Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tax Cuts Cause Growth

So Sunny Hundal seems to think and this is his source . Can we have some tax cuts then ? Call me a wizened old but oddly atractive cynic but I think if he thought that was true he would not be recommending the vast tax increases Red Ed has in mind for us .


Mark Wadsworth said...

This is a case of 'missing figures'.

Taxes may well have come down, but spending has gone up = much higher deficits (plus all the subsidies to banks that are not accounted for).

Deficits = higher taxes in future, deficits are a kind of stealth taxation.

So hooray for up front tax cuts, but in the current climate, spending cuts are far more important.

Newmania said...

The fact that deficits are taxing me next year is not at all lost on me Mark.

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