Saturday, March 31, 2007

Freedom and Slavery

The idea that the brutal legacy of the slave trade lives today in black Britain has some merit , but the implication of universality is incorrect. The third and fourth generations of West Indian families who went to the US and Canada in the 1950s are remarkably free from "the problems that afflict much of Britain's black population". They are for the most part educated income earners. Many are entrepreneurs and property owners.
One can only conclude that West Indian migrants to America were either of a different strain or that British society, its ethos and racism, is more virulently inhibiting of West Indian enterprise and creativity than it is in America. We are left to conclude that the problems of black people in Britain are not inherent in the West Indians or indeed, Africans, themselves; the problems have colonial origins to some extent but perhaps more importantly our culture of victim hood and infantilisation.
How dreadful for the bleeding hearts to discover they are actually harming black men and women. Isn`t it obvious though , they are the same as everyone else

They want to be free

Friday, March 30, 2007

Iain Dale Speaks Out !!

"Last week ( writes Top Blogger Dale)I wrote on Comment is free that David Miliband should run against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership. Many commenters took their lead from Talleyrand and pondered "what did he mean by that"?

Jackie Ashley then wrote a column claiming that the reason Tories like me were "talking up" Miliband is because we look at the great clunking fist of Gordon Brown and we're frit. Not for the first time, Jackie Ashley was talking nonsense. She may have great insights into the Labour Party but her knowledge of how the Tory mind works seems to diminish with every passing month.

I wrote my column on Miliband with no agenda. Frankly, I couldn't care less who Labour elects. As long as the man who has trounced us Tories three times in a row is despatched I don't care who succeeds him. The truth is, people may not like Blair but they see him as a better prime minister than Gordon Brown or any other putative Labour successor. So the sooner Blair goes, the happier I, as a Tory, will be.

Anyway, back to the point of this article. Stories appeared in the press yesterday that the Conservatives have set up an "anti-Miliband unit". Acres of newsprint were devoted to this revelation. It shouldn't have merited an inch of space. All political parties have a political unit which examines the utterances of top level politicians in other parties. Someone inside the Conservative party may well have been deputed to draw up a dossier on Miliband - there would have been a dereliction of duty if they hadn't. But for this to become a major story shows how bereft of imagination many of our political reporters have become.

Let me make clear, given the choice of Brown or Miliband as Labour leader I'd take Brown every time. The British people have made up their minds about Gordon Brown. They don't like him and after last week's budget their respect for him has diminished too. If Miliband challenged him, it would draw him out and maybe we might actually have some proper debate about the future of both the Labour Party and the country. Miliband's "I-can" article in this week's New Statesman says more about the future than Gordon Brown has said in 10 years. If I were a Brown supporter I'd be worried about why my candidate couldn't articulate such thoughts as well."

Well Ian I cannot agree that Millipeded articulated anyting other than his transparent smarm but thankyou for clarifying that for us all !!

Leaseholders Stabbed in The Back

RTB Leaseholders are the product of single most successful policy of the Thatcher years; Right to Buy (RTB). This created 4 million new homeowners who are natural Tory voters; 10,000 of those live in Islington, figure around 20,000 voters on an average of two voters per household.

This Government has savagely attacked RTB and in response to pressure from extreme left elements within their own party slashed the RTB discount to a paltry £16K (down from a full 65% in the Tory years). The result?

An obvious collapse in the number of RTB property sales leading to the first fall in home ownership in 68 years. See

This Government’s pathetic effects to replace RTB with incomprehensible and ill thought out “Social Homebuy” options have been an expensive waste of time and money. See

Are you listening Tory Big Wigs !!!

