Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Call My Bluff

Now for a quick game of spot the outrageous fiction the contenders are below and ONLY ONE one of them is a bluff. The rest ARE TRUE

Having announced that in the UK we had a 5% share of sub prime exposure , whatever that means , after some Lib Dem badgering , Darling , that exemplar of New Labour competence , was forced to admit that in the UK there is no definition of Sub Prime. Despite misleading the house, no apology has been offered.

The Government plan to cut £300,000,000 from the DEFRA budget despite three livestock diseases having ravaged the farming community this year

A list candidate of last year ,Simon Walker , is the PR chappy for Private Equity ( the Venture Capital association) . He was seconded to John Major’s disastrous GE campaign , . He presided over the BA PR disaster of the ulticoloured tail fins and he was responsible for “ My Husband is Not Gay” after the Countess of Wessex was hood winked by the NOTW fake sheik and he arranged an exclusive interview to buy them off.

( PS Good news Tory associations unanimously rejected him)

The Multimillion pound waste of time the Standards Board For England let off a BNP Councillor for sending £5 notes in Christmas cards to voters . This was ok because it was deemed a worthy cause and not declarable. (Councillor Cromie ) .

The SBE will take no action against BNP Councillor Auty who sang a “racist folk song” outside the Constituency Office of Dewsbury’s Labour MP Shahid Malik.Auty sang four verses concerning Mosques ,Kebabs , Curry houses drug dealing and paedophilia but gets off on the ‘Ken’ defence of not being in his role as a Councillor at the time

Mayor Ken Livingstone has spent public money on whitewashing Dr. Qaradwi`s whose own web site announces that cruel punishment may be needed for homosexuality to keep Islam “Clear of perverted elements “

Prince Phillip and The Queen have matching bathrobes inscribed ‘is and ERs

550% is the rise in spending on Management Consultants since 2001 as compared to 65% in staffing numbers of security services

Current estimate of the cost of the Olympics £9.3 billion and rising


Ed said...

Which bit isn't true? They all sound plausible.

Newmania said...

They are all true exceot the Is and ER`s dressing gowns

Ed said...

I didn't spot that one when I read it the first time, very good. I almost wish they did - it would show a good sense of humour. Actually I'm sure that Her Majesty has an excellent sense of humour, well honed after having to deal with some nasty elements as PMs over her time.

Newmania said...

She is a wonderful woman in every way Ed

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