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The Nazi In Me

Something I have sometimes wondered is what I would have done if I was in Germany when Hitler was coming to power. Would I have resisted , would I have been an enthusiastic Party member? Of course you can be too literal about it and start talking about how you have been a different sort of person but the sort of questions I am thinking are these.

1 I hate socialism and would I have hated them so much as to have been prepared to ally with anyone?
2 Would my inability to agree with anyone have triumphed over my fond regard for uniforms and sneaky admiration for the human spirit in action. , at war.
3 Would the patriotism I posses have been able to define itself away from the vision of the country that was prevalent.
4 Would the dangerous romantic appeal of fascism have infected me?
5 What about the legendary magnetism of the man himself.

There is a lot about fascism that is attractive if you can concieve of not knowing what we do know now about the way it went and it is ridiculous to imagine that the Germans were people unlike ourselves entirely. Students were notably enthusiastic, Doctors were keen ,as were women as generalisation, so it can be counter intuitive. I like to imagine that having never agreed with anyone for long in my life sheer bloody mindedness would have saved me but we cannot know .

What about anyone else , what in your character might have succumbed and what do you hope would have kept you sane. ? Can you confront and understand the Nazi in you ?

Whats The Tory Election Glory ?

Not in Coatbridge by the look of it .

THE Conservative candidate standing in Coatbridge may well have upset the town’s large Irish community - because he said Britain will one day rule Ireland again and the Irish will be slaves.
Teenager Ross Thomson is fighting his first election battle for the Tories but has sparked a major political row in the town which claims to have the largest Irish presence in Scotland.
The 19-year-old Politics and International Relations student tried to distance himself from the comments when the Advertiser approached him.
He said: “I have an Irish friend, from Cork in the Republic of Ireland and it’s an ongoing joke. I don’t seriously believe that Ireland should be ruled by Britain. I don’t seriously believe the Irish should be slaves.
“These comments were never intended for public consumption. I really am disappointed you are doing this to me.”

It appears he was mucking around on a blog and it was all taken out of context. I `m sorry but I really cannot excuse this behaviour and I trust he will be disciplined by the Party,….( snicker)..

Good luck to the all the fine Conservative Candidates and confusion to the enemy .

Don`t Get Me Started

Its conceivable that there are people out there who do not devour stupid stories like little spicy comestibles , but I will never understand them . When all day it has been ‘Browne rent boy shame’ I have been fixated by the fate of Val Temple’s amusing confections named Robin Tarts and Miss Piggy cakes . Councillors of Weymouth felt that the vendor was implying the presence of real Robin meat and Miss Piggy Cake was woefully lacking in Pork although it did sport an amusing sugar pig .I can only assume there is some EU maggot at the centre of this apple but Mrs V was , of course, purveying a Muppet themed novelty snack adding , she hoped, a little levity to the culinary experience.. She should have known better. Ivan Hancock Dorset County Council’s trading Standards a Officer has made even more of a twerp of himself by defending his prescription the basis that ..oh god life’s too short…..

We haven’t heard a lot about Political correctness for a while and strictly speaking this is not its pure form which refers to such occasions as a women being ordered to remove her porcelain pigs on the grounds they would upset Muslims ( True) . This is just the regulatory incontinences that afflicts our supine nation. Nonetheless it is part of the unholy Trinity of ,elf-an-safety , PC madness and , victimisis. All symptoms of the same malaise. The smallest idiocy is like the cough Mimi lets out at the beginning of La Boheme . You know bloody well she is going to die tragically of consumption from the off and these small *coughs* are similarly ominous . So I say , we should not be sneered out of pointing out fingers and shouting “ Stranger Stranger “ when each alien incursion into our Liberties creeps up like a Catholic Priest on a choirboy. It’s a game of who blinks first and I do not intend to let any of this polluting offal rot down into acceptability without bitching for England every step of the way.

In this spirit of cussed resistance lets have wander through the surreal garden of PC Britain pausing to scoff as we pass the macabre exhibits.