Back the extension of the £10,000 recharge cap to cover the 8500 HfI leaseholders (and not just the 1500 PFI street property leaseholders - who are already capped thanks to this Tory legislation)

This will be good for the Tory mayoral campaign and good for the leaseholders cause. They are organised and they are angry , they can make a difference

" Help" ( Its just a cry for help)

I am glad to see that the baton for world champion pompous arsed bore has passed from Rachel……..wha.. sorry nodded off there for a second , to the above . I assume his attack ( on the ugly thread) is for the purposes of getting some attention and as a kindly soul I shall not deny the poor lonely chap. I have looked at his blog and it has the unintentional comic sententiousness of youth. Quite sweet really but you can’t comment , I think it’s a “ Look at me “ exercise

I was obliged to email him

“The aroma of injured pride, seeping ,as it does from the brackish waters of an ignored backwater, have reached my nose.
You have taken this infinitely more seriously than it was intended and you have not followed or understood the arguments that develop from the collision of Patriotism and the Moslem threat to it from the theocratic far right . You express yourself incidentally like a sulky child in a second language and , somewhat ironically, you appear to have absolutely nothing to add yourself . Please feel free to turn up and pontificate on the open veldt where you will find your paucity of breadth will be exposed .

You are a desperately conformist brown nosing auto erotically inclined sad little fuckwit and it saddens me that such people should exist”

And don`t you forget it boy ! Thats me bravest keyboard warrior in the West . Yeee ha

Harsh but .......

'BBC bosses apologised last night after a radio presenter said Faye Turney would be to blame if she were decapitated. Tony Butler, of BBC West Midlands, said women should not be in war zones. He then referred to decapitation, saying "it would serve her right" for being in Iraq' - The Sun.

I cannot help but notice that the fact of a woman being captured has compromised us somewhat and I have also noticed that women police are uable to be effective at football grounds or amongst crowds. We are now about to women and I will have to lose a bit of weight before they will be able to carry me screaming from a burning building . Tony Butler is obviously a twerp but perhaps we do have have a think about the roles a woman can actually fill. Head of State , PM,..that sort of thing

My Ideal Death The Winner

Amongst a few magnificent entries I think the best belly laugh was Raedwald

"Spontaneous Human Combustion would be my fave; I'd train by reading Guardian editorials for a fortnight interspersed with tapes playing readings from the New Statesman (read by Peter Mandelson) as I slept. Then smuggle myself into a meeting of the NEC disguised as a cake ..."


Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Faces Death One Does Not

Bradley Tucker does not...meanwhile in Ohio....

DEATH Row Scot Kenny Richey (on death row) says he is confident appeal court judges will rule in his favour and release him. "Thankfully he still retains his sense of humour. His conviction was in Ohio 20 years ago for an arson attack that claimed the life of a toddler.”
This article:

. For some crimes justice will be served by no other means than the Death Penalty. It is not a matter of a strict balancing of the scales . I do not suggest we torture Rose West for years and then kill her ( which she deserves ) ,but rather a sacramental act showing that Society loves the departed ,not just the convenience of those who remain. There are problems of course .The most serious is perhaps the damage done to the executioner and the rest of us who by proxy We will become like Hamlet “The deeds creature “, dehumanised.
I think not .It is unpleasant for a soldier to kill, (ideally), but it is his duty . So is it ours to bear this burden , and the huge expence by the way. The problem of a miscarriage of justice is reasonable although exaggerated ,and non existent for the few cases I have in mind . There are about 40 people on real life sentences at the moment.They should all be dead for what they have done.

I don`t know that Bradley Tucker (the petty criminal who shot Peter Woodahams shoule be one of these , but lets at least make the victim a person.

In her statement,( Bereaved mother ) Miss Bowden, a classroom assistant, said: "Peter was the doting dad and Sam the daddy's boy. They were inseparable. Peter loved the time he got to spend with Sam, taking him to the park and on adventures, reading him bedtime stories.

"Sam believes that his daddy is a star now in heaven. It breaks my heart to hear him when he points up and says: 'Look, daddy is looking down on me'. When he has been given sweeties, he puts them down and will leave some for his daddy."

Murder is a special crime. There is no recompense and there is no recovery. Our penal and judicial system has slowly lost confidence in the rightness of punishment as a valid concept at all and our people be come more ignobly interested in empathising than rightness every day. We need a Death Penalty and we need Juries with the moral courage to convict. We must turn our backs on this selfish touchy feely all purpose sympathy which allows injustice to grow like a stinking weed .

