

The last role

Lean and slipper'd pantaloon , Paul McArtney, cost himself £25 million by his infatuation with hard faced tart Heather Mills . Why do old men do it ? John Lennon was a gifted of course but Paul was the real talent. He wrote the songs that took the Beatles from mothers humming through the ironing to the Che Stadium .His voice had the touch of melancholy that set your soul flying .Then, at the end, infantile gratification compelled him to dye his hair orange and made a gold plated ocean going arse of himself .Perhaps too many years of fawning had rotted his judgement I feel sorry for him ……

With Brown barely able to control his vulpine hatred at P M Qs ,the old politics are back. The “ Government of all the talents “ seems another age already. Amongst the late entrants to the broad tent was Digby Jones , the former head of the CBI now a peer, minister, and pathetic old man number two.
Gordon blocked moves by his business advisers to debate the plan to increase capital gains tax by up to 80%.The high level “Business Council “ met for the first time this afternoon ,but questions on the demise of the taper were verboten. Instead Digs will be dancing a sad arabesque for his master ,pretending to care about “Globalisation and Climate change “. There he must sit, clutching his faux prestige, a once Promethean figure reduced to a silly vain laughing stock mutely implicated in a profoundly anti business measure . I feel sorry for him.

Quentin Davies had no future , a man so obsessed with his own importance he clutched at any bauble cast his way .A few minute in the Press a promise of …who knows what. Well , having given up his safe seat of Grantham and Stamford he was promised an equally safe Labour one. Now the Brown bounce is a Brown cow pat, I just wonder who is going to take him. Is there really a Constituency so safe they will take a red faced pinstriped pontificator for the sake of a tottering regime? Perhaps the Talibrown have just enough juice left . I feel sorry for the local activists obliged to endure being a national joke.

Age is so cruel..Peter Townsend wrote “Hope I die before I get old “. Given his later career “ researching “( aren’t they all) child pornography I think we can all applaud the sentiment if not the execution.

,All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits, and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts

The last role often seems to be a sad clown.

1 As you like it …of course.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cash For Questions

Does anyone recall ,“ Cash For Questions”. It seems such small beer now does it not when Yates is busily ‘not’ incriminating the Labour Party for extracting millions for donations but upon a few hundred here and there was founded the great ”Sleaze” campaign of yore
All change now though. Gordon brown is sweeping a chainsaw through the whole tangled thicket of Party funding by the disinterested and statesman-like ploy of trying to outlaws Lord Ashcroft’s donations whilst leaving his Trade Union bungs intact .
Well you might think then that there would be a certain amount of sensitivity about accepting informal help from trade Unions and the misuse of the Communications budget MP`s receive , whilst these delicate negotiations were ongoing . Not always ...

Fresh from sending her own children to a Potters bar Grammar school and buying social housing at knock down auction prices, to let out to her Old Paulian local labour Sloanes , Emily Thornberry has been sending naughty little letters.

Misuse of Communications- Thousands of residents have just received a letter from Emily Thornberry bigging up , Emily Thornberry. In it she asks the electorate to tell her which of a number of priorities are most important , The list includes CCTV for Islington, Affordable housing and so on as well as neutral conundrums like ,” Which of Gordon Brown’s NEW ideas for Britain do you support”

Accepting Union Money - The Freepost Replies , reports Private Eye have been put through the franking machine of none other than the “ Communications Workers Union in London SW19 , miles from her Constituency

Cash For Questions - On 25th July by astonishing coincidence , Emily urged Gordon Brown to ...” Join me in urging the royal Mail to enter into meaningful discussions with the Communications Workers Unions ..”

CASH for QUESTIONS is not so far in the past as we thought it seems

Comment Is Not Free

I suppose ultra PC Sunny , of Pickled politics and infernal Libertarian Devil`s Kitchen were never going to be chums but I was still disappointed to see Sunny shut down a thread in which his views were questioned.
DK can be a bit dogmatic and , if I `m honest , I find his extreme Libertarianism silly and self contradictory .he is , however , always ready to back up his views , good humoured and would not shut down a thread on the basis he did not like what he was hearing . Its well worth visiting Pickled Politics and reading the thread. This was Sunny`s petulant final remark

“Anyway, enough of the trolls on this thread. This is not a blog for jousting thanks.
Amis is a in-bred idiot who can’t tell his arse from his elbow. And it’s funny to see so-called libertarians and ‘rationalists’ and people apparently in favour of the enlightenment cheer-leading for mass internment. Which is perhaps why I stopped paying attention to Morgoth, DK etc a while back.
Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.”

