Friday, March 30, 2007

" Help" ( Its just a cry for help)

I am glad to see that the baton for world champion pompous arsed bore has passed from Rachel……..wha.. sorry nodded off there for a second , to the above . I assume his attack ( on the ugly thread) is for the purposes of getting some attention and as a kindly soul I shall not deny the poor lonely chap. I have looked at his blog and it has the unintentional comic sententiousness of youth. Quite sweet really but you can’t comment , I think it’s a “ Look at me “ exercise

I was obliged to email him

“The aroma of injured pride, seeping ,as it does from the brackish waters of an ignored backwater, have reached my nose.
You have taken this infinitely more seriously than it was intended and you have not followed or understood the arguments that develop from the collision of Patriotism and the Moslem threat to it from the theocratic far right . You express yourself incidentally like a sulky child in a second language and , somewhat ironically, you appear to have absolutely nothing to add yourself . Please feel free to turn up and pontificate on the open veldt where you will find your paucity of breadth will be exposed .

You are a desperately conformist brown nosing auto erotically inclined sad little fuckwit and it saddens me that such people should exist”

And don`t you forget it boy ! Thats me bravest keyboard warrior in the West . Yeee ha


Anonymous said...

*sigh* after that I have to say that I'm quite turned on.. you certainly have a way with words and if you can get your tongue round that delicious diatribe, just think what it could do for a woman!

Ms S?

Newmania said...

Phillipa are bad a very very good way !!1

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint but anyone who can write as creatively as that must be either female or gay.

Newmania said...

EK you bitch ..he shrieked

Anonymous said...

"Choose your weapon, you cow !"
He retorted as he went for his Versace handbag. Mikepower reached instinctively for the strap on his Jimmy Choo leopard skin kitten heel (a' la Ellee) and began to stumble as he struggled to stay ballanced on one nylon clad leg ...

Anonymous said...

Tuh! You're just jealous Kev because I had my arms around him this week.

There's always the weekend..
If Croydonian doesn't get there first!

Newmania said...

You are seriously good at this EK...worryingly good .( Great stuff !!)

Phillipa thats out little secret

Anonymous said...

Yeah - "out little secret" is right honey! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Philipa - I want to get my arms around him, gerrorf !

Praise indeed, N.

Newmania said...

Kev-There is much less to this than meets the eye sadly . Phillipa has a wicked sense of humour at times.

tory boys never grow up said...

Hey what's this guy doing - I thought it was job to annoy you. And whats more he picks up on some of your least objectionable work!

By the way, I understood perfectly well what you and your French "marxist" pal were saying about Orwell - I just chose to ignore it because it was extremely silly - I don't think that is makes sense to misinterpret someone's work and then ignore what they say about their own political views because it contradicts your misinterpreation. Not sure what your reaction would be if anyone tried the same on you - well actually I could guess.

I'm rather worried that so many of the writers you are promoting in your monoculturalist regime have been open to foreign influence (perhaps this may be the nature of "British" culture)

Interested to find that you are a supporter of Arsenal - probably the most multi-cultural team in the UK (leaving aside the Russian mafia team). Must say Arsenal used to be my most hated side - before that nice French man came in and taught them how to play beautiful football.

Newmania said...

T Boy - Not just the recently googled M. Barthe but all serious literary criticism has long since dispensed with the seperate subject of author biography interesting though it may be. Poets often have no idea what they have done. It doesn`t work that way.
In the case of Orwell when his most famous book depicts a totalitarian state run by a Party called "Eng Soc" it appears fainly bizarre to claim him for the statist centralising micro controlling Broonite haters of the human. I see Millipede is trying to wriggle out of this socilaism problem but New Statesman are happily anticipating the return of redistribution to repectability under Brown. Not that in fact it went far.

Arsenal..well I used to be quite interested but I liked the roundhead stage as much as the gallic cavaliers.

Writers are usually trying to escape influence and find a voice . Coleridge never managed it really. Influences? Well its not something you can codify. nYou would have a better case with Music and far better with visual arts .
Language is key though, talking ( communication skills you would say), clubs and institutions Common Law tase and manners these are the country as opposed to the state which hates all its enemies and has crushed them one by one. The Conservative Party did little to prevent this until Margaret Thatcher and even she was unable to turn the tanker round much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tory Boy Never Grow Up

How's the spots ?


I tried to respond to you on Iain Dale's but the original post has now dropped off.

Pretty direct question there "Where were you on the night of ..."

Are you a copper ???

Don't I get cautioned, a copy of the Codes of Practice, told of my right to legal representation ... cup o' tea and a Jacobs Club buscuit at regular intervals ???

