Monday, April 20, 2009

Could You Be A Spinner ?

There is a Spinners job vacant at Labour HQ. . In order to fill the boots of the smoothy chops New Labour arachnoid you will of course have to pass the test . The test was discovered by Mr. Croydonian and it involves taking a well know story film play poem novel or or what you will, and producing a highly misleading one line summary . Here are some examples :
Billy Elliot: Union worker turns back on strikers for personal gain.
Deliverance: Tourists experience local hospitality.
E.T.: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
Star Wars: Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.
Here is my effort ....
Casablanca - Drunk Misanthropist`s links to Terrorism exposed.

Shane - Immigrants Prepared to Use Violence to Take Land
The Ancient Mariner- Slight Delay Causes Over Reaction ( Travel Times Improved Overall Said Spokesman)
Robin Hood - Criminal Gangs Maintain Grip On Terrified Population.

Titanic - Over 1000 miles of trouble Free cruising ( The untold story)

Are you a better spinner ? Ok then , spin us a line and let us see ! I wonder if Hopi Sen who really is a hired spin would have a go .I bet he's good

Update : from Bill Quango - Bridge over the river KwaiUK/Japanese partnership delivers ground breaking engineering project on time and under budget


Bill Quango MP said...

Brokeback Mountain: Multi ethnic,lifestyle choice training film.

Indianna Jones and the Temple of Doom: Eco protesters prevent deep shaft mining plant functioning.

The Great Escape: A documentary on the need for tougher security Titan prisons.

Forrest Gump: Care in the community man achieves life goals with state aid and assistance.

Bridge over the river Kwai
UK/Japanese partnership delivers ground breaking engineering project on time and under budget

Newmania said...

Bridge over the river Kwai
UK/Japanese partnership delivers ground breaking engineering project on time and under budget

..oh dear me ..tears in my eyes BQ , a thing of beauty

Newmania said...

In fact those are all superb !

Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy said...

Easy Rider - Guide to living on benefits.

Apocalypse Now - Biopic of Gordon Brown's Election Victory.

Nick Drew said...

Blazing Saddles: affirmative action program foists unqualified lawman on peaceful Midwestern suburb

Sound of Music: Singing Nun-o-Gram joke misfires, with disastrous consequences for Austro-German relations

Philipa said...

Jack the Ripper: Conservative peer executes Mail on Sunday initiative.

Silent Running: Guardian reading lefties confirm mental instability, vegetation saved by robots.

Ratatouille: French cuisine bested by rodent. Quel surprise.

Peter Benchley's The Beast: Colonel Sanders considers sea food.

Godzilla: French create new species, cruelly killed by Americans.

River Kwai - excellent.

Nick Drew said...

2001: A Space Odyssey - elaborate atheist hoax undermines Believers' understanding of Creation

Newmania said...

All Brilliant but I have to say Bill Q `s Bridge over The River Kwai is still the best. Its the "Under budget " that caps it

Phillipa .... That Jack The Ripper is for all we know close to the truth . Bum bum baaaa !

Nick Sound Of Music Popped Into my head bit I didn't have the heart

Nick Drew said...

yes Quango's is a good'un: thank the Lord our MPs don't have much else to do

PS you may wish to nip over to Idle's, he has another compo going, I recall how much you enjoyed an earlier one ...

Newmania said...

Will do

Towering Inferno - High Rise Conflagrations limited to freak incident in best ever decade
Kind Hearts and Coronets - Worthless confession obtained under psychological duress

Watership Down- Towns People Delighted with New Ring Road

apricotfox said...

Kwai..Kwait fantastic!
Great sport to be had, evidently!

idle said...

Brief Encounter: Commuters' spirits raised by excellent platform tearoom facilities.

Lord of the Flies: Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme toughens schoolchildren and rewards ambition and leadership.

The Matrix: Government database responds swiftly to illegal hacking.

Custer of the West: American Indians seek freedom without reservation.

Brokeback Mountain: How the West Was Hung

Philipa said...

Watership Down had me laughing out loud.

Philipa said...

Hee hee and Brief Encounter.

Brokeback Mountain: Male camping. (Sheep optional extra.)

Croydonian said...

I'm making a start on Shakespeare's tragedies:

Othello - A practical joke goes wrong with unfortunate consequences.

King Lear - A troubled family struggles to understand itself.

Newmania said...

Idle is very funny I like Brief encounter ( Broke back Mountain is a disgrace ! )

The Gold medal is still BQ though

Newmania said...

Othello- Quotas suspected in over promotion row

Philipa said...

12th Night: Gender confused refugee seduces Duke and his lady love. Happy ending ensues.

Newmania said...

arf arf thats a goody P

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Romeo & Juliet, the perils of under age attraction and how not to enhance inter-community engagement.

Independence Day, Why America is big and clever.

The Da Vinci Code, Catholics play the controversy card.

Newmania said...

Like the Davinci one especially IEBOIC

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