I am not so slavishly fond of “ Free Speech” myself in theory but in practice I am.
The Liberalism of Sunny has been tested to destruction. I don`t blame him for shutting down debate he was losing but we can see Free speech has limits for him

UPDATE: Sunny has popped in to defend himself and in terms that I cannot help finding hugely amusing. As I say , have a look for yourselves. Its a fascinating thread

Newmania, who said it ever was free? We've always taken a hard line against trolling or anyone who comes on just to throw out stupid comments. The blog is for constructive debates and discussion. If anyone doesn't like it, they can go away. I'm under no obligation to provide my space to trolls. No one is infringing on your free speech. You have your own blog. Good for you. My blog has its own rules. Live with it.

You can judge for yourself whether it was in fact the “ Stupidity” etc. that concerned Sunny . I would say , people blog to “ body forth’ their political and personal beliefs. Sunny has shown his to be of an authoritarian sort under some circumstances. As a Conservative.I have a measured sympathy but he goes far further than I would ...................... .

WHAT SUNNY WOULD SAY IF.....................
Foreigner , who said it ever was free? We've always taken a hard line against immigrant anti social beliefs or anyone who comes in to live in ways we do not like . This country is for the benefit of those who made it . If anyone doesn't like it, they can go away. We are under under no obligation to provide our space for aliens .No one is infringing on your freedom. You have your own country. Good for you. My country has its own rules. Live with it
As I say , I understand the impulse but its not something I would support.He needs to relax a bit perhaps but I take a kindly view of those who react foolishly under threat. He`s not all bad .

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scots Happy To Accept Money Bombshell

Alan Cochran is no fan of the iniquitous Scottish gerrymandering conducted by Labour in Sweaty Sock -land . He does however write in against the assumption that we lob sacks of cash over Hadrian’s via the Barnwell formula .(1)
. Free prescriptions, he points out,have been promised within the four year Parliamentary cycle. This would cost an estimated £70 million which would have to found from the current Scottish Budget. Salmon is writing cheques he cannot cash …now why would that be then ?
The budget for Scotland has doubled since devolution and will be increased to £30 billion next year. I think they could find the £70 million but more likely they won’t and it will be one of many staged clashes with “ The UK Parliament “. This is how we could get out of the EU were the foolish UKIPs not so determined to stay in…. but I digress

Much of this article points at regional variations across the UK in spending which , within a single country is not an issue of course. His main point concerns Oil though .
“ The Nationalists claim that tax revenue from North Sea Oil is a direct subsidy from Scotland to England ..a projected £55 billion over the next five years “OK so that’s £11 billion a year . They get £30 billion a year from us . So even accepting the Oil shtick, it is a £20 billion a year bung ,a thousand quids per household give or take .(2)
Mr. Cochrane assures us that the argument of Oil offseting the Barnett formula, has been “ Largely accepted by the Scottish public but it has not turned them into rabid little Scot-landers “
….It is unclear what point the is making once you divide up the five year figure he gives us . ! In any case the romance of a Free Scotland first blew its Pipes with political vigour about the time the first barrel came ashore. Sorry Alan but we are continuing to throw our money at the Pictish horde Why ? To keep labour in power , same as everything else.

1- Daily Telegraph
2- 2.59 is the average household and ,50,690,000 was the last counted population of England

Lost In Translation ?

Reasons To Go On....

Number One- That there is an Asian man in Streatham who does an Elvis tribute act and he calls himslef 'Patelvis'

The Woman’s Right To Shoes

Age is creeping up on me , I am 44 now , I know ...I know , I don’t look it . How do you tell a man’s age though? Well one way is the colour of your penis . When I was but a wee chap my wee chap was a delicate prawn pink. When , on occasion , I saw my fathers it was a contrasting beige. Now look down and sure enough I also have a beige home entertainment centre . I was wondering if there is actually a precise colour coding for age. Do you end up with a deep burnt molasses Dulux colour chart sagger? ( refer to chart attached for your age)

Apart from having the aforesaid delicately prawn pink etc. there are a number of things about being very young that I have been trying to remember

1 On any beach the fear of quick-sand was a reason for an insane amount of vigilance . I mean is there actually any anywhere?
2 I was under the impression that Tigers were female Lions
3 I was scared of ugly people

Its hard to recapture , but I do have a definite sense that it was me in there all along , I wonder if that right , that there an indivisible you that survives so much time and change . Dare I say it , a soul. As I `ve got older I have become increasingly uncomfortable with abortion. They can be kept alive for man earlier stage and so we shift the goal posts . I wonder, if so much can change, and yet all the while there is an “I” the ability to survive an especially relevant boundary ?