A Good Death

When they come to your front door , how you gonna come with your hand on your head or on the trigger of a gun…”( Clash Guns of Brixton)SO what will you do when Milliband and “ Engsoc “ , come for you ? What death would sum up for you the drama of your life .If you are a symphony what is the last note to make it of a piece ?


Newmanias Death- I will go in a spatter of sub machine gun fire my hand flung in yearning to the Green of English Fields which though they call it Euro Region One will be forever England . My Blood and tears will mingle with the Red of the English flag and sink deep into the roots and soil below.

Croydonians Death
- C will be under interrogation form the Broonite “ Social Worker combined Judge “ kill squad. They will have put up with him for a while in the hope his shallow Market rationalism can be turned but now he has to answer.
“ Croydonian Do you love the state ? Yes or no!!!”
“ Well is love really valid for a notional entity it’s a contract surely and you ……..”
“ Answer the question , one more sneer and you are dead””
“ Is that one more including this one or Arrrrrrrcggg!”

Thus he joins Newmania in the soil of the Country

The Hitch-

When he is eventually run to earth , having harried from his Lake District fastness with a band of sharp shooting guerrillas ,I like to imagine he will smile with satisfaction at the firing squad. One lad will lose his nerve and the Hitch will walk across calmly adjust the setting of his gun for him and request that he behaves like a soldier and get on with it .

One more ..Verity . She is far to seriously witty for this blog but I have admired her for ages . This is way I see it ….

For months now the state have searched for the flame thrower propagandist whose material surfaces like a malignancy in every bar and club in the land . . Though her followers try to hide her she knows that soon she must be found and decides that today will be that day.
She walks to the club Gethsemane ,a cool Jazz bar, puts on a old Nina Simone record ,and waits for the “ Social Workers “ to arrive ………

Outside they hear the rattle of machine gun, and sound of a plangent phrase playing over and over …….

In truth we would cry like babies I expect but ideally how would you like to be seen at the last

Been Rumbled

In the New-Statesman today they blithely call the Labour Constituency an alliance between the old Labour activists and the Middle England Public Sector. In other words the parasites against the tax payers. Well ok that is a generalisation about the Public sector but you know what I mean .
Yesterday I was “appraised “ by my employers , and ( amongst many glowing personal tributes) I was found to be spending to much of the companies time on the internet for my own personal use . New fascistic monitoring procedures are due to crunch down like the jack boot of a Nazi on the head if a freezing Pole insurgent,( who has held out in the woods flitting form shadow to shadow for months ). So blogging will have to relegated to lunchtimes and my own time . Yeeeesh !!!
Its like dying .
So I will have to deal with the Milliband challenge and the scum bags that have our people later. In the meantime a bit of light hearted nonsense. , T -Boy was being his usual apologist for the Broon Stalinist state yesterday and I mentioned how I would like to go is the bastards came for me....see next post

Ugly Political Women

Arlene are the weakest link ...Goodbye

"As a Member of the European Parliament for the North West, keeping in touch with and giving information to the millions of people I represent is not easy!"

Well I was enjoying this but in view of the awesome experience of being criticised for bad taste by The Hitch (!!!!????) and my own kindly nature ,the competition is now over. I shall not even say who the winner is .I may do men at some point to even up the game.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ugly Women in Politics Continued

Councillor Bella Saltmarsh COME ON DOWN!!!......should that be dug up from a salt marsh ?

Thanks anon

Ugly Women in Politics ..Contenders Ready !

Jackie Ballrd ...wooo hoo she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch and she is the current leader.

My compliments to the malice of Croydonian .What a monster !

Ugly Women in Politics Continued

And its Bridget Fox over taking hairy Beast on the rail .its Fox by a Head Fox is pulling away yes it looks as though Fox is indeed the ugliest Women in Politics unless unless there are any more ?

Phillip Shipley MP Wants Union Jack on Mosques

Me likey Phillip Shipley. Me likey very much....................

