Friday, October 29, 2010

Tea Time Party?

Dave Ostler,a bitter old never -was , gone to seed ,turns out the sort of ,“humour”, Stalin ordered by the yard .Red Ed is becoming the leading exponent of hilarity-as-propaganda . This is from his speech to the sweaties

“We all care about endangered species in the Highlands and Islands, but we draw the line at Lib Dems”

I know I know light , spun sugar meets Pope . Pity the Oxbridge acolyte who spent long hours on that. Anyhoo the aforementioned Ostler has been directing his comedic genius to the absence of a British Tea Party movement . It struck me as nicely uncluttered with self awareness and thus revealing.


This is the real thing


JT said...

Just another £435 million to the EU every year then, didn't need any of that for yourself did you? Sorry old pal, I always knew call me Dave was a greasy spiv, and we should be getting out, but a certain Newmania thought that wasn't a conservative or popular proposal. Bet it's more popular now...

Newmania said...

I am not unaquainted with such feelings

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