Monday, August 06, 2007

Cameron`s Tactics are Working

Tories ahead in the key marginals says New Statesman editor...

New Statesman editor John Kampfner says the Tories have been quietly pouring money into the crucial marginal seats which could decide the outcome of the next General Election.Under the headline: The Tories are still ahead in the real election battleground, he writes in today's Guardian that while Cameron's Conservatives currently appear to be in a mess, much of their campaigning work with the swing voters in key marginal seats is going on below the radar. Kampfner says after the Tory panic in reaction to the Brown bounce, the smartest money will be on an improvement once the new political season opens in September...

Its interesting isn`t it because everything that Cameron has done that has created strains in the Party has been aimed at the 800,000 people who actually decide the election. Money will not have been making any difference but thats Kampfner who is a a bought and paid for Brown-nose . What is perfectly plausible is that Brown has been responding to the Daily Mail ( which he has ), and not to the Liberal centre. There is an important group of voters in this country who regard your ability to impress the Mail as in inverse proportion to your desirability as a Prime-minister. Its a damn site closer than the gross figures make it look and the bounce cannot last.


electro-kevin said...

I don't believe this figure of 800,000 being the major influencing body in the country and if so ... we're in the doo-doo.

If Cameron is gunning for the 800k then shame on him and what a betrayal of grassroot support.

Imagine the turnout and landslide on the following manifesto:

- bring back corporal punishment
- scrap the Human Rights Act
- a moratorium on immigration
- mass expulsion of illegals
- construction of six new prisons
- community service to mean clearing litter and grafitti
- repeal of no-win no-fee litigation
- curtailment of welfare payments
- withdrawal from Iraq/Afghanistan
- repeal of PACE,
- get police back on the beat
- Sack half of judges, police chiefs
- restore discipline in schools
- Bring back the three Rs
- restore 'O' levels 'A'levels
- restore pensions
- referendum on the EU constitution ... and on.

We all know the package that would win a landslide and with the support of a good many ethnic Brits too.

Are the Tories going to do any of this ? Nope.

They're more interested in satisfying minority opinion and that is why I (as a former life-long Tory voter) hope they never get power again.

Anonymous said...

Remember the last election and the hoo-ha over the Conservatives' use of "dog whistle" policy statements? It was, apparently, a strategy borrowed from the US Republicans .

OK, so where is the indignation over Brown's similar policies?

Let's face it - Blair's New Labour project appealed mainly to an urban, university-educated, middle-class elite. There's no surprise then that large parts of the old Labour party felt they were disenfranchised. For them, the government was skewed in favour of immigrants and foreign cultures and away from indigenous British values. No wonder the largest recruiting ground for the BNP was traditional Labour, amongst whom 35% list the BNP as their second choice.

But what happens when Brown becomes PM? We have British jobs for British people, British homes for British people, British flags flying over government buildings and, now, stronger border police.

What is this but "dog whistle" politics aimed at reclaiming the roots Labour voters? Why is our media not coming down on this in the same way they did on the Conservatives' "dog whistle" policies?

Newmania said...

EK there isn`t much there I don`t like the sound of but mostly you are dealing with crime which is only part of the story.

Newmania said...

Lud - Thats a very good point IMHO the Mail and the DT have both been very soft on Brown for these reasons but in fact the posturing is all fraud.

I must say its something of a mystery to me why brown is getting such an easy time , is it the sheer loathing of Blair ? There are very clear contradictions in hi poltical position and supposed aims .

I cannot believe they will fall for it

electro-kevin said...

Well immigration is linked to the high cost of housing and the collapse of services and infrastructure.

No win no fee is linked to the destruction of our culture.

Welfare and educational standards are linked to our lack of competitiveness in areas outside the square mile.

Pensions addresses the grave injustice meted to the productive classes by an arrogant elite.

The EU constitution is linked to our National autonomy ...

... as is the withdrawal from an ill concieved war in Iraq

and then I added the elipses '...and on' to convey that I understood that I was offering a partial manifesto.

Wishy-washy it ain't. Wishy-washy Cameron patently is.

Anonymous said...

Mr N and EK, crime? There is a village here where I live that had no reported crimes last year. My own village had barely any... Britain is not the inner city you know..

istanbultory said...

Solid post, N.
Traditional Tory supporters will remember the words of Norman Tebbit when he was Chairman of the party, i.e. "loyalty" was their secret weapon. David Cameron deserves the absolute support and commitment of the party he was elected to lead.
Yes, we need a Tory agenda. Yes we need lower taxes, smaller government, localised decsion making for health, education and policing, better border protection, and above all to shed the yoke of Europe, but most of all we have to win the next election. Cameron sees the big picture. Granted he has made mistakes, but his greatest mistake would be to give up now and revert to the formula which has lost the last three elections.
If DC wasn't upsetting a few people right now, that would probably mean he was doing something wrong.

Newmania said...

Thanks IT and it is vital win or not that the fight is maintained at close quarters . Brown given a free hand is a very different thing to Brown having signed away his rights to tax and import socialism .

On Europe every day my disbelief grows . How could they ?

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