Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Madness Of King Brown

There is a persistent rumour that Brown has been taking medication associated with neurosis for a number of years. On e of its side effects is a slackening of the facial muscles and I am sure I can detect just that .

Add to this his embarrassing outbursts of unrestrained bestial hate at PMQs and I seriously wonder if we do not have a very loose cannon on the poop deck. He has , after all discovered tat the argument of his life , that he is better than Blair is demonstrably false . When a man is mono manically fixated what could such a shock do to him ? I have noticed his judgement becoming increasingly flawed and he seems to have acquired in indecisive madness of Hamlet without its analytical interest. Suggestions are starting to be made that he may not fight the next election due to ill health .
I remember an electrifying Hornblower story when the all powerful captain has lost his noodles and the crew slowly summon to courage to mutiny . He last period is characterised by paranoia cruelty and volcanic temper. Are they even now meeting in snatched moments below Parliamentary decks screwing their courage to the point of admitting Labour has made a historic error ;and something must be done quickly



Sackerson said...

But I thought years ago that Blair was mad too, long before it was a subject of speculation. Are you suggesting we should have kept him?

Old BE said...

Remember that "leak" that suggested that Blair's final tour would leave us begging him to stay? Remember what Miliband said: we would want that Blair back pretty quickly?

I find myself hoping that he will be given the EU Presidency so that he can shove Brown off the scene.

Old BE said...

By the way, N, for someone who is moving house and doesn't have the internet you seem to be posting quite a lot :-)

Newmania said...

Its not off yet . I `m off on Tuesday

Newmania said...

Sackerson ...if I was pushed I prefferred Blair to Brown. I supprted him in Iraq the UK it was all Brown anyway

Old BE said...

This is it! Brown has been in charge of the domestic agenda since about 1999 - so any "change" is "change" from Brown I to Brown II.

He just isn't PM material. Perhaps the EU Treaty will finish him off. If Auntie Flo's comments reflect the whole country there will be an almighty backlash if Brown doesn't relent.

Anonymous said...

Slow on the uptake, Newmania - some of us have know for years he's loopy.

Newmania said...

I meant cliically Elby ...I agree with Ed that this period of the Lisbon summit is make or break for Brown. As with thelection by boeing a coward he is ciosong his options . If he is forced to climb down then he will be seen asa coward again.

I realy start to think he just doesn`t have what it takes for the job which is , above all , a sure touch and faith in your own judgement .

We worry about government bt focus group but this is a man with focus groups flitting around like bats in his head

Sackerson said...

As I've said before, Brown's a natural Number Two. Scotty might be able to control the matter-antimatter drive, but he's never up to Captain Kirk's job.

Mind you, the economy is also making grinding noises. She canna stand it much langer, Captain.

Newmania said...

Natural No. 2 you think....I think he is a clown myself . He has made a pigs ear of everything he has touched ( Credits notably) and yet just because he scowls a bit people think he is a man with big belly . He is ajoke and a clown.

I refuse to take him seriously . I laugh Ha Ha

See. Private Eye have got him so right as the 'supreme leader'....

Anonymous said...

I too have wondered if Broon is ill, n. Though I wouldn't like to guess if any possible condition might be chemically induced or an organic condition which is part chemically controlled with varying degrees of success - and with side effects.

You will have noticed how Broon's gape and gasp mouth mechanism is much more prominent during some speeches/ interviews than in others. Could that variability suggest that it's controlled by experimenting with varying amounts/mix and matches of medication? Is the gape and gasp business indicative of other, possibly associated, conditions?

If there is an underlying health condition, in view of the demands of the PM's job, shouldn't the public be told?

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

EVOLUTION IS SAID TO HAVE MISSED THE FACES OF FIBBERS. Well I don't know about that - but it has certainly missed Gordon Brown's.

as you know, n, thanks to the BBC's archaic refusal to provide subtitles, I am largely reliant on lip reading to follow videos of Brown's speeches and PMQs.

You can laugh, Mrs, good old Frankie Howard would have said if he had been deaf and had to lip read Brown, for reading the Great Gaper and Gasper really is no joke. As Broon smirkingly says "peower" - as he frequently does these days - and I lip read "Pee Eeeuuuggghhr!

By the end of Brown's speeches, I'm sweating as much as he is.

As all lip readers and sign language users will tell you, the authenticity of the speaker - reflected in a perfect unity or alignment of the content of a speech and its form of delivery - is everything.