Life on Mars was generally agreed to be good quality toffee but not for some . For the self flagellating Chris Keates ( Gen Sec of a Teaching Union ) the use of such terms as “ Fairy Boy” was tantamount to a homophobic pogrom complete with burning torches and pitchforks.
Torbay Councillor Colin Carwood has required the removal of Torbay’s delightfully optimistic Palm trees because ..wait for it ..” What if one for those leaves caught a child in the eye” . Quite seriously he said “ it’s a bit like keeping tigers lovely to watch but you wouldn’t want them prowling the street “. .Logicians will spot the error here .. It is not like keeping Tigers . I could pass on to the lack of adequate secure accommodation for the cerebrally challenged here but manfully I`ll resist.

In Islington we used to have fireworks nights and I was looking forward to talking my young son to his first bonfire . Sadly it is now to expensive thanks to the efforts of dodgy briefs cashing in on the blame bonanza New Labour have so carefully tended . There is an answer though. In llfracocmbe Devon 3000 people turned up in 2006 to watch a big screen virtual bonfire. Sounds …um.. Boring .

There was jubilation when Lord Justice Baker saved a village fair by kicking out a claim from a rancid oldster blaming the hole the Maypole was in , for his broken leg. The green was saved from becoming solely a venue for drug dealing vandalism and the usual hobbies of the rural wasteland. Gymkhanas , concerts , and many more of those occasions s on which people .met out of pure joy have been crushed under the wheel of limitless Liability. Small stuff ? Is it when our public spaces are echoing vaults of alienation and loneliness and nihilistic self destruction

Miss Katharine Tofei (38) got £1350,000 from Bonk Paribas ( sorry little bro used to work there ), because of a “Culture of sexism” . Well that’s good work if you can get it . She was apparently asked “ To take a client our because he fancied her “ ..Oh disaster. What unique and dreadful suffering and just look at the money. Such is the paranoia of men in the teaching profession that they are obliged to join the NUT because of the legal fund they have against Paedophile accusations. Lovely Boris pointed out that it has come to the point when even bumping into a child can cause difficulties . No wonder we cannot get enough male teachers with the inevitable effect on the discipline of young boys. Everywhere everything is someone’s fault and someone has to pay. Establish a victim be it child or woman and then all sense is politely requested to leave the table and make use of the ivory inlaid pistol provided.

More seriously teaching the holocaust facts has been quietly dropped in case it is “ too upsetting” .
I`ll be mummy and pass out the translation shall I ? . This means that some Muslims have threatened to create mayhem and we all know what bureaucrats given a choice between right or easy .. Publicly funded Student bodies ( Star) attempted to ruin the career of David Coleman the Oxford demographic Professor and spokesperson for migration watch . They smeared him with the suggestions of “Racism “ of course , thereby seeking to hide government lies both about the number and contribution of immigrants . Inestimable says Broon , “A Mars bar a month”, says the Professor ,who happens to be right . Ethnic diversity quotas are imposed in the name of some misconceived social engineering project leading in one case to the relocation of 80 jobs from Northants to Leicester because the people of “ Corby “ were too white Thus the trivial blink soon fades into a palpable step backwards . PC Anthony Mulhall was dragged through a mangle because he had the brazen temerity to use force to apprehend a black woman resisting arrest . ‘Miss Cromer lives with her two year old son on benefits’ she was drunk , wildly abusive and physically frenzied. To her great credit Beverly Jameson coordinator of the South Yorkshire Black Police association showed a sort of loyalty we used to take for granted . She explained that the CCTV footage in total showed a man doing his job and that race was irrelevant. Why then was he suspended ? Its because the police have become politicised and driven entirely by illusory goals and “Image” requirements and image is to do with political correctness.
I was infuriated by “ Rachel of North London bleating on about Patrick Mercer’s sacking . “ I know him? “she name-dropped . What she cannot understand is that her Liberal cant is exactly the reason a somewhat ill considered remark is now a non negotiable political capital offence. Cameron had no choice so now is the time to admit something we the British Public are implicated in the whole tawdry circus of the blame game . So in thrall are many of us we do not even notice our mental slavery. Wake up Neo ..wake up. “!

