Monday, April 20, 2009

Do Your Verse ...

Idle is running a simply spiffing Spring Verse comp with a Mc Bride Theme . Do pop over its lots of fun and have a go. Should you wish to say any thing about my effort below please remember the innocent delight you once took in bestowing praise regardless of merit .

The Ballad Of McBride

There now the drums
His time is soon come
and the crowds gather outside to mock

‘He is evil , that creature
Its writ on `iz features ‘
And his head is assailed by a rock

At his back a sword’s end
In his face spittle sends ,
A message of hate and alarm

“Oh look at iz ands
The ‘ave poisoned and planned
To do fair prince Osborne such `arm’

‘He was favoured and thought
He`d destroy men for sport
He`d feast on the blood of a toff ‘

‘Look at`im shake
How his fat belly quakes
At the though of his head comin’ off ‘

And now there`s no sound
But his breath and the crowd
And he laughs at their ravenous eyes

‘Do you think when I`m gone
It won’t carry on ?
You think when I die, that it dies ?.’

Others have served him
And you have deserved him
He`d murder us all for his crown

Reid ,Field Millburn Clarke
All got stabbed in the dark
Not by me
But by him
Gordon ……..


The End


idle said...

Merit is evident and praise is due.

My thanks for the link; the standard is improving all the while. Results at the weekend.

Philipa said...

Impressive as ever, Newms.

Newmania said...

The modesty is 100% false Idle

Thanks P Roll over Andrew Motion

Auntie Flo' said...

Excellent, newms. Yes, roll over Motion.

And thank goodness Motion is rolling over. How the heck that plastic brain and leaden heart ever become poet laureate?

Newmania said...

I like Simon Armitage who is being mentioned as a succesor. I have only read a few things but they were very good

Philipa said...

With my favourite limerick and ode to Peter Hitchens I think I should be made poet laureate immediately. Well, me or that lady who wrote erotic poetry to Boris Johnson.

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