OK, Guv - I admit it: I hadn't thought out my words very well.

tory boys never grow up said...

I don't pretend to be an expert on literary criticism so what you say about its current state may well be true - but that in itself doesn't mean they are right. I take your point about writers trying to escape influence and establish a voice so that they may something different in their text. My own guess is that things are not so black and white. However, I think your interpretation of "Eng Soc" may be somewhat different from that of most others. Given the times, I suspect Orwell was trying to warn that it was (and still is) perfectly possible for a totalitarian state to grow out of English socialism - I have no problem in such an interpretation whatsover - but this is something which can happen with any political philosophy (look at the other 2 totalitarian blocs in 1984). You then make a somewhat unsupported assertion that this is bound to happen with the left - Orwell never said that 1984 was inevitable and everythink else he wrote pointed to his support for the non totalitarian left.

Whether you like it or not there is a strong non totalitarian left tradition in this country - and my personal view is that this has in the main been well represented by the Labour Party.

I think that you are reading far too much into the differences between Blair/Brown/Milliband - in terms of real politics the differences are very small - the arguments at present are all about personalities and positioning for the future. My guess is that Milliband will end up getting a big promotion under PM Brown (just like Jack Straw has already negotiated).

I would never say communication skills rather than talking - I hate such consultant speak - human resources, rather than personnel is a particular pet hate of mine - Im a person not a resource. That much I did learn from Orwell.

For once your piece on West Indian immigrants had some merits. There are also quite marked differences in how immigrants to this country have fared at different times.

Anonymous said...

Newmania - "There is much less to this than meets the eye"? I'm saying nothing. Aw bless :-)

Newmania said...

T Boy- He chose English Socialism not something else That has a meaning .He was aware of Soviet Communism and its totalitarian tragedy ..Remember this was when the left in this country were sympathetic and apologetic Still if you want to say anti totalitarian well fine . Anti state would be better as it is a satire not a prophecy. Statism has come from the left. I hope there is no-one in the Labour Party who actually supports Totalitarianism ? I would not be at all surprised if there were some ,in the 20th century there were many. Terrifying and come to think of it in our local Labour loony left there are many SWP and Hard Left activists with no interest in Freedom or democracy even now. Hodge the bitch is in Barking I believe handing to the BNP now . They haven’t gone anywhere
The left have to support the state and they do it chiefly by stealing money and therefore choice and power from the individual. I cannot see any end to this and I would expect a lot more of it from Broon.

I am not convinced on you idea that the Labour Party are really homogenous . Clarke said he wanted to combine the Old labour Activists with Middle England Public Sector Professionals . Barring a smattering of Metropolitan attitudinisers that is the Labour Vote . Also they get the anti English vote in London inter alia from the Irish , the Muslims and a rainbow coalition of malcontents including the pinks . They and their allies in the Housing commissariat are brutal in attacking the Kulak leaseholders through Service charging and will stop at nothing to keep London poor . Without it thy have little in England except the North.

WF Deedes has long warned , as did Nock Cohen by the way , that this Blair Govt . was along way to the left of its image . His view was that the Brown Blair Punch and Judy was a put up along the lines of……

BLAIR-“ l`d like to let you keep some of your money but my partner …we;; he is a terrible Scottish Commie and he`ll be so mean to me “…Deedes say that was all a con and that Blair himself was never anything except a Socialist and tax raising spending addict.
I do not agree I think it becoming obvious now the Clause four moment never really happened. It certainly never happened in Islington and the Blair faction are in fact exceedingly weak in the Party . Without support in the country they have ceased to matter entirely remarkably quickly . Brown cannot now ignore his support and even if he wanted to he wouldn1t get far. Blair was never free to act. He has become more or less a Conservative ..or a stupendous liar
We are in for more of the creeping socialism and state control that we have already suffered and this is why the Labour Party will certainly lose at the next election . Try though they might to keep everyone poor and needy the sheer growth of the free world economy can not be kept out forever. The position of Scotland is crucial and I do not put it past the Broon to introduce PR to stop all and any government rather than lose power forever under the First past the post system. In fact England neds to reformulate it politics without a Party like the Labour Party at all . It would become more an opposition of shades of Libertarian and Conservative thinking.

Millipede by the way is already in our sights and couldn’t lead an egg and spoon race

" hate such consultant speak - human resources, rather than personnel is a particular pet hate of mine - Im a person not a resource"

I hate both ,they are both a waste of money dealing with pointless legisaltion and endless Governement crapola which they , in turn , love to add to . Oh goodness I `ve had some fun with H.R. over the years.Why are bureaucrats always the same ...and you want even more of the maggots .


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