Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Could Be Good !

Ex New Labour Ministers are getting into the back seats of cars and wondering why they are not moving .That , and the consternation of Polly Toynbee are sufficient to put me in a good mood. I am ,in fact, optimistic that there will be positives as well as negatives in this grand coalition. For examples if Vince Cable agrees there must be cuts this year then we have a wider support for what must be done. The decontamination of the ‘Brand’ is achieved a final and complete, and whisper it , the Liberals have always had some good ideas .
Marriage allowance was a nice gesture but chiefly symbolic , its will have to go and so may we see many vanity projects whilst the Politicians get on with the tough work .Is it even possible that some mutual understanding may emerge about Europe , objections to it , after all , include Liberal ones of anti elitism , democracy and unaccountable waste ? The subject could certainly use a little civilised debate

If someone could lock Chris Huhne in the loo until its all over my cup would be full but its pretty full anyway

Good Luck David Cameron and Nick Clegg


asquith said...

I am not feeling too bad.

I never supported this Tory inheritance tax policy in the first place, it won't be missed. Far better is this about raising the income tax threshold to help people who are trying to make a go of things.

I agree with the joint pupil premium idea & I always thought Camoron was right about NI contributions anyway.

I will be there to slag you (do I say you?) off if I think the welfare "reform" policy turns out to be punitive & unhelpful or on any other issue. I never joined a party but I prefer this government to the last one. Time will tell & the usual shite.

Newmania said...

Yes well one thing Liberals are going to have to learn are the joys of not being able to afford things . Its all choices

This Asquith is not a Conservative administation it is something new and I am amazed to find how much I like it .

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