"Issues that Philip feels particularly strongly about are maintaining law and order, tackling asylum and immigration problems, ....... in October 2005 became the first Conservative MP to openly state that Britain should withdraw from the EU. Philip is also the Parliamentary Spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness!"

And he is putting his mouth where his mouth is on the Muslim problem/

"An MP today urged Muslims across the country to fly the Union flag on mosques to show their unity and commitment to Britain.Shipley MP Philip Davies wants Muslim communities to adopt the measures after similar demands were made in Australia.He argued that such a move would "publicly show everyone that those in the Muslim community are very keen to integrate "
Yes me also likey Australia where such things are happening already and have said so much lately .There has been a range of responses


Ishtiaq Ahmed, spokesman for Bradford Council of Mosques, described the suggestion as "grossly insulting"."Where will it end? Will people want us to wear the Union Jack on our clothing to prove we are loyal."


Rashid Awan, president of the Pakistan Society of West Yorkshire,. He said: "It is unthinkable and unwise. To fly the flag does not really resolve the problem ( He admits there is one )................People could fly the flag but still be being fed the wrong message and breeding hatred inside. We have to win hearts and minds...."Flying the flag is a wonderful thing and can create unity, but mosques are a place of worship and house of God and does not belong to one nation, but every nation.”

Now I think that is not unbalanced except as we know Mosques are not only places of worship and Islam is inherently aggressive and political as a religious requirement. In fact they belive that every nation belongs to Mosques .Nonetheless I have the pleasant feeling that someone in the Muslim community has noticed that we have had enough.

Ugliest Woman in Politics (more entrants )

Thankyou Hunter a good effort .
Annabel Goldie


Ugly Entrants ( Ugliest Woman in Politics )

Gwyneth Dunwoody is a strong contender but Europe ( far left Grouping ) with its wide resources yields
Figueiredo, Ilda-Second From Top

Thanks to Croydonian bit surely we can do a bit better than that

Who Is The Ugliest Woman In Politics

Imagine the mind of a Bel ( see Blog Roll ) in the body of a Marina …….Hmmmmmmm ( see Political Talent)

Knowing my luck if I ever get stranded on Desert Island with politically aware woman it would be Margaret Beckett. ..or Jaqui Lait …Emily Thornberry .or …jeeez there are some horrors . Who is the ugliest woman politico in the country I wonder. The competition would be flaccid…......I mean stiff.

Choice Cuts

On the Blog Roll I keep I am trying to keep in touch with them all and if one starts to bore me I will take it off. Its isn`t important but a bit different to the endless unread stuff everyone leaves around….( which actually is useful for me so don`t stop) )
My favourite posts from yesterday were

Croydonian with a Private Eye Style classis on La Toynbee`s “ Ever changing moods"

Bel is my current virtual swoon and she has superb Alic Miles quote demonstrating the congenitally inward gaze of the Labour Party

“Look at the widespread interpretation of Mr Straw’s appointment as a “coup” for the Brown campaign. Only in a sort of fantasy Westminster politics it is. Mr Straw, as is obvious to anyone with half an eye on politics rather than a living in it, is simply interested in a plum position in the subsequent Brown Government. Securing Mr Straw’s agreement to be campaign manager must have been about as hard as securing a donkey’s agreement to spend a day in a carrot shop.”

To make up for stealing it can I also mention that her thoughts on Labour`s cavalier attitude to the protection of legal rights ( Bling) just below are magnificent as well. Visit her !!!

Its Murder

Todays Mirror Front Page


BRITISH teacher Lindsay Hawker was found strangled and buried in a bathtub of sand.

Mirror 19th march

“ Bob dies in Drink and Drugs overdose. EXCLUSIVE. Cricket legend Bob Woolmer dies last night of a suspected overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol

I think I `ll let the bath of sand story develop

Political talent

Marina Pepper ( Lib Dum Councillor)

Marina Baker (born Marina Augusta Baker on 8 December 1967) is an English former model and actress turned journalist, children's book author and local politician (now known as Marina Pepper). She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for March 1987.

