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Black information link has assembled the politically incorrect crimes of Boris Johnson. This is the sort of thing.....

Today we can also reveal that Johnson claimed the Chinese had contributed nothing to cultural history. One of his articles, reprinted in the book Have I Got Views For You, asserted: “Chinese cultural influence is virtually nil. Indeed, high Chinese culture and art are almost all imitative of western forms: Chinese concert pianists are technically brilliant, but brilliant at Schubert and Rachmaninov. “Chinese ballerinas dance to the scores of Diaghilev. The number of Chinese Nobel prizes won on home turf is zero, although there are of course legions of bright Chinese trying to escape to Stanford and Caltech? It is hard to think of a single Chinese sport at the Olympics, compared with umpteen invented by Britain, including ping-pong, I?ll have you know, which originated at upper-class dinner tables and was first called whiff-whaff.” Johnson also ridiculed Islam with the following remark: “Islam will only be truly acculturated to our way of life when you could expect a Bradford audience to roll in the aisles at Monty Python’s Life of Mohammed.”

Shocking isn`t it . I suppose the Chinese might be offended but I suspect they would be more likely to respond with a confident assertion of the many achievements of the Chinese and why it is that in the end it has fallen under the cultural influence of the West. Provocative fun which was his job. His remarks on Islam are exceedingly mild in my view and the state of denial the politically correct are in ,is positively harmful.
One of the low points of the PC lobby was the refusal by the BBC to admit that AIDS in this country was chielfly spread by immigrant Africans who arrived infected. It is a fact. Instead of directing resources appropriately we ended up with a whole lot of pointless adverts about safe sex paid for by the tax payer and aimed at teenagers.

I `m all for being polite but not to the point where the truth is forgotten


Anonymous said...

N -

No, not so shocking, really. I suspect the three most important words in the first line of the quote are "influence", "cultural", and "virtually".

The role of Chinese culture within China is the question. It's the role of Chinese culture in the West, i.e., its influence outside of China.

Second is "culture". Yes, the Chinese have given us gunpowder, tea, porcelain, banknotes and so on. But these are technological innovations. All of them have a role in our culture, but it is the role we have assigned them, not the role they had in China.

And finally there is "virtually". It cannot be denied that there are a few things we have adopted wholesale from the Chinese. Think of all those chinoiserie patterns that have been so popular in architecture, porcelain, art, etc. But taken overall, the traffic is pretty much one way - from West to East.

Anonymous said...


The role of Chinese culture within China is not the question."

Ed said...

Hmm I'm not sure I see the merit in being gratuitously offensive though. If something has a point, such the Monty Python thing then fine, but to slag off the whole of Chinese culture? What is the point?

Boris just ends up giving fuel for the fire of those who say he is an idiot or a racist.

Anonymous said...

Boris just ends up giving fuel for the fire of those who say he is an idiot or a racist.

You're right. And up to point I agree. Momma didn't raise her boy to be no ill-mannered lout.

But I'm also increasingly convinced that there's no percentage to be had from trying to avoid any and all accusations of racism.

Just as one can be the object of an offensive statement and laugh it off, refusing to take offense when it's given, one can also go looking for offense and take it when none was offered.

There is something understandable, if not always commendable, in the urge to chuck aside the whole PC business, state the facts as they are and devil take the hindmost.

Newmania said...

Boris just ends up giving fuel for the fire of those who say he is an idiot or a racist.

Well it was a piece of jounalism from ages ago expressed as hyperbole.

Lud- Boris is attacking the fake Western cultural cringe and he hits the mark. As a poltician of course you would not say such things but he was and is a jounalist. Whether these two things can be combined I do`nt know

I will support him though

Ed said...

I agree, and there are also probably (unfortunately) lots of votes to be won by being overtly racist.

But surely telling it how it is on a domestic matter and slagging off an entire country? Telling Muslims that their beliefs are "backward"? You might gain a few votes from white supremacists but lose thousands from people who are put off by that kind of attitude.

Ed said...

