Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Location Location Education

Following the news that basic standards of literacy have declined to hitherto unknown levels and A levels are inflated by two levels I have been thinking about why Labour have failed so badly on their promise of " education education education"

Having eight different languages at a school doesn’t help which is certainly case around me.( That why the local Labour MPs send their children to Grammar schools ) The NUT have been resistant to setting and indeed almost any attempt to extract a performance and they are exceedingly strong in the Labour Party which values it so called public sector professionals . The first point is that like all the public institutions it has been allowed to fall into hopeless inefficiency by the guarantee of rewards for the most useless . All teachers know that a third of the staff would never hold down a real job and have long ago given up trying to attain increasingly degraded standards

It is quite astonishing that our educational system has been allowed to fall so badly behind comparable countries and especially when such enormous amounts of tax payers money has been squandered to no purpose . Labour have no understanding of the problem because they see people as economic units whereas education is at heart about imparting culture . How on earth would ignorant twitching barbarians know where to start with that , they deny its value , they see only class money and utility .

This is why under their stewardship the nature of education has not only declined but become shallow and bland,. Ancient history dropped , art dropped so exam crammers can be fitted in. They are happy for working families to cough up for another computer or a Lab, some more trips and so on . Schools in our area literally cannot think of what to buy next but this makes absolutely no difference . Good schools are delivered by supportive parents driven teachers disciplined pupils and good facilties in that order . This is to do with cultural capital which Labour ignore except when choosing schools for their children

Typically the end result have been fixed with A levels being worth about two grades below the mark awarded. Silly little Nu lab wonks thinks that tables and performance charts are the answer well that would be because the little twerps think it is difficult for any school to pass its tests. It is childishly simple and that is because tests have to take account of such varying intake . Teachers like it that way.

Education education education turned into location location location and if the Brown Blair period needs an epitaph that would be a good start. In the meantime it has allowed their fellow travelling chums to pretend to use the state system by buying houses near elite comps like the two slimy gimps Millibands from the prat factory in a leafy suburb near you.

It is essential in my view that the Conservative Party gets education right and I have been disappointed that the only Party having any sort of genuine debate about it is called by the BBC and its enemies “ divided”. It is not divided ;both views of Grammars have some sense to them and both are about trying to close to chasmic class divide that suit’s the Labour victim tourists so well. What would the stuttering patricians Benn and Toynbee have to sell their books without a good supply of failed “product”.

Education is about love for learning and a sense of the value of structure and tradition. Under Labour we will continue to become a country that watches big brother
on benefits


Ed said...

It's all about diversity rather than homogeneity. Let parents find a school which suits their children rather than the other way around. Blair began to realise this (too late) and Brown still thinks that the uniform comprehensive is still the best model (he probably went to a good one so cannot imagine there to be any bad ones).

City Academies are good but we need lots more and they are expensive. Better yet would be to let local councils decide how to run the schools that way different models can be tried by different councils.

Really radical though would be to set every state school free from government control and just let the system evolve. The taxpayer would still pay, but the headteachers and governors could choose how to run the show.

Newmania said...

It's all about diversity rather than homogeneity

I disagree but its late

Anonymous said...

Ed said:

Brown still thinks that the uniform comprehensive is still the best model (he probably went to a good one so cannot imagine there to be any bad ones).

No, James Gordon Brown had an acadmic hothouse ed at Kirkcaldy High School, an elite school in the superb Scots ed system - where his father was rector.

Although his place of birth is given as Glasgow (the maternity hospital there?) it's also given as Giffnock, a small town in Renfrewshire, where his Brown grandparents and ancestors came from.

I just had a look at the 1851 census for Giffnock - and look what turned up:

James Hardie Brown Age: 14
Occupation: Scholar
ED: Fettes College
Where born: Giffnock, Renfrewshire
Registration Number: 685/1
Registration district: St George
Civil Parish: Edinburgh Dean
County: Midlothian
Address: Comely Bank


Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that census was the 1901, not 1851, just double checked. A possible candidate for grandfather or great grandfather?

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Thats fascinating Flo , its was a Grammar school ineffect wasn`t it

Anonymous said...

I think it was a very superior grammar school, newmania. One of my ex's was a Scot and our time in Scotland confirmed for me his views that the Scots education system was - not sure if it still is, though I suspect so - hugely superior to the English one.

Though wee Broon would undoubtedly have had a leg up thanks to his elitist background (no son of a humble manse he)and his father's position in the school, the superb nature of the school and staunch Scots academic and behavioural discipline would have been a major factor in his academic achievement.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

I got 3 As and a B at A level. If I got 2 grades higher what would I get?

Just showing off...

I have one child in a City Academy and one in a grammar school...

Newmania said...

Thanbks FLo I wonder how many exes you have and I really truly envy every one of them.

Mutley I have always thought you were very clever, some of your writing is brilliant...I couldn`t do it whereas I could easily do a Dale if I had the time

flashgordonnz said...

Pardon? Who wants to do Dale?

Newmania said...

Iain Dale is a golden adonis of man and I am sure lots of people want to do him. Not me however but only on irrational lines based on gendre discrimination in favour of women

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Ian Dale? Is he over 40 and stalkable? Should I be informed?

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