As I was abused for featuring the female form , in a tasteful and artistic way, Visit here for pictures of the ardent eco campaigner who is the best argument for the Liberal Party I have seen .

but seriously ....

Speaking of Political talent I hope that David Cameron does include a role for Ken Clarke. He got Europe utterly wrong but then so did many including some of the architects. I see rumours to that effect in the DT Today and hope they are true

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prague , City Of Sin .....

'The Czech Football Association today fined the national team, which lost 1:2 to Germany in the Euro Cup qualifier on Saturday, one million crowns for the stormy celebrations of defender Tomas Ujfalusi's birthday after the match, team's spokesman Lukas Tucek told reporters today. The team's coach Karel Brueckner said he had been considering his resignation over the incident..... Sip ( a tabloid) reported that ...the players were drinking in Prague's luxurious hotel Praha where they were accommodated and invited several prostitutes to their hotel room in early morning hours. ......... The Prague Daily Monitor.

What are they whispering ?

Poor women, everything is against them isn’t it and nothing is ever their responsibility . They decide they do not wish to participate in the democratic process and that is somehow whose fault? Men of course. Whilst cruising the low life haunts of desperate media creep and salivating Brown Nose,Recess Monkey ,I came across this nugget which ,initially, I thought was funny.

“Anne Snelgrove (South Swindon) (Lab): I joined a 98-strong group of Labour women MPs( The much respected Blair babes)., … so far this year the Conservative party has selected 17 men and no women?
Mr. Straw: A debate on this issue would be very important. I note that more people called “Mark” have been selected as Conservative candidates than have women.”

Just for second I snorted with glee”.That’s right ; what an irrelevant distinction . Why not discuss how many men called Mark are selected, its just as politically important. Discuss how many men a are called Steve or Kevin and you might even get to grips with class exclusion”. Sadly , it is as you would expect a flaccid politically correct (but factually incorrect), plea to be more ,“sensitive to women”, passed on by a fawning courtier to the establishment .
Only thanks to the confusingly named “ Sir Igor …Judge” and learned friends have we established that conceivable a woman might drunkenly consent to sex and it still be her responsibility . Jesus when I think the horrors I have morphed into Beer glass beauties over the years , they are not the only ones who wish they could go back in time on occasion. Is nothing their fault ever?

We know that women cannot “ Win “ without the help of the Pignot swilling circuit of well connected “ W2W” mafia by which the Etonian top brass take the Conservative Party from its grass roots Lower Middle-class support and give it to their posh media girlfriends . This has the effect of rendering any woman candidate immediately under suspicion of being a Cameroon glove puppet . No doubt , they will largely turn out to be just that . Shame for the good ones but that’s what Stalinist quotas will do for you .

Meanwhile the Charidee industry has been hijacked by shadowy wimmins groups and the recent red nose preenathon gave staggering amounts of its blackmail loot to these cultural lever pullers . Note how they hide their activities !
£112447 – The Women’s Aid Foundation, £114,501 The Family Welfare Association ( domestic abuse ), £43,000 Women’s Integrated Services. 60 % of the African slice went to women related charities most of which I have never heard of . £500,000 for the Women’s support group, Childhope UK turns out to be spending most of its £857,314 on the street girls of Bangladesh. .

Back in the UK from “ Children in Need”, there are the sillies of course £59,000 for Women-zone Community Centre Bradford that provides and gym and steam room for local women.£12,481 went to “Women in Prison “ and organisation that campaign against the incarceration of female prisoners . Now that’s not a child is it ?

(Incidentally £56,123 went to the children’s legal centre which funds mischievous cases on behalf of children like Shabima Begum and her Jilbab crusade . In other words straight onto the pocket of Cherie Booth who represented her…A WOMAN who typically has operated behind the scenes.).

So it would appear that the old left / wimmin`s studies nexus is alive and well and plotting behind the innocent red nose. With the posh Cameroons being handed out power in return for the possession of breasts as well, the forces of feminine despotism are coming for us in a pincer movement.
Its like going back to the school playground. You think they are watching you admiringly playing football but when you turn your head quickly they are giggling and WHISPERING TO EACHOTHER .