Well it was a piece of jounalism from ages ago expressed as hyperbole.

Yes, but. I think there comes a point when perhaps too many "hyperbolic" articles add up to an overall impression...

I still want him to be mayor, but perhaps he should come out and explain/rebut/whatever to clear the slate?

Newmania said...

I think you have to accept that Boris is poltically incorrect and he was not talking as Mayor at the time. If the Conservtaive Party go with him it has to be on that basis.

I think he may feel he can`t be bothered and go back to Henley.

Steven_L said...

Have you read BLINK's own survey on the opinions of British Muslims?

"92.5% of respondents feel that Israel is a terrorist state."

"Over 81% of Muslims questioned, believed the war on terror is a war on Islam."

"61.2% of respondents see the main reason for the increased threat of terrorism as the British Government's foreign policy."

BLINK operate under a system of double standards, whereby only they and their allies are allowed to comment on matters relating to non-white people, yet they are allowed a whole 'Black Manifesto' in which to slag of our country.

Newmania said...

Bloody hell Steven I had no idea it was that bad and the thing is there a loads of black people who have nothing to do with this world and yet they claim to speak for them

Steven_L said...

BLINK promote segregation of balck and white people in the workplace and education too. I did a post on it:

Now I'm not one for calling people racist unless they actually advocate 'send them all home' or boycott corner shops. To me telling or laughing at a racist jokes does not make you racist.

I've lived in England and Wales, in England we take the piss out of the Welsh and in Wales I put up with people taking the piss out of me. We all love each other really it's just we like to take the piss and it's human to stereotype.

Now BLINK on the other hand campaign for racial segragation, apartheid basically, to me they are the racists.

They also campaign for more press censorship and seem quite keen on trying to police the English langauge.

Just claiming to speak for 'the black community' is racist enough, but we've gone so far down this route now.

I used to work for Camden council who had a 'black workers organisation', set up by black workers, some black people seem to want to organise their own apartheid.

I wish sensible Tory voting black folk would say more about this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he

"made horrendous political blunders"

"remains entirely capable of blowing the race despite a strong poll lead"

"Played out his personal life in public" and to full camera raising the spectre of sleaze

"Has unwisely focussed on the need for radical reform of the socially sensitive issues of immigration, the welfare state, and foreign policy"

"been accused of racism, homophobia, stupidity, Xenophobia"

been accused of "inflammatory statements"

of "adding fuel to the fire"

"Of staking out the right of the political field, excelling at outrageous macho statements"

"He criticises the immigrants' lobbies"

Opposes cultural relativism and believes human rights, freedom, and democracy are universal values to which all human beings aspire.

Has been accused of exploiting his immigrant origins and even irrationally labelled "The American"


And more. Little wonder then that Ken & Co are petrified of our dear Boris and thrashing in all directions in their tired and weary attempt to smear him.

Yet the crass fools twit only themselves. These attempted smears will massively backfire on Ken and the left, just as Royal and co's smear campaign against Sarkozy only helped hoisted him higher in the public's esteem.

Vive Boris! We love you, Boz, and you are going to win.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

That is fascinating Steven, I rmeber you said you were going to be in Camden at some point. Well well.

Flo what a superb comment I `m going to steal it and put it up on Dale . The basic point is that Boris`s job was as an irreverent writer and unless you have to mind your mannners from the womb anyone worthwhile is bound to have said soemthings they regret some things they might rephrase some things taken out of context

I certianly have

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, newmania

Was an author and journalist which, as we all know, can NEVER be compatible with a successful career as a politician

Auntie Flo

Newmania said...

Flo I never really appreciated what a wonder you are.. quite superb..( I `ll steal that to)


Steven L also on great form actually

Anonymous said...

Also forgot to add

He was accused of being a divisive candidate and was said to be incapable of unifying the diverse peoples of his constituency.

He was also accused of starting a riot with alleged inflamatory statements, yet he, of course, was merely in the thick of it in order to sort it out.

Auntie Flo'

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