Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scottish End Game

An opinion poll in Jock land shows the SNP on a massive 48%.Two years ago they achieved a mere 17% at the 2005 general election, . The Labour Party is on 32%, the same as they achieved in May, but the Tories and LibDems have halved their votes to 8% and 8% respectively. The LibDems have been consistently scoring single digit figures in Scottish polls, but the end of Tory Scotland is the real point .
Nonetheless this is good news , you can tell by the degenerate whining of the Brown Reich apologists . The Labour Party have benefited from a generation of anti Union feelings at the Celtic fringe and this long terms drift, reflected across Europe, has maintained them as a Party at times when they would have been rightfully snuffed out. .
Labour are a socialist Party in a country which detests socialism, and a Party of redistribution when Capitalism has continued to provide wealth .Hence their delaying of the boundary commission .They are always the losers in population movement from their deliberately constructed slums to Conservative areas but the chnage is slow to be reflected in the Constituencies. In their own strategic literature they admit this in somewhat different terms .
The Unionist history of the Conservatism has taken half a century to wither and this coincidence of facts has made the minority Labour Party into a dominant force in England . Now Nationalist feeling in the North is approaching its proper expression Labour realise they will be finished forever in England . What will this power hungry malignant yellow fanged predator do thus cornered , we can expect a vicious attack on the constitution which I suspect Brown has already made plans for .( In fact I know he has from admissions in his New Statesman mouthpiece)
There will be show trial committees that decide , magically, that a weird and wonderful transferable vote system is long overdue and by some formula they will prevent the English from ruling our country at the polling booth . If the toad Brown tries this .I and others are ready to take direct action outside Parliament.I hope the English will rise up in fury against this odious would be despot
This is why Brown must not have any sort of mandate for wholesale vandalism of our ancient rights at the next election .Forget Scotland it’s the majority in England that counts . Salmon has not yet begun to spend money persuading the Scots or to fabricate grievance , he certainly will and ironically does not want to be too successful until he has the referendum result in the bag. He is justified in this in that SNP votes are pro independence but other votes are not anti independence as is sometimes ludicrously claimed.

I believe both the Scots and the English will benefit from independence of each other and but I am still all ears . On the many occasions this subject has cropped up Noone ,not once , not ever has managed to give me one benefit the English get from staying in this antiquated and undemocratic Union structure. Our taxes buy foreign votes to deny us our choice and we are endlessly abused and hated by those who take our coin .A foreign Party system now operates in Scotland one half of which is counted in England in monstrous imposition of quasi imperial rule . Then of course there is the actual democratic defacit that really only hides the structural and far more serious deficit
The left attack Conservatives by pointing out the incoherence of a Unionists Party encouraging separation. They are years behind . Unionists are like the ridiculous old buffers that grumbled on about the empire into the 1970s , They are beating their wings in a vacuum

Interesting times for Scotland but a battle for the future of England will be more interesting provoked by the Scottish question and the gerrymandering Labour have existed on for years . SNP support will rise as they will manipulate circumstances to ensure it does. This time next year it will be worse for Brown and he may yet decide to go early if he has the cash

Friday, August 10, 2007


There is an Ozzie advert that I stare glumly at whilst hurtling deep underground from my work to my cubicle . It is headed up ......“Relationships” ,and with antipodean mateyness it goes on.”...well that got rid of the blokes so lets have chat about hair products “ .But why shouldn’t men think about relationships too ? .Women usually mean sexual- relationships, which for them is ‘horse and carriage’ .For men its more ‘beast and burden’, so I `m going to range a little more widely.

I came up with the quote on my blog header, slightly amended, from Don Quixote. Don Quixote could not live without his companion Sancho Panza, the long suffering and earthy servant that follows his masters tragicomic progress with glum despair .Quixote is spiritual , romantic , tall , aristocratic , deluded , fragile visionary. Sancho Panza is short, stouter, realistic earthy and sardonic.Is there a template for here for a succesful relationship?