Authentic rational and emotional expressiveness - which harnesses a broad spectrum of non verbal signals and symbolism, face and body language signalling - is the stuff of life to us, as speech can only be successfully read by harnessing every minor supporting nuance of facial and body language to the service of comprehension.

Where there's lack of alignment between the content of a speech and it's non verbal signalling, most lip readers will be shifting awkwardly around in our seats to get at what's really being said here and will often arrive at a dual interpretation: the words/ verbal form of a speech versus its true content.

Suffice it to say that in respect of every one of Broon's speeches and interviews, I end up with notes with two opposing themes: what Broon said as opposed to what his non verbal signalling said.

It's almost as though Broon speaks as both the proposer and the opposer of a speech!

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed about these 'two speeches' Broon makes simultaneously at every event/interview is that the more he gapes and gasps, the greater the chasm between his verbal and non verbal communication tends to become.

When Broon's on a many gasp day, it's like lip reading two - and sometimes more than two - people with opposing views simultaneously, for the man's mouth and body don't seem to interact or speak to each other at all.

Yet there is a sort of inner coherence to it all. Broon's speeches are a bit like a play within a play - a two or three charactered one acted out by the man's different ego states - and at some subconcious level the characters do interact.

For though the Broon speech is fragmented to B*ggary, there seems to be an amazing unity within the different personas giving these simultaneous, opposing speeches as Broon bounces between different ego states.

I'm becoming so accustomed to recognising these various personas/ego states when they kick in now that when I finish rewinding some of Broon's speech videos, my notes are indexed like this:

Father-praying hands, tight clasped
Father- clunking fist
Mother - praying hands, loose clasped
Gossipy mother - hands folded on bosom
Disdainful mother - Ol' wrinkly eyes
Young Broon - praying hands with indented thumb stigmata
PM Broon - praying hands, steepled
Broon/Father - claws at poor box hands
Crushing the globe hands
Touching/Stroking notes/ rostrum hands

Of course we all go into different ego states at times, but
transactional Analysts could use Broon for training videos.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

That was fascninating Flo especially the introductory opart about lip reading .I forget you are hard of hearing..I remember you said how it came on when you were quite young.

Thanks ,

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Broon

Have you noticed how in this Gordon "Quick Hands" Brown speech -for the Iraeli PM - Broon uses some of the ritualised, subconscious hand signals (and corresponding ego states) I transcribe when I lip read him?

1. Praying hands, tight clasped in double clunking fist
- the fundamentalist father

2. Clunking fist
- the control freak father

3. Twitchy Praying hands, loosely clasped
- low self esteem mother

4. Hands folded on imaginary bosom
- gossipy mother

5. Praying hands with indented thumb stigmata, used as a shield
- fundamentalist's victim

6. Praying hands, steepled
- the rational PM

7. Claws at the poor box hands
- the I'll use it best, I'm a control freak Christian, rationalisation

8. Crushing the globe hands
- The - you'll go to hell - fundamentalist father

9. Touching/Stroking notes &
- as Lou Reed would say:
sex with your parents

In this speech 5 and 9 are the predominant non verbals and ego states.

Watch how precisely he forms the praying hand shield and how meticulously the thumb stigmata are folded into position and how satisfying he finds this. Identical movements every time. This stems from something embedded very deeply in our man's subconscious.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

In case your aren't a Lou Reed fan - the Sex with your parent lyrics:

I was thinking of things that I hate to do
Things you do to me or I do to you, baby

Something fatter or uglier than Rush Rambo
Something more disgusting than Robert Dole
Something pink that climbs out of a hole
And there it was - SEX WITH YOUR PARENTS

I was getting so sick of this right wing republican shit
These ugly old man scared of young tit and dick
So I try to think of something that made me sick
And there it was - SEX WITH YOUR PARENTS

Now these old fucks can steal all they want
And they can go and pass laws saying you can't say what you want
And you can't look at this and you can't look at that
And you can't smoke this and you can't snort that
And me baby - I got statistics - I got stats
These people have been to bed with their parents

Now I know you're shocked but hang and have a brew
If you think about it for a minute you know that it's true
They're ashamed and repelled and they don't know what to do
They've had sex with their parents
When they looked into their lovers eyes they saw - mom
In the name of the family values we must ask whose family
In the name of the family values we must ask - Senator

It's has been reported that you have had
Illegal congress with your mother, - SEX WITH YOUR PARENTS
ah, Senator
An illegal congress by proxy is a
Pigeon by any other name, - SEX WITH YOUR PARENTS

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