Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Labour Conspiracy`s Trojan Horse

The Labour Party on line are trying to distance themselves from errm.... the Labour Party which is a good trick.‘Liberal Conspiracy’ ,soi disant, from which I am banned ( by Sunny Hundal ) is to the fore . This is in fact run by a hard left clique centred around two unapologetic big state high tax socialists Sunder Katwala ( Fabian Society) and Sunny Hundal (Layabout ) .Today on this supposedly ‘non Party aligned’ site they have issued a ‘Labour Party Proclamation’ .It also appears on Labour list Labour Home and Labour spinner Hopi Sen
For obvious reasons the Labour Party wish to start afresh with high-minded blogging ideals ,openness plurality and honesty . Sadly ,as Guido points out in the comments , the people who posted this New Labour ex cathedra pronouncement are insiders “- ... spare me the high minded words. Tom Miller prepared a dossier on me for Derek which was as cynical an exercise in the politics of personal destruction as it could be. It outlined possible attack lines knowing they were false.Those meetings at Labour HQ, which many of you signatories attended, dwelled far too long on how to take the fight to Iain Dale and myself’
So what is going on here , why is it that what appear to be central part of the Labour Party`s campaign is supported by so many 'equidistant 'Liberals ?
Liberal Conspiracy is actually the Labour Party’s answer to a particular problem . While people paid by it blog on its behalf ,it has almost no grass roots blogging . This reflects the demographics of Labour support which is largely uninterested in the inter-web . We all know what panic this has caused New Labour and their desperate strategies to fight back. The Liberals on the other hand , are most present per capita on the net .In order to create some audience then , Liberal Conspiracy pretends that there is broad “Progressive” constituency. On this thread however some Liberals are starting to notice that only they swallowed that line
Jennie Rigg “YOU might be a collection of Labour Bloggers but I’M not, and nor are any of the other Lib Dem or Green or unaligned contributors, and this is the sort of thing that makes us feel pushed out of the theoretical “big tent” which appears to only exist as long as Labout members are the ones in charge of the tent pegs..( And..)....the vast majority of posts do actually go through one person.
In fact as ever the Liberals are being used and duped by the Labour Party into assisting in the creation of a Labour Party Trojan horse and gives the lie utterly to Nick Cleggs presentation of his Party in the South .
Now that’s the point , I cannot have Norman Baker presenting himself as a sort of cuddly Conservative in Lewes when the Liberal Party are deeply involved in a far left pro Labour propaganda web site and in practice are either too stupid or too dishonest to be trusted .


Little Black Sambo said...

We can always depend on a good picture on this blog. It must take a long time to find them.

Newmania said...

Ha , not really Google images

Philipa said...

Ooh you're banned from 'Liberal Conspiracy'? I'm banned from Hitchensblog. He didn't have the grace or decency to inform me I was banned, I was just allowed to smash against a glass door when posting. And as there are known problems on that site, my hits hit against that glass door repeatedly until I got the message. How decent and manly is that? However I don't disagree with everything the pompous prat has to say - I do think that the ground being lost by Labour is being gained by the Liberals and mostly because of Vince Cable. I agree with your point about Labour's creative blogging, Newms (such a mistake on their part to include Dolly) but as far as political intentions go then surely, Paul, you must agree that all 3 parties aren't that far apart?

Newmania said...

I do not agree P Conservatuive bloggers rae usually just people . Quite different

david cameron's forehead said...

Get yourself banned from Comment is Futile (oh, sorry "Comment is Free"). It won't take them long. What tossers.

Auntie Flo' said...

"We also believe...We should challenge the ideas, claims and sometimes the misrepresentations of our political opponents, just as we would expect them to challenge us."

Just so long as that challenge doesn't come from newmania or auntie flo'or goodness knows how many others LC has banned.

They didn't even allow me the distinction of officially banning me, they simply declared me a troll and delete my posts - along with a few childish 'jokes' about ejecting the troll.

What did I say that so upset LC and justified deletion of my posts? That I am a former life long Liberal and now support David Cameron. In a very friendly and non confrontational manner, I began to explain why I've left the Lib Dems and why I support Cameron. I was out before you could say "Guido Fawkes".

So much for challenging political opponents, so much for reasoned debate, eh?

Philipa said...

I know what you mean, Flo. Some people think 'reasoned debate' = obsequiousness. More and more I am reminded that we are a bunch of primates on a rock. Some just haven't evolved.

Bill Quango MP said...

Why are liberal sites the first to shut off free speech?
Is it because they are often over run with wrong thinking comments?
That people who 'just don't get it' seem to want to post there?
It must be hard having a blog with an agenda that the contributors don't agree with.

I wonder why they do it? health and Safety don't have a message board for their latest proposals. They don't seek consensus on 'Locked drawers in kitchens for knives.'
They know no one agrees with them.

You'd think LC would do the same.
Write a post, and also write the admiring comments too.

Saves everyone a lot of time.

Newmania said...

I wonder BQ I always enjoy people disagreeing . The LC lot are a bit po faced

Philipa said...

I disagree with you, Newms.

Newmania said...

Got it

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