So I become doubtful of the woman’s right to choose. I am on the other hand not messing with the woman’s right to shoes . Indeed, there should be more females in many males dominated careers areas, like train drivers

A woman’s right to choo choos ?

Naked News

'A man in the US state of Ohio was in court after he was found naked in someone else's car. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, 36 year-old Kim Joseph LeBlanc told police a leprechaun had let him into the car belonging to Nicholas Donohue. Mr Donohue found the suspect in his car naked from the waist down and the car's speakers ripped out. Mr LeBlanc continued his strange behaviour during a court appearance today when he walked into the courtroom carrying a roll of toilet paper and a plastic air-sickness type of bag" -"

When oh when is there going to be a crack downon this anti social leprechaun activity . ZERO TOLERANCE

Oh I wish....

Oh I wish I could be a top Blogger
I post every day, I `m a slogger
I plead and I grin
I berate Gordon’s spin
.. and point out what the faults of Nick Clog are

Why can`t the blogasphere see
All the fabulous things about me
I `m happy and gay
Although not in that way
Perhaps, I `m just dull , could it be ?

So why can`t I be Iain Dale
But then what would the hot seat entail
Giving up life?
Say goodbye to the wife
Its almost like taking the veil

So I think I `ll just trundle along
More gibbering chimp than King Kong
I`ll shout and I `ll chatter
I `ll laugh, does it matter?
I `ve probably got it all wrong !

Still I would like to have some more time
Have nationals dissecting each line
But on days like today
I `ve got nothing to say
So I `ve hidden it under a rhyme


Monday, October 22, 2007

Pssst I Like Inheritance Tax

Psst no lefty ever looks at this blog so just between ourselves I think Inheritance tax is infinitely preferable to the alternatives . Cutting military spending , taxing small business , curtailing pensions , getting yet further into debt or taxing work .
It is not a tax on the dead, it is a tax on the living recipient of free money. Inheritance reduces the need to work and brutally enforces the property owning class divides that scar the country.It is, after all, mostly un-earnt windfall appreciation in the first place .Studies show that taxes encourage gifts to offspring earlier as well as educational input and other nurturing input when they matter most.It is beneficial for us all to have empowered workers than rentier drones. Adam Smith was broadly in favour as meeting his criteria of “ Evident justice and utility “
Why , then has this tax relief been greeted by such cheers and bunting. Partly because it is taxing twice which appears unreasonable, but is in fact true of all non income taxes. I think there is a deeper reason . In the last ten years when growth has exploded we have actually ended up with less disposable income after tax. The middling sorts scream “Where did it all go ! “ ,but have been mollified by the increase in the value of their home .The only tangible gain they have made . Often two incomes pay the mortgage and families have sacrificed leisure and freedom , life itself, to gain this prize .They consider it a contract . They saw Brown intending to quietly break the pact by ignoring the thresholds as they crept into the territory of ordinary people. It was the final insult .

So inheritance tax may be a good tax but there will be no realigning towards income tax cuts , which I would like , until we are in a tax and borrowing regime which is not a gaping beaked cuckoo in the fiscal nest. Until people trust the government to stick to Blair’s promise “Not to increase taxes” we will be stuck in this inefficient and morally dubious deal.

Simplify tax , cut income tax at low levels and do not increase it anywhere else. Make government borrowing transparent and start the urgent work of reforming welfare . Then we may find that a high level of estate tax might be an infinitely preferable alternative .. With £60 billion of debt on and off the balance sheet and a looming demographic time bomb we may soon have no choice but to remove taxes on job creation risk and work and the IHT sacred cow will have to be melted dow.Let us hope this competence is still left in our hands by the Euro -maniacs .


Under Sharia Law , when you commit adultery you get stoned According to contemporary manners , when you get stoned you commit adultery . Which is better ?

Pulling Up The Ladder

Wittgenstein famously argued in “ Pull Up The Ladder” that in order to proceed to higher ethical planes you were allowed to discard assumptions made in order to get to your starting point . Epistemologically, for all I know, this is sound reasoning. It is also , in a technical sense , “A load of bollocks “

The vernacular category of un-knowledge commonly designated “A load of bollocks “ is a set of near identity with the set “ What Labour and the wider left Constituency talk...”. The desperate slithering on the Constitution has brought this into sharp relief

Consider the basis upon which the Referendum was originally offered. Was it because there was a fundamental loss of sovereignty? Mais Non mon freres . This is what B Liar had to say in 2004
“( a Press campaign) is all nonsense , myth, designed to distance people’s understanding of what Europe is truly about and loosen this country’s belief in its place in Europe ...It is right to confront this campaign head on”. There is a no admission there was any fundamental loss of sovereignty. The reason for the plebiscite was merely to clear the air .
“ Parliament should debate the treaty in detail , decide upon it .Then let the people have the final say”....

