Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Knicker Sniffer Is Famous

Separated at birth ?

I saw Alex Hilton , aka Recess Monkey in the Standard last night . Jeeez but he`s an ugly bugger. He has been sniffing around Nadine Dorries` Daighter`s face book for things he can use and having located the word “ Nigger “ used somewhere by a friend announced with triumph that this is evidence of ..Something or other . Who cares . Nadine `s daughter looks gorgeous by the way and stalking her like this is pretty low even for a man who is slithering upwards in the New Labour Establishment.Hilton is the typical New Labour parasite currently doing , not much , for a Labour MP. Which one I wonder , I`d like to know .

Looks like there is an opportunity for him in Panto if the grovelling and knickler sniffing doesn`t work out . Great New Labour Heros of our time . What a tawdry little prat ,


Ed said...

Don't forget his gleeful announcement that Mrs T was dead. Fortunately premature like much in his life I suspect.

Can we have a system where talented people become MPs not just people who have worked with MPs? It's a vicious circle of poverty of talent, as shown by the Home Office, Treasury, et al.

Newmania said...

Too right would eb a good MP. Steady pair of hands not an egomaniac. Perhaps thats another problem , noone who desperately wants to be important should be

Little Black Sambo said...

I noticed that when he was interviewed recently he was addressed as Reecess Monkey, with the stress on the RE. Is his name meant to be a play on words, and if so, doesn't he know how to pronounce "recess"? This needs reesearch.

Ed said...

I've noticed that, it almost sounds like "resus"citate monkey.

Newmania said...

GFunnily enough LBS I was going to do a quick post on pronunciation later there is a BBC guide out with some funny bits in it

Oh very good Ed!

Nick Drew said...

er, fellas, I think it's a pun

rhesus monkey ... geddit?

oh alright, back to sleep

Newmania said...

Nick I am aware of that, I did not imagine anyone was not

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