There are paradoxes ;John James, 37, obtained £15000 for being accused of selling drugs . It was a mistake , he was innocent but because he was black he claimed discrimination and pocketed a handy bonus for standing around in Mac Donalds. What are the police to do certain sorts if crimes are overwhelmingly committed by black men , naturally thy are going to fall under increased levels of suspicion. Mr. James, a fireman, admitted that he understood the problems although he was shaken by the experience.£ 250000 was spent on two underground workers /( Rozza and Cooney ) who allegedly made racist jokes with the black jelly baby in the jelly baby packet. The victim soi disant was a friend and remained so . Do you notice that many black people do not want this patronising special treatment ? Oh how the Liberal worms hate that

The BBC is the very lair of the Mantioch . It ran twenty four hours of ‘Britain is Police State ’ when Plod released two suspects of a plot to behead a British Muslim Soldier It suppressed a report showing their Middle East coverage to be anti Semitic this week. Notably there many previous loaded reports showing no bias were loudly crowed about It is also pro IRA. On its history web site it fails to mention the IRA kill people whereas the UVF are described as vicious with numbers of victims , quite rightly, enumerated . I maintain that allowing this lie to go unchallenged is part of a battle that goes down to being able to eat foi gras in spite of the efforts of Ben Bradshaw the Animal Welfare minister ( The what !) to ban it . Silly ? Today there has been a round up of animal right terrorists who have taken the extra step and not only hate our country but also our species..

I `m on a roll now. Look out ……. Safety rules for children` playgrounds send them to building sites looking for risks , children’s books are produced about super heroes saving the world from climate change. Girl Guides are offered advice on safe sex, Talking on a hands free mobile in a car is an offence , why ? Christmas is renamed winter party while sharia law ,forced marriage and honour killing are ignored because if misguided cultural relativism a closely related condition to victimisis. Muslim extremists are given the same airtime as elected politicians in a free democracy And the Christmas message on Channel 4 was to be delivered from behind a Burqa. Poppy day is not yet banned but it is ignored in London and the bloody Conservative Party commissioned list of British great omitting Churchill

School sport has fallen into dilapidation because someone might lose ,or more to the point hurt themselves. Then the working classes are hounded about their obese children. Gay rights trump all other cards be it the prudent placement of adoptive children or religious belief. Books are forced on schools including such edifying titles as “ The sissy Duckling and Daddy’s new Roomate “.

Why why why do we allow this death by a thousand cuts to be inflicted ion this country .Peter Hitchens speculates that the War was to blame . We were beaten if not invaded and the slow humiliation up to Suez sucked out soul leaving a painful void . This gap has been filled by a sort of twisted religion of self loathing congregating about the BBC George Orwell was right about this elite “ They would rather steal from a poor box than stand to attention during God Save The King”. It is largely the state the legal profession and the BBC but other protected monopolies like the BMA are often willing acolytes. It is at work at high level and low level where at least the enthusiasm of the novices at Council level can be seen.

Newcastle City Coucil banned staff from saying pet and hinny , Blackpool taxi drivers were prevented from flaunting the cross of St. George . Boys clubs are closed for not allowing girls in and is the nadir the removal of a novelty picture of a monkey from a Barnsley Council Art Gallery on the grounds that it was “ Offensive and demeaning to animals “? Finally Kirklees Council staff were prevented from using the term “Politically Correct “.
You know what I should never have started with Mrs Temples Muppet Tarts it seems to have had a Madelaine effect but we must draw a line and why not now before we lose out sanity. Miss Piggy cake lacks Pork ?
Well resquiat in pace
shepherds pie I guess , and much else besides

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good Luck Arsenal This Weekend

Loads of bull but absolutely no treble whatsoever

Sex Sex and More Sex

Iain Dale has been discussing shame in the context of the Browne Rent Boy scandal and he was talking about the old fashioned sense of shame that has , for the most part disappeared .The list of shame free activities was designed to be thought provoking I `m sure ,but it lead me to reiterate my doubts about the legislation requiring adoptions not be be affeted by sexual orientation. The gay men I know are all very nice indeed so I am nervous about offending anyone but there remains a problem .....