Iain Dale suggested that Cameron needs a Willie ,as in his Willie Whitelaw ,to communicate with the Party ,and he suggested Willie Hague .He is recalling the success of Prescott as a sounding board for the Labour Party .I`m not sure.They are in many ways too alike, both lifetime politicians, smooth performers and Westminster animals. Boris Johnson, for all that he too similiar socially, would have been better. He is the hero’s companion, funny , flawed and loveable and he could have made Cameron’s discipline less grating

Diving deep into the Jungian race psychi ,mysterious archetypes roam in their pure form. Generally they would shrivel in the light but they can be detected in comics . My favorite comic was 'The X Men'. The heart of the X men was the love triangle between Cyclops, Wolverine and Miss Marvel ( later Phoenix ). I have pictured them above. Cyclops is tall visual and cerebral, he is the leader and it has a price , his glasses, controlling the terrifying power in his eyes are his mythic identity. Wolverine is short and animalistic, he smells truth, and his powers are chiefly invulnerability which matches his indomitable spirit , Cyclops has problems controlling the Wolverine`s ferocity but in this realtionship lies the well spring of the team`s spirit .They are the Apollonian and the Dionysian principles expressed in narrative .

The elements recombine eternally. Every Othello wants to play Iago ,sensing the incompleteness of the Moor without his nemesis. Othello is noble, simple and strong and the fragility of his world can be destroyed by something as tiny as a handkerchief. In the famous scene when Iago pours poison into Othello’s happiness Othello almost begs him to do it ...

“By heaven, he echoes me,
As if there were some monster in his thought
Too hideous to be shown. Thou dost mean something:
I heard thee say even now, thou likedst not that,
When Cassio left my wife: what didst not like?”

The high and low churches of men are always present . Holmes the visionary cocaine taking musician,and Watson, a Doctor with corporeal common sense . Morecambe laughing at the hysterical pretension of the Ernie’s “Play wot I wrote “. Gowers elegance versus Botham’s belligerence. Between men and women this notion of “The Other half” has never been more beautifully expressed than by Donne in his celebrated exploration of the platonic. Souls existing eternally in love and crying out to each other from their temporary bodily home . This is the sacred moment of realisation...

“As, 'twixt two equal armies, Fate
Suspends uncertain victory,
Our souls—which to advance their state,
Were gone out—hung 'twixt her and me.

And whilst our souls negotiate there,
We like sepulchral statues lay ;
All day, the same our postures were,
And we said nothing, all the day.”...

Conservatives have many political and doctrinal dualities to resolve. Public Sector and private ,for example. Why are we paying 98p into a public sector pension for every pound we pay ,into our own . Can we afford the £500 billion of liabilities sitting in this mess. How do we retain tradition and yet be new and hopeful. How do we value freedom and yet care for others. Conservatives wrestle with these problems of balance as if they were in a relationship .It is an attempt to express the whole man or woman publicly. In these dark days when Marxist half-men hack at our souls daily ,I like to think of the eternal hero’s Cyclops and Wolverine watching over us from deep within our tribal dream.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Goodbye To All That

Having lived in Islington for twenty years we will be off soon and in preperation I have renamed the Blog Newmania. I am going to be slightly more subtle about my identity and I have given myself a sort of half baked motif. I `m turning into a girl really, I`ll be covering my excerise book with wallpaper next. I have a suspicion that I am by no means the first to notice the blogger applicability of this Literary source. There is more in the "About me" bit .

he spent his nights from sunset to sunrise, and his days from dawn to dark, poring over them; and what with little sleep and much reading his brains got so dry that he lost his wits. His fancy grew full of what he used to read about in his books, enchantments, quarrels, battles, challenges, wounds, wooings, loves, agonies, and all sorts of impossible nonsense; and it so possessed his mind that the whole fabric of invention and fancy he read of was true, that to him no history in the world had more reality in it

Hope I`m not that far gone yet

Spit It Out !!