What are they whispering ?
"Psssst lets get rid of the men entirely shhhhhhhh!"

See City Unslicker

Superb punchy piece from the slicker entitled "Gordon's impact on your property choices " He is on my blog roll all of which I try to keep up with and like . As ever the slicker does not waste a word and its well worth a look.

Monday, March 26, 2007

How To Spoil It for Kazakhstan

'Zhumaskaliyev Stuns Serbia For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan' –

The Observer go all Borat as Kazakhstan record their first competitive win.

Poor things

Appeasement and its Myths

Well the provocative and annoying , Tory Boys Should Grow Up is here making a nuisance of himself.
This is the last word …by me . I wonder if he’ll be back . Doubt it .

TBSGU-If you think anyone on the Left could respect such clap trap you are really living in cloud cuckoo land. And we all have a duty not to remain silent in response.

NEWMANIA- You pontificating child , do you really talk like that in real life …you must be a laughing stock ?. If you are going to pretend that you occupy some academic promontory then you are a tragically deluded a faintly pathetic little man. What left ? A mish mash of self serving a loosely connected whines. You stand for noone and you are ,“ verging” on the traitorous “..

TBSGU- yes there are Moslem nutters, just as there are Christian nutters,

NEWMANIA-No it is not the same . I daresay you could trawl say America and find some loon Christians but you suggestion of equivalence is wildly misleading to the point of being an outright lie. Your laughter is the laughter of Lord Haw Haw .36% of young Muslims believe that a Muslim that converts to another faith should be punished by death and 15% openly admit that they admire Al Qaeda ,as per Policy exchange.45 % of British Muslims believe that 9.11 was an Israeli/ American conspiracy. As many as 100,000 British Muslims believe that the 7.7 atrocities were justified . That is Dame Eliza Manningham Buller ..heard of her ?
No other ethnic group has ever demanded the replacement of law with their own.
Can I assume that you aware of the some of remarks coming from high profile clerics in this country…for example “Jews are kuffarrs , women have insufficient intellect and gays should be thrown from the mountain…said Abu Usamah“…can’t think of a Christian equivalent here and I can quote you many more far far worse some of them from a couple of hundred yards from where I sit.
We have been lied to about immigration time and time again, recently over the EU influx ,but on along term and deliberate basis on the sub continent and African influx which is a lot harder to assimilate. Arch Bishop Sematu criticised the BBC for being afraid to criticise Muslims . Is he a racist to ? Our local Paper is certainly afraid to criticise the Finsbury Park Mosque . Do you have such a Mosque next door . Are you aware of its history , there hasn’t been a cache of guns found for a few years but the same people go there. Is Trevor Phillips a racist? Even he has worried about the extent of immigration . Every DAY 1500 come and 1000 leave in what has been called white flight ( George Walden).Bishop Nazir Ali claimed that Muslim cleric coming from abroad were indoctrinating children …is he a racist.
Why are ethnic Racial attacks in London are increasing to and the biggest sufferers are the Jews . The one race the left hate and do not include in their “pity”
Did you know that in half the known racially motivated murders between 1995 and 2004 the victim was white . Is this what you hear from the media . No because we are lied to, Immigrants are shunted up the housing list because they have more children and more need- fact. The people that applaud this are never the same people who are unable to get a house. Are you on a housing list ? I thought not
The people who so enjoy our lovely multicultural country never ever ever send their children to schools failing utterly to cope with the 8 languages that are spoken there that are already under the most social pressure in the first place . Dianne Abbot sent her children to public school despite the glare of publicity because they are black She is typical of the hypocrisy . Where are you sending your children to school . The human dump up the road from me . I think not .
Nick Cohen , who you say you like but seems to have left your side mentioned that the BBC will have far right groups as baddies , Christian fundamentalists as baddies but never the real enemies of the country in case it offends them.