"It's no longer shameful to have a criminal record.- Should be

It is no longer shameful to be unemployed.- Should be

It is no longer shameful to be divorced.- Should be ( I am ashamed of it )

It is no longer shameful to be gay- … rightly so but Old men paying for sex with young boys is not exactly exemplary behavior is it. Perhaps you noticed the story about Boy George and the escort who is trying to shake him down for some game with chains and sex toys . Nothing new when I ran household contents scheme if an old man was entertaining a young man the fact that the young man would eventually disappear with the jewelery was so usual as to be legend . You say that gay men should have a uniquely protected right to adopt when others are stopped on the basis of colour class and religion . My point is that while their may be loving stable gay relationships it is pretty obvious that there is a parallel gay culture of irresponsible and uncaring carnal selfishness which , in itself I have no objection to . There is every good reason for an adoption agency taking no chances though. A third of gay men with AIDS continue to have unprotected sex so you cannot say that I am talking about a tiny minority (according to a survey today)

Its hard for Gays to accept but they may not tend to have some of the prerequisite inhibitors that make for a long term family unit; there is much evidence of it, and if there are numerous exceptions that is not a chance you should take with children. It isn`t as if there were no adoption agencies for them to use which I am perfectl;y happy with , but to actually legislate against not unreasonable concerns seems wrong headed to me


Hetero Sexual Spot ( Don`t know about you but I need it )


Check out the glorious example of blonde blogging womanhood pictured above and behind the bimbo window, what a super fox. She is blogging about doughnuts at the moment and in a pathetic attempt to be noticed I wrote .....

What doughy confection might I choose
The icing Sugar soft sifted on it
Or deeply sweetening toffee cream
How many mouthfuls shall I use
If pecking tiny morsels from it
Or open wide and shove it in

And can we say the world is there
In each bite of doughnut taken
Like the Madeleine it may
Unlock the heavens as a prayer
And memories that were forsaken
Shall return no more to stray

Each questing nibble asks this time
To divulge its hidden meanings
Each lick that lingers tasting slow
Or Flickers for the perfect line
Quests for truths and unpicks seeming
Gods calling card ;The nut of dough.,

Ratty is generously holding forum in which women may learn things upon which they later rely upon .....

"They just do not realise that we men like the 'Old chap' throttled within an inch of its life or vigorously attacked with tooth and gum "

What can he possibly be getting at ?

Be A Snob

Are you part of the gentry, a sprig of the aristocracy, the Croydon branch perhaps? Or are you one of the great unwashed. If you are then I turn my nose up at you and cough girlishly into my plague posy but we might as well find out . Check out the Chaviness of your town on this handy site I hope to see tearful admissions of social inadequacy ...( To think I was considering Worthing.....shudder.) Never mind common people , women will always fancy a bit of rough, and men sit nodding dreamily before well educated career women , wishing they wore shorter skirts and got a bit drunker. The truth is here

I Am Against Right Wing Blogging

The Hydra had the body of a serpent and many heads (the number of heads deviates from five up to one hundred there are many versions but generally nine is accepted as standard), of which one could never be harmed by any weapon, and if any of the other heads were severed another would grow in its place (in some versions two would grow). ..............

On the day that Tony Blair has pronounced himself against fortnightly bin collection and Peter Mandelson has come out against spin “ We were perhaps to ready to place emphasis on our management of the media in those early years “ . I would like to make a stand against right wing blogging . Previously I had thought it would be tricky to take this position while I was actually doing it but Labour have reassured me that two faces is not a guideline ,so much as a minimum ,in our new exciting age of Political creativity. Janus like Labour MP`s campaign against hospital closures in their constituencies and Labour Councillors deplore the closure of working mens clubs caused by their fascist anti pub smoking legislation. I want to join in.

I am against the typing the word “Hypocrite “. I distance myself from any posting of the word “Hypocrisy “.A decision to type and post the words was made for good reasons and now its time to move on …..OK ?