The Guardianistas , they aren’t evil people, but they are so determined not to admit the obvious sometimes it’s an exquisite agony to watch the strange arabesque they weave around Conservative solutions.
There has been one of those rather phoney studies which intellectual ‘giant’ *cough* Hazel ( the chipmunk)l Blear has called “important community...blah blah “.With seventeen teenagers shot in the first part of the year, the motives are not unreasonable , although as I always point out there have been more black on white killings in the country, and the biggest growth area is Muslim on Jew .
Black problems are trendier though, and naturally Liberals have to pretend to understand them . Up until now, with marvellously patronising inverted racism ,they have recruiting rappers , who often glorify anti-semitism homophobia and violence , as role models .(For example the noted rhyming pundit 50 cents) .
The study concludes that teenagers need better models such as Lawyers and so on . They have found a link they say ,between low aspirations and gang culture , not hard if you are looking for it I `m sure ,but quite clearly this is skating on the surface of the problem.
White working class boys, as a group, are performing far worse than blacks so any freebies, ( youth clubs and so on ),will be rightly resented. Additionally, handing out humiliating 'post-imperial-shiny-beads' only indicates that its all everyone else’s fault, trapping the community in a downward cycle of infantilisation . The answers the report suggests are more tax payers money, more council housing, and everyone pulling their socks up in a nebulous way. In short , meretricious garbage which will spawn self congratulatory panaceas
In order to prescribe the treatment you have to diagnose the condition. Lets have a look at the symptoms shall we .

Chukka Umanna has a revealing article on the way these gangs work.” Darren “ a member of a notorious gang explains the structure.

“ There are ‘Olders’ aged 20 plus ;youngers’ aged 16 to 19 and ‘tinies’ below that .The whole things operates as a surrogate family “.

Chuka reports that despite the MORI Poll claiming no more than 30% carry a knife 90 to 95% caught up in this culture do with frequent beatings(rushing) and violence revolving around “respect “ and “pride” .Can I throw in something else here . In America the very same Caribbean communities have not fallen into disrepair but are well known for a fierce work ethic often called black Jews by the indigenous ancestors of Plantation slaves .

So why should these “youngers” need a surrogate family , here, and why would they be disenagaged from school and economic advancement ? Why would they define themselves through tribal feuds and blood honour in a modern City .? It just screams at you doesn’t it ....
They need real families with real father and real aspirations garnered from a British culture that values achievement not behaving like ferrets in a bag. The Caribbean people came here with strong paternal and church based structures . They were self reliant and law abiding , they did not want “Black “ culture to the point it was elevated above the British tradition they admired . We sold them out. It was the collision of the culture of benefits and anti-father policies that left a vacuum and disastrous multiculturalism that kept it there . Yes there was racism to cope with too and it has been appalling at times , but a vast deal less than in the US where they thrived .Labour caused this problem and now they want to plaster over the cracks with platitudes and youth clubs .David Cameron is on the right track with his multigenerational ambition to out the family right .

Guardianistas see all this but cannot bear to say so . It would be to admit that at the very heart of their over-ripe doctrine is a wriggling maggot of error . The reason the gangs scramble for “respect “ is that they have no “self respect”. The reason they cannot succeed is that that are not allowed to fail, and the reason they invent macabre pseudo families is that we have destroyed the real one . Much of this goes for the underclass of whites too and it amuses me that behind much of the do-gooding is a latent racism so ingrained that it takes a Boris Johnson to detect it.

New look ( Same Old Moaner)

I have discovered how to change things I had to get someone to set this up for me in the first place and its taken about a year before I dared touch a button. I `ve gone for something easy to read , I hope , I don`t like fussy nonsense myself . On the other hand all the links and archives have leapt to the bottom of the page . I have no idea why.

As I do not have the time to blog having been defending Boris form the jackals I just thought I `d share an idea I had for a great sandwich.

Tyra Banks
Jane Russel

Now thats what I call tasty

( This is sort of a test really)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Black information link has assembled the politically incorrect crimes of Boris Johnson. This is the sort of thing.....

