Monday, April 20, 2009

It Could Also Get Worse

Its amazing really this smear-gate thing seems to have pushed the naturally deferential Labour Party over the edge. Look at this quote from a an ex-Cabinet minister in the Sun today "We’re down to 26 per cent, but there is nothing to stop it going lower.We are in freefall. People accused Tony of telling lies but Gordon is the biggest liar in modern politics. The question on election day will be: Do you want Brown for another five years? Millions and millions of voters are going to say NO.”
Ouch ! Polls show that people do not blame Brown for the bust, they do blame him for the state of the public finances a,nd they are yet to either suffer much of the unemployment ( Now predicted to rise to 3250,000 ), or pay the taxes, or indeed suffer the cuts .I have already noted the extreme sensitivity of voters to tax rises ,evidenced in Polls ,and a recent Survey showing that Britain is no longer prepared to pay for the Public Sector, in the way it has been for twenty years .
What the hell is going to happen when it becomes clear to ordinary people that they are going to be taxed simply to pay debts for which they will see nothing . Bang goes the holiday, the extension the toys for their children that’s when it gets real .Then what will they think of that community skating officer and his pension ?

Brown and Labour could face a generational annihilation .When you think about it, it would be surprising is systemic change in the structure if the world economy did not lead to dramatic and structural shifts in the political landscape .Could this be the end of the Labour Party ? Who can say , but its an odd thing that amidst so many changes the assumption seems to be that everything will go on as before politically . Why on earth should it ?

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