It is no surprise to me that £2 billion worth of gadgets bought are never used because they are too complicated We should throw away our representative system now . Parish Councils Town Councils County Councils Regional Councils MPs MEPs Commissioners and devolved bodies like the GLA and above all this a slow seep of sovereignty via the web of miscellaneous treaties that constitute what is called International Law or high seas Piracy ‘if-you -will’ What a lot of democracy we have all designed to thwart the voters wishes. We have created a Hydra and we are encoiled in its deady tentacles .At least the makes of electrical widgets worldwide are sticking to built in obsolescence thus far . “The great obscurer “ has now been anointed as successor by the powerless Blairite faction and I anticipate it all getting worse

Follow these simple rules.
If I do not know who to vote against when I dislike something you are being conned
If you do not understand what is being said assume they are lying

…but then again I would like to distance myself form that position which is clearly deeply cynical and verges of nihilistic despair. Lets move on …OK ?

Light Up Britannia

The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
...and Britain is charged with a spirit of freedom it will only take a spark to set it aflame .


Is there hope ? Can it be that there is still time for people to stop pretending they care about “ The economy “ or “ The Environment” . For gods sake get back to the important business of saving the English Pub from New Labour and its pestilence of snoopers hot lines and head cameras. When are we going to realise we are being farmed . If I want to be unhealthy its my business , I pay for the medical care I get many times over . Passive smoking is an invention , passive lying is what we are suffering from and I am inhale it all day from Labour and its hireling cohorts in the Medical profession. Come down here and take my cigarette and while your at it knock my pint over .Around the country the realisation that we are being sent back to the nursery is starting to gather unstoppable momentum .
‘Publican Party leader Kit Fraser …and five other members of his party, are standing in this week’s elections calling for ventilated smoking rooms to be allowed in pubs and clubs.
Publican Party leader Kit Fraser.
The bar owner from Inverness told the Sunday Post: “Smokers are being discriminated against and treated as second class citizens in the same way the suffragettes were when they were denied their right to vote.”
The party has strategically placed its election posters in pub toilets and Fraser thinks they are hitting home Our main focus is the democratic principle of freedom of choice and to highlight the case of the significant minority who smoke.”
“Opponents of the smoking ban in Northern Ireland have slammed the introduction of the new law.
Simon Clark, director of the smokers' lobby group Forest said: "The ban makes Northern Ireland a less liberal, more intolerant place.
“Tobacco is a legal product and it is very sad that there is not a single pub, club or bar in the country where anyone can light up without being fined.
"The ban is undemocratic because government research shows that a clear majority favour a choice of smoking and non-smoking facilities in pubs and clubs."
Clark said that smoking bans in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland have had little impact on smoking rates.
"Some smokers will quit but the vast majority have no intention of giving up. A great many people enjoy smoking and they are fed up being told what to do by politicians and health fanatics. Far from giving up, many smokers will be reaching for their fags in defiance.
‘The English have not yet spoken’…………………..

How have we reached this puking state of infancy in which we are ordered around like by a collection of low flying socially inadequate creeps of all Parties. I do not think the battle is over .I hope the Labour Party with its serried ranks of bossy women gets the boot up its collective arse it richly deserves this week . I intend to be in a pub SMOKING and DRINKING and in general going exactly as I please with my own time and my own money. Why the hell should I not .

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1945 Thursday July 5th Polling Day

I found a time capsule ,an election leaflet for the 1945 General Election. In it ,Captain Cunningham Reid makes a strong case for re-election as an ‘Independent’ Conservative. Sadly I have not as yet discovered if he was successful. There was a political paradigm shift in 1945 and we are still suffering the consequences of anachronistic loyalty to the ideals that brought Labour to power. Churchill wasn’t finished ,as people forget ,but we drifted left until Margaret Thatcher turned the ship . Much of what the Captain says has a resonance for us today but the adorable ‘word’ from Mrs CR to the women is so of its time .
. I hope you can make out the picture of domestic bliss as well . Aren’t they stylish and doesn’t his wife look terrific in that Spartan but shapely outfit? I have marked some of the parts which had an especially contemporary echo but what I chiefly wanted to draw attention to is the sense of a nation deciding its destiny .There are few “ Big visions “ but more a ‘conversation’ about real problems .The unquestioned assumption is of a “We” and a right to decide. This is what we are losing .Hatfield Girl is daily striking a terrible chord of rage expressed as detached analysis of the constitutional desecration quietly happening around us everyday .I agree with her and partly I mean this as an elegiac comment on all we have lost as a country and a democracy Now lets go back to July 1945.…….

