Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween In Lewes

When I can to Lewes four years ago I was told to avoid getting into any whicker statuery, they are a bit nuts. Last night with the streets of Nevill shrieking with mini witches and warlocks, and some ace displays as well( respek), I did wonder what all these pagan hobgoblin-esque shenanigans meant.
Look at the bonfire, I know the history a bit , but the impression is of pandemonium, more Samhuin than Protestant. Last night my neighbour said " Aha...this is old school Lewes tonight... " What does it mean?
The area has been a bit witchy but it is also conspicuously Christian as well as almost religiously rational . Its a fascinating paradox .
So what is it with Lewes , the battle between Dionysian and Apollonian principles? Order and mayhem, reason and animal , Kirk and Spock, Holmes and Watson. Mind and body, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza ?
Is Lewes a uniquely theatrical exploration of the soul ?
Or are Lewesians just a bit nuts ?

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