Saturday, October 30, 2010

Public Sector Pay

ONS shows it to be higher than Private Sector and still rising higher . As for the Firemen they are on £33,000 basic and up to £50,000 with over time and we know how that works. They have time for other jobs as well and I do not care what you say , an advert in the Standard would replace the lot of them.
I would like thenm to strike I would like them to be fired then I would like another lot to be hired at far less on proper working conditions . Come to think of it that goes for the whole Public Sector

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Nick Drew said...

letter from Germany (part 94)

Here in Angela Merkel's Deutschland, the railway signalmen are running a series of guerilla strikes

their plaint is that they are entitled to be the highest paid workers in Germany, and that they recently discovered that some other group is being paid more than they are

since we may assume that the workers on the shopfloor at (e.g.) BMW are on a pretty fair screw, what on earth are the signalmen getting ????

Blue Eyes said...

The fire fighters are not striking over pay.

Auntie Flo' said...

A number of our local firefighters work for me part-time. One works for me one day a week and doubles up at the local crematorium.

Come pay day, a bl**dy great fire tender pulls up outside my office and fire crew in full kit walk in :o)

Why do they have such boundless energy? You would too if you spent much of most days in the gym, playing footie, weightlifting or whatever, interspersed with a few hours slumped in front of the telly and meal breaks in your very own, cordon bleu kitchen diner

Oh...I forgot the odd, once in a blue moon, emergency call out.

This isn't heresay, by the way, seen it with my own eyes on numerous visits to our fire station. Nice life if you can get it...

Auntie Flo' said...

#Another Saturday night and I...#

am too bl**dy knackered to go out because I'm out campaigning and polling every bl**dy night and every bl**dy weekend.

Thank you, Mr Cameron, thank you Conservatives, this is not exactly what I gave up c 7 months of my life for prior to the election, in order to do my bit to get you into government.

Yet, here I am, less than 5 months on from the GE doing it all over again. The only difference being that this time the campaign is against you and I am spitting angry that you've forced me into this position. Stupid, gullible woman that I am, I'd foolishly thought you were the goodies and that being the bad guys was Labour's prerogative.

Newmania said...

Skilled manual workers under competition make about £25,000 pa working very much full time .A Fireman is not skilled .

I feel let down Flo I `mnot ata ll sure the housing benefits is thje right target so much as the easy one either.The Unions are not being disturbed

Newmania said...

Blue EYes - No I appreciate that but it is part of the equation when I decide whether I have any sympathy for them or not . The main part

Blue Eyes said...

I think it's all very well saying that firefighters are well paid compared to other manual labourers but there's a little bit more to it than that, isn't there?

Yes, 90% of the time they are not doing much, but occasionally they deal with the most extreme situations you can probably think of. They need to be people of calibre who aren't going to shirk it when the shit hits the fan. Who aren't going to clock off at the end of their shift if there's still a raging inferno going on.

The fire service is remarkably cheap, too. £60 a year for the average London household.

There are much bigger scandals in many many arenas. Don't you think it would be a more useful activity for the government to concentrate on them first?

Auntie Flo' said...

Fire fighters are skilled, newms. Think of all the 'elf and safety and political correctness courses - they have to do. Then they have to do equality and diversity courses they must do so they can do their jobs and hold Rainbow Days without upsetting minorities such as Gays or Transvestites.

Last but not least, most firefighters are qualified HGV drivers, a little appreciated, highly skilled accomplishment these days. Most HGV drivers have a darn site more skill than the average MP.

Bill Quango MP said...

Yes, 90% of the time they are not doing much, but occasionally they deal with the most extreme situations you can probably think of. They need to be people of calibre who aren't going to shirk it when the shit hits the fan.

Same could be said of the army BE.
A few years service and passed some courses and they could, with overseas and warzone allowances get £20k.
Fire-fighters should be very careful. Postal workers went on strike to stop their cushy life being disrupted and ended up worse off than if they'd negotiated a settlement. Same for BA staff.

Remember the last fire strike? Army came in and reported they'd never had such an easy time.
Of course firefighters should be paid well, but they should also realise that in the world of workers people do overtime unpaid, work weekends, work at home etc and get bugger all. My sympathy for their plight is quite low. Strike on Nov 5th and it changes to actively hostile.

60% of our stations are minimum crewed retained fire fighters.. that should tell them something..

Blue Eyes said...

Well I'm not averse to paying our squaddies a bit more either!

The money should be easy to find, just take a look at the legions of public administrators who get the good money and don't put themselves at any risk whatsoever.

Let's cut the unimportant stuff before we cut the good bits!

Newmania said...

My father is a qualified HGV driver Flo, did it in the army. Its not that amazing

BE it was obvious to both you and I that planned cuts were going to be a battle rather than a flick of a switch.
This is why I always felt the arguements about the rate of deficit cutting were a phoney war. Just as when you throw money around only a small amount gets to the places you intended it to when you cut the politically strong will retain most.
Unfortunately we have to deal with the world as it is .
Having said that Firemen are an obviously over rewarded group. Many if not most young men relish risks and will make their own if none are provided .
I am not impressed then with the supposedly heroic status of Firemen whose risks are nothing like those of a Demolition worker , a Scaffolder , a Roofer on half the money and working hard.

If you can put an ad in the Evening Standard and replace the lot of them they are overpaid . You quite easily could

Auntie Flo' said...

Has your father driven an HGV recently, newms? If he hasn't within the last 5 years he would need to completely retrain before he'd be allowed to even shunt an HGV around a yard.

The job and the training - and constant retraining required - have changed out of all recognition during the last decade. You need to be a professor to get a license these days.

Auntie Flo' said...

I've had it with the Conservatives, newms, they're just another New Labour. Harlow's beginning to hate them.

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