Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whats The Tory Election Glory ?

Not in Coatbridge by the look of it .

THE Conservative candidate standing in Coatbridge may well have upset the town’s large Irish community - because he said Britain will one day rule Ireland again and the Irish will be slaves.
Teenager Ross Thomson is fighting his first election battle for the Tories but has sparked a major political row in the town which claims to have the largest Irish presence in Scotland.
The 19-year-old Politics and International Relations student tried to distance himself from the comments when the Advertiser approached him.
He said: “I have an Irish friend, from Cork in the Republic of Ireland and it’s an ongoing joke. I don’t seriously believe that Ireland should be ruled by Britain. I don’t seriously believe the Irish should be slaves.
“These comments were never intended for public consumption. I really am disappointed you are doing this to me.”

It appears he was mucking around on a blog and it was all taken out of context. I `m sorry but I really cannot excuse this behaviour and I trust he will be disciplined by the Party,….( snicker)..

Good luck to the all the fine Conservative Candidates and confusion to the enemy .


Ed said...

Such a shame that I wasn't allowed to stand aged 18!

Electro Kevin said...

Ahhhh - feck it !

Jenny! said...

Shouldn't he know better than to joke around about shit like that if he is involved in politics???

Newmania said...

Aha jenny you obviosuly haven`t followed my recent history....( ahem). I was kidding

How is the juggling coming on ?
( All innocence)

Jenny! said...

I practiced last night!

Anonymous said...

Its one good reason never to get involved in politics Ms Jenny - imagine if you were a candidate in the UK what people might say....

Jenny! said...


I would be ripped a new one, I am sure!

Newmania said...

I `, sure you would be treated with great kindness jenny

( Keep practising)

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