Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Light Up Britannia

The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
...and Britain is charged with a spirit of freedom it will only take a spark to set it aflame .


Is there hope ? Can it be that there is still time for people to stop pretending they care about “ The economy “ or “ The Environment” . For gods sake get back to the important business of saving the English Pub from New Labour and its pestilence of snoopers hot lines and head cameras. When are we going to realise we are being farmed . If I want to be unhealthy its my business , I pay for the medical care I get many times over . Passive smoking is an invention , passive lying is what we are suffering from and I am inhale it all day from Labour and its hireling cohorts in the Medical profession. Come down here and take my cigarette and while your at it knock my pint over .Around the country the realisation that we are being sent back to the nursery is starting to gather unstoppable momentum .
‘Publican Party leader Kit Fraser …and five other members of his party, are standing in this week’s elections calling for ventilated smoking rooms to be allowed in pubs and clubs.
Publican Party leader Kit Fraser.
The bar owner from Inverness told the Sunday Post: “Smokers are being discriminated against and treated as second class citizens in the same way the suffragettes were when they were denied their right to vote.”
The party has strategically placed its election posters in pub toilets and Fraser thinks they are hitting home Our main focus is the democratic principle of freedom of choice and to highlight the case of the significant minority who smoke.”
“Opponents of the smoking ban in Northern Ireland have slammed the introduction of the new law.
Simon Clark, director of the smokers' lobby group Forest said: "The ban makes Northern Ireland a less liberal, more intolerant place.
“Tobacco is a legal product and it is very sad that there is not a single pub, club or bar in the country where anyone can light up without being fined.
"The ban is undemocratic because government research shows that a clear majority favour a choice of smoking and non-smoking facilities in pubs and clubs."
Clark said that smoking bans in Scotland and the Republic of Ireland have had little impact on smoking rates.
"Some smokers will quit but the vast majority have no intention of giving up. A great many people enjoy smoking and they are fed up being told what to do by politicians and health fanatics. Far from giving up, many smokers will be reaching for their fags in defiance.
‘The English have not yet spoken’…………………..

How have we reached this puking state of infancy in which we are ordered around like by a collection of low flying socially inadequate creeps of all Parties. I do not think the battle is over .I hope the Labour Party with its serried ranks of bossy women gets the boot up its collective arse it richly deserves this week . I intend to be in a pub SMOKING and DRINKING and in general going exactly as I please with my own time and my own money. Why the hell should I not .


sally in norfolk said...

" I intend to be in a pub SMOKING and DRINKING "

Shame on you.......

I for one will be glad when I can go out to a pub and not be forced to inhale other peoples smoke and not go home smelling like an ash tray
But at least I do have the choice whether I go to that pub in the first place.

Newmania said...

Sally the list of things I do not like and resent are many I promise . I do not wish them to be ahgainst the law

Frobisher said...

Bravo NM, if the patrons of public houses did'nt want smoke the pubs would have become non-smoking already - market forces, etc.

If the Government are really that anti-smoking why don't they just ban it instead of this window dressing of concern. Oh yes, I was forgetting smokers are huge cash cows for them.

Newmania said...

Same reaosn they don1t put regulators into cars but instead monitor us from space and tax us to buggery Frobie. Mopeds are limited , it would be easy.

Ed said...

Next you'll be asking for less of your income to be generously removed for your own good!

Electro Kevin said...

Of all the issues facing us ...

When will they get tough on immigration and give chavs the bloody good hiding they deserve ?

They won't, because they can't ... because they're pussies.

It's not just smoking, Sally, but a whole raft of restrictions coming our way on this wave of Marxist sentiment. We're being watched by donut eating lard-bellied tossers via CCTV in their darkened underground bunkers.

Civil disobedience on a wide scale is the only thing that will redress the situation - they are simply not interested in what we think or say.

Great writing Newmania - you just get better and better.

Electro Kevin said...

Oh regulators in cars. I've got one - easy to override, I just tell her to shut the fuck up.

That was a joke.

Newmania said...

Thanks Kev I noticed you responding to JHL on my behalf . He is lying outright about me and for all I do not want anything to do with him I cannot help but fear some taint....

Ed said...

I hate smoking, but I hate being told what is best for me more.

Electro Kevin said...

A convicted felon has no credibility - not much to fear.

Jenny! said...

They are inforcing the same smoking bans in Illinois and it is ridiculous. I live in Forest Park which is the bar capitol of Illinois and it sucks for business. People go into bars expecting to be able to smoke and non-smokers go into bars expecting there to be lots of smokers. If they don't like it they can leave, it is our right to smoke and it is my body that is smoking. I don't have a problem with non-smoking sections of places and I don't think that smoking is appropriate everywhere, but at a bar shouldn't be banned!

I thought that Europe was a lot less stringent in their smoking laws because a majority of the population smokes, I didn't realize that it was being banned there as well!

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