A personal message from Capt. A Cunningham-Reid DFC-Marylebones Independent Conservative
Allow me , your MP for the last fourteen years to ask you-a Marylebone elector - this one question : Do you want a Party hack as your MP ? The other local candidate are bound by the strict disciplines of the old Parties which insist their members do as they are told in parliament regardless of conscience or constituents . It was just this that determined me to be independent of the crack of the Party whip and to be guided solely by what is in the best interests of the nation. I am thus the only truly national candidate before you.
I support the official policy of the Conservative Party but I reserve the right to criticise complacency and ineptitude. I have no desire to be a mere cipher in the Party caucus and I can best serve you in the future - as I have in the past - by remaining unfettered to Party ties.
I am a strong advocate of free enterprise for trade and industry as a whole but I leave die hard Tories behind when I maintain that basic services such as transport and heating, lighting and water should in some measure be State controlled if they over charge the public and give a bad service generally……………………………….........
I am not only a staunch but also a grateful supporter of Churchill as a war leader. Do not be misled by the fiction that Independents I Parliament are ineffective . The very opposite is the truth . Remember the years that Churchill himself showed commendable political independence and has he not indicated that he still appreciates the value independents by his recent declaration that in the new Parliament he would call upon men of all Parties and no parties to support him ? If at this election he was not tied by party leadership he would no doubt be recommending electors to vote for go ahead Independent conservatives rather than Party yes-men.
The 22 Independents in the last parliament did invaluable work it was because I was an independent in 1941 that I was bale to start an outcry in Parliament which resulted unimproved pay and allowances for those in the forces. Subsequently I obtained for them the right when on leave to take part in politics and so to have some say in what they are fighting for . My independence also enabled me to fight hard to ensure that that service folk shall not be let down as they were after the last war and that service men and women shall; have housing and reasonable security from unemployment: and to urge that in order to save our children from being sacrificed in a third world war the German nation must be divided up between the surrounding countries.
I am in favour of the proposed social legislation resulting form the Bevridge report , with the exception of that part which deals with health. I shall oppose the health proposals in their present form, for not only are they prejudicial to the dental and medical professions but there is no assurance of an adequate improvement of pay and conditions for nurses and above all the public will if the present go through , be forced to pay , in many instances for second rate medical and dental attention…………..
Considering that this is one of the richest Boroughs in London, it is disgraceful that in some quarters there should be such deplorable housing conditions. This is largely the responsibility of the Town hall crowd but in future whether those reactionary Councillors and Aldermen like it or not , given the opportunity I am going to make it my responsibility . My wife and I have many of our friends among the less fortunate members of the community and are determined to do everything humanly possible to obtain for all Marylebone folk decent homes with modern conveniences. The lack of accommodation in the area has been aggravated by the influx of refugees. I shall use my best endeavours to find a satisfactory and just solution to this problem, always remembering that the interest if the British people must be paramount.
I am an enemy of landlords who charge extortionate rents for houses , flats or rooms .
The racket in clothing and footwear must also be stopped.
The whole problem with our politics today is that , though there must be political parties , the system which governs all three old Parties has got right out of hand , and most MP no longer represent their voters but their Party bosses who in turn represent selfish interests.
Uninfluenced by the power of the Party machine , political promotion or honours , I have , as you no doubt have observed, taken the gloves off in parliament and fought for what I considered to be the best for my country and constituents .
Will you allow me to carry on for you by honouring me with your vote next Thursday July the 5th

A Word From Mrs Cunningham-Reid to the Women of Marylebone
Many of you have known my husband for the fourteen years he has been our MP. I have known him only five years - in fact since I started war -work in Marylebone. At first in use to wonder why he spent so much time on politics . Taking the independent line he has he could certainly look for no no personal advantage in it - only plenty of grey hairs.
Why - why -why? I have asked myself . He has a comfortable home ;three boys to whom he is devoted ( including our three month old baby son ) and the means to indulge occupations he is interested in; yet he spends all his time fighting in Parliament against tremendous odds , writing political books and apparently getting no reward but plenty of derision from those high places. Why does he continue in Politics ?
I know now . The answer is simple and it makes me proud of him. He has a burning desire to use his abilities and resources to help his fellow human beings
. In the House of Commons he refuses just to be toll to promote Party interests. Only one thing guides him . Is it in the best interests of those he represents ?…..
..he has fought for generous pensions for disabled and for the dependents of those who have been killed; for the 5/- children’s allowance to be paid to the mother; for Service men’s children not to be penalised; for increased Old Age pension; and for spinsters to get pensions at 55.
Yes my husband has fought for all of this and more . Won’t you help the man who has helped you , and wants to go on helping you? Make certain he is able to continue the god work he has set his heart on by voting for him on July 5th.
Your Sincerely Angela-Cunningham Reid "

