Thursday, November 04, 2010

Worstall Wrong

Usually like Tim Worstall but he is profoundly wrong here
Last time I looked I had the last word thusly .....

Tracey – Its about competing identities . Your atomised ‘ooman born with “Rights” , the National identity and the sinister European super state of which , like many dippy Liberals you are a useful idiotThe latter uses your sweetly jejune Enlightenment Liberalism,at times, to attack the nation state (In this case judicially ) .It also uses the disbursal of funds to regionalist movements .Eg Cornwall , Wales and so on.As you are support the judicial attack .I assumed you were also mentioning the regional attack .Old ground , keep up or shut up.
You have written supporting the rapist or murderer on the basis of individual “freedom” from the Nation. This is why I suggest that freedom and democracy are not theoretical things but culturally and communally based phenomena of which laws are only a partial expression. You are attacking a real thing , the integrity of the national laws and its underpinning or moral rights , with a piece of theoretical Liberal posturing about criminals .
If its as obvious as the fact a Duck is not “ The Bulgarian Navy in operations somewhere “ as you hilariously remark , then we agree .
You say “What scares me about the idea that we can just exclude those who attack the very framework etc is who gets to define those who are attacking the very framework.”We have evolved over the last thousand years a complex and constantly modified solution to the problem . It is called the Law and your concerns would apply equally if not more to incarcerating someone in the first place .

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