OK got that. Now lets pull up the ladder and proceed to the entirely different view of the treaty espoused by Mazola Milliband . In order to avoid a referendum he is at pains to show what a profound change the ” Old “ Constitution was and how the Reform treaty is entirely different “
“,,,The constitution that was signed in 2004 got rid of the previous EU treaties and created a new re-founding document of the European Union”, by way of contrast the 2007 reform treaty “ ...does not do that , it leaves in place the existing structure and puts forward some institutional reforms .”

So we see how useful Wittgenstein is to the Labour Party. The Old Constitution was not a profound change in order to win a referendum but the old Constitution ,at the same time, “was a profound change” in order to avoid having one at all. Cunning .

Polly filler is another Wittgenstein acolyte. In her recent Guardian article she argued that in view of the complexity of the agreement this was... “ ..the stuff of representative government” . In other words we mere mortals are just to thick to know which way to vote. Clearly she would be horrified at the thought of an untutored electorate taking a mallet to 300 years of Constitutional refinement by entering the Common Market in 1972 . Well no actually , she considers us to have been amply endowed with the requisite perspicacity for that task.

Pull the ladder up behind you Poll. Of course we need a referendum and in the words of Anthony Blair “Let the issue be out , let battle be joined”

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Harry, England and Saint George

THE QUEEN IS A WONDERFUL WOMAN but truth be told, I`m not so sure about dobby Price Charles who likes to mutter greenly from his fleet of Jags .He also built a town for vast profit on farmland . I say let the Queen retire, she has been a wonderful servant and deserves a rest from tiresome commoners .Omit Charles, hope dopey William gets run over, and go straight to Harry .Harry was visibly distraught at not being able to go and fight and I am certain I saw him say " Oh F--- Off ", when the ref did not give our try .We need a young Hal to lead us,a great sort ...with a nice touch in fancy dress as well.

Prince Charles is an embarrassment who wishes to change his role to Defender of faith and should you be in any doubt as to what that means allow me to quote :

Price Charles -" My own understanding is that extremes ( of Sharia law) , are rarely practiced (oh thats ok then). The guiding principle and spirit of Islamic Law taken straight from the Koran, should be of equity and compassion"…

…they sew your hands back on ? Do tell.

More gems ( concerning some half baked Sloaney cod mysticism)

Prince Charles
-"There is much we can learn from that Islamic world view in this respect. Perhaps we should begin by having more Muslim teachers in British schools the West we need to be taught by our Islamic teachers how to learn with our hearts as well as out heads ."

He has never visited Israel despite endlessly gallivanting around the Middle East. he was the prime mover behind my very own arms cache hidey hole Finsbsury Park Mosque . In the Danish cartoon controversy he criticised the " Failure to respect what is sacred". He appears to be under the misapprehension that Islam treats either women , gays or indeed anyone apart form their theocratic fascism acceptably .Considering the blood curdling punishments for adulterers under Sharia law his infatuation with Islam is perhaps ill advised. At all events should he shortly meet an entirely unacceptable American Woman (god knows what that would take now ), and be obliged to follow his heart, I would applaud his submission to the commands of love.

Incidentally the hold Wallace Simpson had on the Duke of Windsor was revealed in Clarissa Dixon Wright`s recent book .Her father was the royal surgeon. Apparently he had a microscopic "appendage" and she had herself sewn up to accommodate his peculiarity and lubricated with cold cream .True Romance eh. The Queen is a Saint but only Harry will save us .I may chase William on my scooter a bit ... buy his driver a beer , that sort of thing ....