Today we can also reveal that Johnson claimed the Chinese had contributed nothing to cultural history. One of his articles, reprinted in the book Have I Got Views For You, asserted: “Chinese cultural influence is virtually nil. Indeed, high Chinese culture and art are almost all imitative of western forms: Chinese concert pianists are technically brilliant, but brilliant at Schubert and Rachmaninov. “Chinese ballerinas dance to the scores of Diaghilev. The number of Chinese Nobel prizes won on home turf is zero, although there are of course legions of bright Chinese trying to escape to Stanford and Caltech? It is hard to think of a single Chinese sport at the Olympics, compared with umpteen invented by Britain, including ping-pong, I?ll have you know, which originated at upper-class dinner tables and was first called whiff-whaff.” Johnson also ridiculed Islam with the following remark: “Islam will only be truly acculturated to our way of life when you could expect a Bradford audience to roll in the aisles at Monty Python’s Life of Mohammed.”

Shocking isn`t it . I suppose the Chinese might be offended but I suspect they would be more likely to respond with a confident assertion of the many achievements of the Chinese and why it is that in the end it has fallen under the cultural influence of the West. Provocative fun which was his job. His remarks on Islam are exceedingly mild in my view and the state of denial the politically correct are in ,is positively harmful.
One of the low points of the PC lobby was the refusal by the BBC to admit that AIDS in this country was chielfly spread by immigrant Africans who arrived infected. It is a fact. Instead of directing resources appropriately we ended up with a whole lot of pointless adverts about safe sex paid for by the tax payer and aimed at teenagers.

I `m all for being polite but not to the point where the truth is forgotten

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Location Location Education

Following the news that basic standards of literacy have declined to hitherto unknown levels and A levels are inflated by two levels I have been thinking about why Labour have failed so badly on their promise of " education education education"

Having eight different languages at a school doesn’t help which is certainly case around me.( That why the local Labour MPs send their children to Grammar schools ) The NUT have been resistant to setting and indeed almost any attempt to extract a performance and they are exceedingly strong in the Labour Party which values it so called public sector professionals . The first point is that like all the public institutions it has been allowed to fall into hopeless inefficiency by the guarantee of rewards for the most useless . All teachers know that a third of the staff would never hold down a real job and have long ago given up trying to attain increasingly degraded standards

It is quite astonishing that our educational system has been allowed to fall so badly behind comparable countries and especially when such enormous amounts of tax payers money has been squandered to no purpose . Labour have no understanding of the problem because they see people as economic units whereas education is at heart about imparting culture . How on earth would ignorant twitching barbarians know where to start with that , they deny its value , they see only class money and utility .

This is why under their stewardship the nature of education has not only declined but become shallow and bland,. Ancient history dropped , art dropped so exam crammers can be fitted in. They are happy for working families to cough up for another computer or a Lab, some more trips and so on . Schools in our area literally cannot think of what to buy next but this makes absolutely no difference . Good schools are delivered by supportive parents driven teachers disciplined pupils and good facilties in that order . This is to do with cultural capital which Labour ignore except when choosing schools for their children

Typically the end result have been fixed with A levels being worth about two grades below the mark awarded. Silly little Nu lab wonks thinks that tables and performance charts are the answer well that would be because the little twerps think it is difficult for any school to pass its tests. It is childishly simple and that is because tests have to take account of such varying intake . Teachers like it that way.

Education education education turned into location location location and if the Brown Blair period needs an epitaph that would be a good start. In the meantime it has allowed their fellow travelling chums to pretend to use the state system by buying houses near elite comps like the two slimy gimps Millibands from the prat factory in a leafy suburb near you.

It is essential in my view that the Conservative Party gets education right and I have been disappointed that the only Party having any sort of genuine debate about it is called by the BBC and its enemies “ divided”. It is not divided ;both views of Grammars have some sense to them and both are about trying to close to chasmic class divide that suit’s the Labour victim tourists so well. What would the stuttering patricians Benn and Toynbee have to sell their books without a good supply of failed “product”.

Education is about love for learning and a sense of the value of structure and tradition. Under Labour we will continue to become a country that watches big brother
on benefits

Because I have loved life......