Well Angela had me at hallo but what about you dear reader( if there is one) . Will you vote for the gallant Captain and his charming wife . The hours are 7AM to 9 PM. You will vote at All Souls Ridinghouse St. You register No. is 2056. You are an about to decide perhaps the pivotal result of the 20th century..
When I think of all these good people deciding what we as a nation should do rightly or wrongly I feel almost overcome with grief that we are giving this ‘nationhood’ , this country; away.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Guns Kill People ( Shock News)

Its easy to go off on a Libertarian shtick about guns but its all rubbish really , no sensible person wants US availability here. Their history is entirely different and as Conservatives we should respect that things are often as they are for good reason and moving one element may misunderstand the whole structure.
Engand Wales had 766 recorded murders in 2005 including the 52 victims of of July 7. Scotland was vastly more violent as usual with 93 deaths bringing the total to 859 (.Tells you all you need to know about the odious Pictish horde.) Anyway the average is about two or three day and the risk could be called 15 per million per year.
In America 17000 deaths violent deaths in 2005 suggesting 46 deaths per day and this equates to 50 in every million per year. The old answer is that guns do not kill ,people do. Maybe, but it’s a bloody sight easier if you have a gun and I dread to think what would happen in the estates of London if there was ever any Liberalisation of gun laws. It is a culturally specific thing as we know from Switzerland but our culture would be struck down the way gin struck the Victorian Working classes.

Put the toys down and back slowly away . Guns do kill people

Doh Ray Me Me Me Me Me Me...........

I am still trying to this clever lnky dinky to a web site Our House ,seems like a good one to practice although we have just sold it

Meanwhile is anyone has a nifty question for Frances Maude or Nick Clegg I will be in the audience of Any questions next week and some inspiration would be good

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Its a Brown Thing

Ian Dale was complaining ,or something ,that his rather childish article about women voting for sexy men had received a fair amount of adverse comment . My impression from his own blog was that it was taken insufficiently seriously for any critical comment to be worth the bother. Visual details can make a difference though ; Nixon famously blew it on the TV by sweating and I am pretty certain the Broon has been getting hand mouth and smile lessons from makeover specialist akin to Red Adair.
Iain is also right that people engage at different levels and to some politics is chiefly emotional response or simply a background noise .Fashion statements like the Cameron moving fringe or the woeful Hague baseball cap ; they all carry their message semiotically Tony Blair’s make up has becomes increasingly cakey and if his regime ten years ago has been expanded he must be a visual work of fiction by now .
Let me just give you a couple of examples of how a visual cue can change the way you look at things . Did you know for example that the Elizabethans usually worse brightly coloured ruffs and white was for formal occasions hence its appearance in portraits. London Elizabethans were not pre puritans but rather more like the riotously energetic medieval peoples of similiar European Cities . The antiquated gaudy plumage of Medieval Europe ca still be seen on holidays and feast days . Similarly, Greek statues were not the cool classic white we know . Originally they were ornamented and brightly painted. The Greeks were not as the living embodiment of a platonic ideal invented by Victorians . They were a wilder sensuous perhaps more Asiatic people.
Richard Little-John thought Cherie was part New Agey, part Bunny Boiler within seconds of meeting her. Going on appearance is often called prejudice but its an awkward fact that our prejudices are so often right . I like David Cameron .On the other hand ,I would rather saw off my buttocks , varnish them and sell them in a provincial gift shop than spend fifteen minutes in a smoke free pub with the Lying Scotsman. Yes its his politics but also I just don’t like him.

I don’t like the look of him.

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