( I `m kidding of course but I do like the cut of young Harry`s jib)

The Usual Suspects

The devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist!" Verbal from The Usual Suspects

Sixty years ago one of its progenitors Altiero Spinelli wrote of the EU , that its aim should be to stealthily assemble the components of a super state and only declare its true purpose at the end of the process by unveiling a "Constitution"

Christopher Booker Co Author of " The Great Deception"


Following the appearance of Watson on the front page of the Independent claiming " Black people are stupid " I see some "Scientists " ,are defending him . I have been fuming about this ever since I saw it . THe following is a tidied up version of a comment on the magnificent Dizzy:

Watson was not acting as a scientist, he was acting as celebrity,( publicising his book ). This is comparable to the blithering lunacy Chomsky got away with in the day , because he was a genius at linguistic analysis. I have no special objection to old, men being rude and acquisitive .I do object to the Independent putting it on the front page and to the unwarranted genuflection before ill-mannered garbage .

This is the right wing version of political correctness.The statement ‘Black people do worse at IQ tests is’ is, at a simple level, true . Righties deliberately confuse it with that much more slippery substance ,’ the truth’. The following statements are also "True"

1 Black races are unusually subject to poor childhood diet. This effect is un quantifiable
2 The phenotypic effects of genetic inheritance in new environments is un quantifiable .For example are Indian men genetically prone to heart disease or predisposed to certain diets in the aggregate . What is the causality ?
3 It is perhaps the weakest caveat but the cultural input of IQ testing is not something that can be ignored, neither can the class and economic group bias . I appreciate that the effort is resolutely to achieve sound methodology but only a misunderstanding of science assumes it has been successful, because it claims to have been
4 We are all descended from a small group of Africans recently . There are at least four other out groups in Africa . Which black people are you talking about ?
5 Races are not fixed and nascent adaptive features can spread quickly though populations in particular circumstances which cannot be called racial characteristics . Islanders tend to become larger over a short period of time . This not a racial feature, it might become one and such shifts are swirling constantly in the liquid landscape in which the incidence of features occurs.
6 If I were to say Samoans tend to be fat this does not make the Samoan babe in front of me fat nor does it mean that Samoans have to be fat nor does it mean it is racial feature and nor does it mean my measurement of fatness is objective.Given the right diet and training samoans are,incidentally , the most man for man gifted set of athletes in the world. Nutrition and enviroment act with inheritance in un foreseebale ways .
7 Homosexuals.Explain that scientists? No-one ,as Richard Dawkins admitted , can at this time . There are whole vistas concerning inheritance of pesonality traits where we have absolutely nothing but guesswork to go on

.We know the avaricious egomania that drove Watson and let him be free to drivel. I am free to pour scorn on that vile rag the Independent for sinking to such depths and for anyone who pretends to the Western religion of science worship (usually adopting an ignorant cowering posture familar to accolytes of magical religions world wide )

This is the opposite of science and surely we must be aware of how misunderstanding of Darwin has given encouragement to the worst sort of self love and brutality in the past.

Science is not outside poltical cultural input .We do not wander wide eyed like curious Alice into medical surveys conducted by the Tobacco industry, or Climatology financed by superstates.Scientific work on passive smoking and anything else pertaining to immediate social question should be met by a default response.......

" What the fuck do you know about it , who is paying you and why do you ask ?"

The answer here is

Your Publisher
To make money and show off

BNP Party Poltical Broadcasts ?

.During thelast three months’ local by-elections the BNP have fought eighteen seats in total, winning an average vote share of 14.9%. The Greens have fought fourteen, winning 6.7% on average.(1). The Liberals as I recall were last seen on 11% in ICM Polls and the BNP nowhere.Clearly there are great problems in extrapolating anything from this and I do not mean to but the difference is striking.

Its an interesting thought that the BNP might become as popular as the Liberals. I wonder if they would be afforded equal for television exposure as the main Parties as , mystifyingly , the Liberals are .
I regard this as a deplorable development brought about by progressive insensitivity to local and national loyalties a step change Immigrant numbers and ignoring the differential growth of non English ethnicities. Tensions understandably centre on housing where the whites rightly suspect that importing neediness ignores their prior claim via the points system . (2) . We did not need to be here. There is no evidence of any wide spread racism in working class areas (3)
It would , however ,be a test for the BBC .It is not really pro Labour as much as pro “Progressive” Liberal big government social democracy. This is not always an entirely malign bias , but on Europe , immigration , N Ireland , abortion , religion and range of subjects the unconscious editorial view is plain. How would they reconcile a commitment to minority representation by which they favour the Liberal party with the rise of Parties inimical to their deepest unspoken convictions.
Tempting though it is to watch them writhe I hope a little common-sense is applied to immigration and multicultural error before we reach such a point


1 See Political Betting
2 The lower middle classes face similar battles getting the government admit that exploding house prices are caused by immigration, it is like pulling out a tooth but we are getting there. Rates of replace are down to about 1.4 and this is caused by house prices and the ratio of dual incomes to mortgages. Clearly this would soon right itself but cannot with immigration filling the gaps and more

3 In fact the reverse is true with many Liberal white middleclass families unconsciously excluding blacks from the Dinner Party table where they discuss tolerance . The working classes simply get on with it.