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die ( Amelai Burr) and life is easy to love on a sunny day
When the fat cat headline refers to our over- fed felines( again) we know the Summer holidays are well and truly with us and the news is a thin gruel you can just about live on . I’m having a little break from politics and taking gentle meander by the scenic route
How delightful it is that Hitler after a hard day’s genocide would relax , no doubt with a bagel , and listen to Jewish composers (revealed today). Andy Warhol whose retrospective in Edinburgh I would love to see filled his flat with Italian Renaissance work .Hypocrite? No I don’t think so .Architects of the 60s blighted the urban landscape with hideous modernity and lived in delightful Georgian splendour in Surrey but I see Andy Warhol as better than that. He shared the ambition of the masters in a different time like TS Eliot , a modern poet intensely concerned with tradition . Conservatism like art and poetry looks to the past but it does not copy it .

What is the distinctive modern art. Well amongst other things it is the ubiquitous tattoo. I laughed like a drain at the picture of someone who had CHOISE misspelt on his back in large black letters. My father had a tattoo from his days in the army . It said “ La donna e mobile. Femme change souvent” how true ... By the time I saw it ,it had a fascinating weather beaten patina and was cool . They don’t all age so well thought and when I was trying to think of a good subject for a tribal marking of my own there was nothing I felt I could live with. Davina Mcall tells us she is going to get another tattoo at 40 she “already has alien on her bottom “ . If she had “desperate “ on her forehead it might be apposite.

I `m glad I resisted the urge its so final , as if you could sum up everything about yourself in a word of a symbol. The time for that of there is a time is on the gravestone and the one I like the one I saw recently. It was simple and I would be happy to remembered this way

“ He was such fun”

What would be your epitaph?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Cameron`s Tactics are Working

Tories ahead in the key marginals says New Statesman editor...

New Statesman editor John Kampfner says the Tories have been quietly pouring money into the crucial marginal seats which could decide the outcome of the next General Election.Under the headline: The Tories are still ahead in the real election battleground, he writes in today's Guardian that while Cameron's Conservatives currently appear to be in a mess, much of their campaigning work with the swing voters in key marginal seats is going on below the radar. Kampfner says after the Tory panic in reaction to the Brown bounce, the smartest money will be on an improvement once the new political season opens in September...

Its interesting isn`t it because everything that Cameron has done that has created strains in the Party has been aimed at the 800,000 people who actually decide the election. Money will not have been making any difference but thats Kampfner who is a a bought and paid for Brown-nose . What is perfectly plausible is that Brown has been responding to the Daily Mail ( which he has ), and not to the Liberal centre. There is an important group of voters in this country who regard your ability to impress the Mail as in inverse proportion to your desirability as a Prime-minister. Its a damn site closer than the gross figures make it look and the bounce cannot last.

Black Issues or White Guilt

This weekend in sickening episode of political cynicism Livingstone cheerleaders dragged out the corpse of Stephen Lawrence onto the stage courtesy of his duped mother . It was a transparent ruse to hang the material they had gleaned for studying Boris Johnson’s 20 years of journalism Their booty was the fact that he and used the word ‘picanninnies’. In fact he has used it often and always with the intention of lampooning the Liberal Imperial pretensions of the Blair /Brown mis-government also for its comic implausibility.
. I think it was a slight linguistic impoliteness but its hardly surprising that given the volume of material he has written they found something . Such trifling matters as context have ceased to worry the Toynbee traitors who long ago traded integrity for sinecures at the BBC and they will try to misrepresent Boris, a kind and thoughtful man, and on this flimsy and thoroughly meretricious basis .