TBSGU“here is something between attacking extremist factions within Islam and attacking the whole religion as you appear to be doing”

NEWMANIA-Really when the BMC went to the British government and threatened us with more bombing unless our foreign policy is to their liking ? This is an excuse for your vacillation cowardice and cant, now all the more querulous as your views look like those of a dim sixth from debater for the 1970s

TBSGU-order to deal with fascists like Saddam it is best not to conflate such action with an attack on an entire relgion. There are very serious problems in Iran and Sudan at the moment - and my guess is that the bad guys /…

NEWMANIA… Appeasement will you never learn ! Did you support the war do you now , yes or no ?

TBSGUor keeping a safe distance from multiculturalism I must ask my East European friends and black relatives. Most of your comments in this area are just plain ignorant and verging on racism.

NEWMANIA-Oh aren’t you please with your black relatives I `m so impressed. How generous of you ! .Odd how my ignorance seems to encompass a far greater knowledge of the subject than your …whatever it is . Do you have any idea how funny this sort of thing is. We already know you are pleased with yourself . Further evidence is not required

TBSGU- These are serious issues which need to be dealt with seriously - …

NEW MANIA -Oh please learn to speak and stop tacking together slabs of cliché. .

TRSGU-overstating the costs of asylum seekers (i.e lying) as a means of creating fear and winning a few votes is never justifiable - but you seem unable to say that it is wrong.

NEWMANIA-The annual bill for failed asylum seekers by the way is about £40,000,000 there are about 6000 …a very minor part of the equation but you brought it up

TBSGU- ivolvement of religion in British Socialism - best to stay silent about subjects of which you know little -

NEW MANIA -Yes good idea . You can have the history of the Labour Party and I will have everything else that there is (although I know a fair bit about the Labour Party actually). I take it you are now going to shut up unless requested for the details of Kier Hardies tailor .
I do not in any case accept that case Christianity and Socialism were obviously contemporaries that it is meaningful to say it is a progenitor of socialism. There were as many Christian Conservatives and non conformism was more important in Liberalism in the 19th century certainly . There are also many early socialist group that are anti clerical in a way you would not see in the other parties . Harold Wilson was seeking to minimise the continental Marxist element at a time when many of his close colleagues had been communists and the of left wing academia was still ( absurdly ) supportive of Russia and pro unilateral disarmament. That is why he wanted to misleadingly domesticate what is at heart Marxism , not Christianity.
This was the context of the quote you used ,and if you are honest and know anything about it you will know that I am right about his motivation Christianity was ubiquitous in our culture .Thats all

TBSGU-Could I suggest that you try and speak to real normal Moslems

Normal Muslims like the one quoted above , like all of the 7.7 bombers whose families were “unaware “ of their involvement .” Normal Muslims all over London that deny 7.7 ever happened.
I `m sure they open up to you though.! There are some moderate Muslims and they are useful idiots for the large minority of those that hate this country and the tacitly approving majority. They are often Lords or academics and understand less than anyone of their religion-Can I suggest you get out of what can only be your disappearing small social circle and start to question your puerile presumption that you know better than anyone else.

The effect is comic ,which is as kind as I can be under the circumstances. Your respect would concern me if anything .It is worth nothing , if that .The 'left" is dying . That’s why you are here .State control has failed and that is why you are left with your hatred of the white working class and the country. You call this being "nice"
Blimey that was fun ...I think I`ll post it.

( and indeed I have done )

The Ages of Drinking

I had a bit of a messy evening on Friday , one of those occasions when you really are not sure if you behaved unforgivably badly or not . The best I can say is that I think I got away with it . On Saturday I felt old .In pleasant melancholy I constructed the whimsy that ones life is marked with period of alcohol enhanced reality , they lubricate transitions from one age to another. Is this why on so many occasions I have read the name Armitage Shanks ,wobbling gently from one foot to another .