Lib Dum and Lib Dum-er

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee
Resolved to have a battle,
For Tweedle-dum said Tweedle-dee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow,
As big as a tar barrel,
Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.

Interesting Marr-athon this morning . William Hague was ,as ever a giant strolling amongst the Lilliputians when Marr interviewed both him and Europe Minister , Jim Murphy (1). Hague made the point, which lurks behind all of this . This is not a forensically detailed legal dispute . This is a ‘process‘. In the case if the New Constitution , the ability to amend in the future is written in, obviating the necessity for further awkwardness of a democratic nature .

Marr pressed Hague on whether the Conservative Party would repeal the Treaty if they won the election and I thought he gave a good answer . If this is signed without a referendum then they would , probably ,want to hold one , they weren’t going to decide on what exactly they would do now but legislation would be passed to ensure no future government passes the country into the hands of foreigners without consulting the people. Now that is as far as they can reasonably be expected to go and there is no excuse for UKIP members not to support this Party in marginal constituencies .

The ratchet effect is the key to everything the cancerous Eurocrats wish to achieve .We never reverse we only ever delay . Clear signs that the people of a country wish to change direction are taken as signs they need a pause to catch breath before wading deeper into the mire of super-state-hood . I must admit , Marr hid his own super state wet dream pretty well . They did not ,however, take the chance to laugh at Gordon Brown being grimly ignored by the England team as they took their loser`s medals . A balanced show would have pulled out the implications of the day`s biggest story . Not the BBC and not Marr oh goodness me no., how common , how beneath us all.(2)

Nick Clog and Buff Huhne were on smirking winsomely at each other like girlishly shy lovers prior to a Sapphic feast of carnal delight (3) At pains to show he was not Cameron Lite he emphasised his anti Thatcherism and concern about unemployment while he was at Oxbridge .( …..coughtosser cough). He balanced that with the tale of how Liberals had been against ID cards following the second world war. ~(4)

That is the problem with Liberals isn`t it . Clog knows that Thatcher did not ‘cause’ unemployment , the Unions and left did by their misguided anti competitive socialism leading to the crisis of the 70s . AS an oragnge booker he tries to have it both ways . Similarly he claims to be against ID cards but he is all for handing our democratic rights to a Euro aristocracy of pampered exquisites Clog ,who , coincidentally , are going to impose ID cards on us whatever we say. The best Liberal is a liar because their beliefs try to encompass mutually contradictory impulses to meddles and to free. I would be the last person to want doctrine to replace human confusion but not to the point where it bequeathes a childish Christmas list.

It a standing source of embarrassment to the Liberals they are deciding between two such establishment figures . Westminster , Oxbridge Journalism and politics. The very pulsing distended abdomen of the Queen maggot in the new elite hive . The clear signal is that Freedom for them means “Freedom to agree with your betters “


Jim Murphy - From They work for you.
I see the only subject upon which individual rights seem to matter are 'gay' rights . I like his strong advocation of top up fees from the safety of Renfrewshire as well. He sounds the perfect Europe Minister. “Just doing his job”
Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban.

Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.
Voted very strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
Voted strongly for the hunting ban.
Voted very strongly for equal gay rights.

2-The whole business of a Scottish MP for Renfrewshire pushing England further into the Mantioch`s gaping Maugh is somewhat interesting isn`t it . A Scottish MP in the scrutiny committee was keen to find out from Milliband to what extent he had consulted the relevant Scottish representatives before proceeding . I am confused . Does Scotland conduct its own foreign poluicy now ? It appears they by default they do .In the case of fishing rights for example , can Scottish rights really be ignored when Holyrood exists and casually refers to the Government as the UK Government

3-Nick Clog - Because he is half Dutch and half Russian , European to the core he only stopped in this country to attend £21,000 pa Westminster and Cambridge before employing his many languages as a lickle spit courtier`s pomaded boy for Leon Brittan in Brussels . He has no loyalty to this country and finds nationalism incomprehensible as does Marr.

4-Maybe so but it was Churchill’s often forgotten last administration that started to undo the state gains of the war years . The coutry was a having a reasonable discussion until Wilson and Benn turned the class hatred flames on and used the long terms economic damage of the war to re-invent class warfare

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