The politically correct exotica that crept out of the darkness to yip included hypocrites like “Fairdealphil” who shows his progressive underwear from the all white fastness of Lincolnshire where he innocently dodders . Other haters of the white English were delighted to point out that London was 40% black and so Boris was dished so I decided to have a look into the ethnicity of London .
. London does indeed have the highest proportion of people from minority ethnic groups in the country apart from more who identified themselves as of Pakistani origin. Black Caribbeans form more than ten per cent of the population of the London boroughs of Lewisham, Lambeth, Brent and Hackney. Over ten per cent of Southwark, Newham, Lambeth and Hackney are Black African. More than two per cent of people describe themselves as Other Black in Hackney, Lambeth and Lewisham. I have to say that’s not the way it feels when you walk down the street but perhaps the fact that The largest proportions of people of Mixed origin are in London explains the reality gap. The dominant group by a very long way however remains the white British.
The ethnic minority populations are in general concentrated in the large urban centres, with nearly half 45.7% living in the London region.78% of Black Africans live in London 61% of Black Caribbeans live in London ,54% of Bangladeshis live in London (within the boroughs of Camden and Tower Hamlets) there is great variation though The whitest place in Greater London, with a population of 94.8% White British, is the ward of Cranham, on the eastern edge of Havering . while the least white place in London - by far - is Southall Broadway, where just 8.7% of the population consider themselves White British.
The 40 % figure is this “40% of Londoners belong to a minority ethnic group, including the White Other and White Irish groups.” This is not 40% black however but contains , for example Chinese , French and a rapidly growing mixed population
The overall picture then is not of a black city but a diverse City in which Blacks form a cohesive and dominant part in patches , the problem is not in fact these groups whose voting patterns are in any case unlikely to be crucial but in the wide Liberal “ Progressive” vote who actually turn up to put their cross down in local elections and the perception amongst the white working classes that Boris is old fashioned and a toff. The wounded feelings of the blacks are ammunition only. The guilty feelings of the rich whites and the class envy of the poor whites are the real prize and I wonder how good an idea this is for the leftv Lord Haw Haws .London is not yet a foreign country although it does feel as if it is and this sort of bourgeois alignment with communities may alienate as many as it attracts . There are real problems for Labour in Barking and the BNP`s progress at Sedgefield was an unpleasant under current .

On thing is certain , inflaming racial hatred to attract Liberals shows us that the fight is not at all between black and white or rich and poor . It is between Good and evil.

PS Having spoke to various people about the statistics I have from government sources I must reiterate that nmy own impression that there was a wild dissonnance between the facts and the figures has been repeated. Just to throw something out there, I would be pretty suprised if that 40% was not in fact closer to 70% nowadays
What the hell is going on!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dale Acknowledges Mediocrity

I have no idea why but I am , apparently going to be in this book of bloggers with a bit of blurb . I submitted my excrutiating tract of false modesty just now ? Wonder if I`ll get in. This was my effort but I think Dale butchers them anayway.

Once upon a time Newmania was the orb about which the stars wheeled .His food and comfort were attended to as if he were a god ; and it was right . Sadly , this cushy number ended on the Third of October 1963 when he was born by emergency caesarean .Today he is a face on the tube amongst the countless souls ’ like petals on a wet, black bough‘. He eeks a pittance from Insurance and lives with his family in Islington. Part Pooter and part Prufcock his spirit has resisted its altered circumstances and consequently the wolf is so often at the door he leaves it milk and biscuits. He attended St. Albans School ( Direct Grant ) , and studied English , a bit , at Newcastle University where he did ok.
Turning to politics , Islington Council are to blame . In an act of wretched perfidy they robbed this proud warrior of his ancient lands aka his parking space .A long correspondence paid for ,no doubt, by the fines newmania “cheerfully” paid ,prompted our hero to join the Conservative party, aged 39. He was soon grand Poo-bah of something or other , running for the Council and infesting the local Paper`s letters page . From there it was a swift step to boring his wife rigid about the moral deficiencies of the Labour Party .
Bursting upon the blogasphere like a slight change of humidity he is well known the ‘dainty refinement ’ of his arguments and the ‘courtly deference’ shown to others . He occupies that undervalued position of “ just another one” , giving generously of his employers time commenting in the sphere. It has even been whispered …( Gasp), that supply of newmania, exceeds demand . I know I know ..scandalous
Newmania has been an instinctive Conservative since the Unions put the lights out but as a long time non combatant he has abroad range of interests arts, music sex humour business but ,chiefly ladies and gentlemen, himself. If his blog has a settled purpose it is only that he like all the other working family men in England feels excluded not only from political life but from all public life . Blogging has allowed one more tree that would otherwise have fallen unheard ,to fall with a crack on some deserving New Labour skulls .
Newmania would like to thanks all the forced metaphors and trite conceits that have made this blurb possible ..I love you guys !!

Hmm . Odd


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