The first drink I can remember was at Christmas . It is another time and another me , my Auntie Gwen was still alive and we were all at there semi in St. Albans . I must have been seven or eight . My father was still ascending at Lloyds and all my cousins were around with their gifts and the gaudiest baubled tree in the word . Its long echoey tunnel to such a memory and it may not comeback to me as it was . I think , I had a snowball and I thought it wonderful .There were glowing faces laughing at me getting it up my nose, and I was a full or bubbles as the sweet drink I lapped like puppy. To think that was thirty five years ago if. . There is always something of a hermetically sealed quality to any Christmas ;its almost out of time .
Then some years later we are in the Elephant and Castle . near Wheat Hampstead in Hertfordshire and I must have been thirteen or so . My father , brother and I are in the garden and dad has quietly bought me a beer. I disliked the taste . I couldn’t see the point of it at all , it was bitter and tasted , if of anything , like rust . .I said something like ,“ Why does everyone like drinking this so much I mean , it doesn’t taste nice at all,”. My father assured me that I would come round to the idea.
Do we always remember our youth as full of sunshine ? I remember gold and green and half closing my eyes so I could almost look straight at the sun and feeling its heat on my face
At sixteen I was not exactly a hardened drinker but I was getting there . There were seven or eight of us and we had been to the civic disco and then rushed around the Town getting drunker and drunker. There was a sort of uncaring lust for experience ,that drove everyone on and the game became who could go the furthest . I wasn’t the ring leader and in fact I was slightly an outsider ..somewhat un-cool , so I had to go as far as anyone . I smashed a few windows with the others ,and after each adventure on someone’s part ,the shout would go up “Run Away “,… “ Run Away” which got funnier and funnier. We were running and shouting so hard that the sweat was a sheen my face and the streets were like dark rivers you just had to thrown yourself into .What would a party of indestructible gods do next but run along the roofs of a street of cars. Then the Police van pulled up alongside us
A few months later we were handed fines at juvenile court which our parents were obliged to pay. By the time I met the rest for a meeting with our Solicitor I had already been expelled from school and we all laughed about that as well. There is always laughing when you are drinking isn’t there .
I was at University and in uncontrollable lust with a girl called Phillipa . . I had a car that I had persuaded my mother to lend me ,and the two of us went to stay in a B and B in Cirencester . It was sunny again and we spent a lot of time in the chocolate box hills , and a lot of time inside . I drove to a club from which I emerged from so drunk that I could not see .Trying to get back there were three roads at any point I might choose to take and the police spotted me because I was on the pavement going to wrong way up a one way street at about three miles an hour . By this time I was onto spirits and I was literally fighting drunk in the Police station I could only think of Philipa who , it turned out ,was only seeing me to make someone else jealous . …I felt so lost when I found out ,I was sick for weeks , actually physically sick . Imagine loving someone like that ,just someone you liked the look of ....strange

In my thirties , I was in the City and had been there for a while . I had already been married once and this me has little in common with the student of the child . We went to the Capricorn where “ Business’” is transacted between men and women . My boss came over and said ,” Look I’ve got four girls come on lets go“.I have never been keen on prostitutes The truth is , I am terrified of catching anything , and at that time AIDS was much in the news .. Still along I went and I was left with one of the girls ,a leggy African woman about twenty who pulled my suit off as I collapsed on the bed . We had been drinking solidly for about twelve hours and as I look around I hardly recognised myself or the world .There had been was smiles and flickering lights in a dark warm places and here I was on a small white bed in room with the wallpaper coming off . I think I was sobering up …and in any case had little interest in the girl . I suddenly decided to go home . She was so mad she threw my shoes out window and chased me into the street hitting me with a stiletto . It was raining and in my socks I learnt the meaning of the word scamper.

Then there as the time my wife and I went to Windsor and spent the afternoon writing our novel and planning what we would do with the money. Or in Harry’s bar in Paris feeling cool or even the night when we met in The East India Fenchurch Street.

I `m lucky really , I haven’t come to irretrievable harm, although it has been close and I can’t honestly say I would have missed it all. For all the dangers and delusive euphoria there is a truth in drunkenness and to this day I find it hard to trust a man who doesn’t drink. What could he really know about anything . To be a young man and alive and laughing at everything is worth a lot.As a frienf of mine use to say

" Are you here for a good time ..or just a long time ! "

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