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Sex Sex and More Sex

Iain Dale has been discussing shame in the context of the Browne Rent Boy scandal and he was talking about the old fashioned sense of shame that has , for the most part disappeared .The list of shame free activities was designed to be thought provoking I `m sure ,but it lead me to reiterate my doubts about the legislation requiring adoptions not be be affeted by sexual orientation. The gay men I know are all very nice indeed so I am nervous about offending anyone but there remains a problem .....

"It's no longer shameful to have a criminal record.- Should be

It is no longer shameful to be unemployed.- Should be

It is no longer shameful to be divorced.- Should be ( I am ashamed of it )

It is no longer shameful to be gay- … rightly so but Old men paying for sex with young boys is not exactly exemplary behavior is it. Perhaps you noticed the story about Boy George and the escort who is trying to shake him down for some game with chains and sex toys . Nothing new when I ran household contents scheme if an old man was entertaining a young man the fact that the young man would eventually disappear with the jewelery was so usual as to be legend . You say that gay men should have a uniquely protected right to adopt when others are stopped on the basis of colour class and religion . My point is that while their may be loving stable gay relationships it is pretty obvious that there is a parallel gay culture of irresponsible and uncaring carnal selfishness which , in itself I have no objection to . There is every good reason for an adoption agency taking no chances though. A third of gay men with AIDS continue to have unprotected sex so you cannot say that I am talking about a tiny minority (according to a survey today)

Its hard for Gays to accept but they may not tend to have some of the prerequisite inhibitors that make for a long term family unit; there is much evidence of it, and if there are numerous exceptions that is not a chance you should take with children. It isn`t as if there were no adoption agencies for them to use which I am perfectl;y happy with , but to actually legislate against not unreasonable concerns seems wrong headed to me


Hetero Sexual Spot ( Don`t know about you but I need it )


Check out the glorious example of blonde blogging womanhood pictured above and behind the bimbo window, what a super fox. She is blogging about doughnuts at the moment and in a pathetic attempt to be noticed I wrote .....

What doughy confection might I choose
The icing Sugar soft sifted on it
Or deeply sweetening toffee cream
How many mouthfuls shall I use
If pecking tiny morsels from it
Or open wide and shove it in

And can we say the world is there
In each bite of doughnut taken
Like the Madeleine it may
Unlock the heavens as a prayer
And memories that were forsaken
Shall return no more to stray

Each questing nibble asks this time
To divulge its hidden meanings
Each lick that lingers tasting slow
Or Flickers for the perfect line
Quests for truths and unpicks seeming
Gods calling card ;The nut of dough.,

Ratty is generously holding forum in which women may learn things upon which they later rely upon .....

"They just do not realise that we men like the 'Old chap' throttled within an inch of its life or vigorously attacked with tooth and gum "

What can he possibly be getting at ?


Anonymous said...

Well you are an admirable poet Mr N - not sure about Browne and the rent boys stuff - wasn't a all funny. I have posted about our excellent idea for ridding the capital of gun crime M N!!

Anonymous said...

I have found out what JHL is MR N!


Electro Kevin said...

To the tune of Your Song (Elton John)


And you can tell everybody
That this is your thong
It's small and quite skimpy
And made in Hong Kong...

I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
When everyone stares ...

'cause there won't be much holding your meat and two veg, and your bum'll be totally bare.

Newmania said...

Well M I am nervous about offending freinds iof Dorothy who are also friends of mine but there we are. I kno what JHL is but will have apeek

EK the Laureateship is yours for the taking .Go on reach out pluck it like a ripe juicy plum !

Newmania said...

Well M I am nervous about offending freinds iof Dorothy who are also friends of mine but there we are. I kno what JHL is but will have apeek

EK the Laureateship is yours for the taking .Go on reach out pluck it like a ripe juicy plum !

nick drew said...

bleednell, poets corner or wot?

I shall post some of mine here if you're not careful mania

(word verification is fiymuf - is this one of your spelling mistakes?)

nick drew said...

mania, erm ... you really are colourblind, yes?

or have you stumbled across an HTML manual you haven't really understood properly?

Anonymous said...

You didn't click it yet - you have to have a look -its not what u think....

Newmania said...

I thought lavender was approproaye Nick and I probably mispect soemthing I`ll, have a look

Jenny! said...

I liked your poem! Is it okay for two women to adopt and why is that different than two men adopting??? Don't you think that kids have a better chance with two gay men than with no family at all??? I agree with how nothing is shameful anymore, it makes everything "okay" and it shouldn't be!

Electro Kevin said...

It's not a case of it needing to be no family at all for babies, Jenny. There is a glut of married parents wanting to adopt children - I know of a couple who have been waiting for years.

Jenny! said...


I think that whoever is best suited for parenting, regardless of sexual orientation, should get to adopt. I know that in Chicago there are tons of children waiting to be adopted and the system is so screwed up and slow that good families end up waiting forever.

Ellee said...

My heart goes out to Oscar Wilde, born in the wrong era. And Newmania's creativity is always a delight to enjoy.

Electro Kevin said...

Oscar Wilde, Quentine Crisp, Kenneth Williams were all in the right era, Ellee - strongly spirited men who helped to change attitudes. Though I think there is rather too much deference to minorities now.

Jenny, I was talking about adoptive babies - there is a problem with allocating older kids to families, particularly where the children have behavioural difficulties.

Newmania said...


Oscar Wilde, born in the wrong era.

Feasting with Lions was actually seually predating on myriad working class boys with no other way to feed themselves. Do you know how young his "Lions were "?
It wasn`t as innocent as all that but he was a good man at heart I belive

Newmania said...

Jenny I do not object to gay men adopting , I object to a legal requirement in all adoption agenciess that this orientation cannot be taken into account . Race religion and age and so on are and most intrusively . It seems bizarre

Ratty. said...

Please don't start me on adoption - homosexual /lesbian couples etc. I do have first hand experience on adoption so think I'm entitled to rant.
What is lost in the discussion on who should be allowed to adopt is what is in the best interest of the child. My stance is that a child should be part of a loving male/female relationship where he or she can learn from both parents and understand what 'family' is all about. If two men or women want to commit to each other well that is their business but please don't try to 'normalise' the relationship with a child.

Jenny! said...


Gotcha! Again, we will have to have that long meeting when you share with me new words and such! I can sometimes be slow on the uptake!

Newmania said...

Ratty I understand what you mean but in practice the fact is there are some wonderful gay men and some disasterous male female couples so I wouldn`t want to be too prescriptive about it . Some children are hard to get placed and gay men have been magnificent in bringing them up .

Its a difficult one

Newmania said...

Hi Jenny ...a long session one on one would be the way to clear away the conceptual cobwebs Jenny :)

Philipa said...

I try not to think about sex at all. I don't often succeed but I try.

It is just a fact that homosexual relationships, on average, are not as stable as heterosexual ones. The lifestyle (the 'scene') of a gay man looking for a partner is not, I would have thought, a comfortable place for a child to be. But it's always balanced with the ideal and life isn't like that. When you balance being with an appropriately loving/caring guardian with a childrens home, then there is no comparison, the gay guardian wins. It still goes against the grain for me though, better the child stay with the parents.

Newmania said...

Pretty balanced Phillipa and I agree with you of course

Praguetory said...

You're very creative Mr N (sniggers)

Newmania said...

Hi P missed you when you were over. I gather you were in a speed chess tournament /...( wierd )

Ms Smack said...

You're so talented...

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