Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fair Votes

On Electoral experimentation, the chief beneficiaries of the warped FPP system were New Labour .The country may accept a moderate move to a more proportional Parliament under AV but never PR.This would benefit the Liberals and to some extent the Labour Party . On the other hand equal seats will undo in one fell swoop all the gerrymandering of the last decade which will gain the Conservative Party some 5% on a uniform swing . That is much more serious and combined with English Laws will exclude New labour from England , at least , forever. Adieu
Combined with apart PR HOL we have a fair compromise with the reasonable complaint of the Lib Dems .If the country feels its wants to accentuate proportionality more then a referendum is not the impossibility it was . That the vote fixing New Labour have perpetrated is cleaned up en route is also reasonable .It was a great mistake for New Labour to leave the Conservative Party in control of the process


Auntie Flo' said...

"It was a great mistake for New Labour to leave the Conservative Party in control of the process"

Absolutely...that was my initial response to your post this morning. Liek you, I was begining to come around to the idea of this grand coalition.

But then, I watched what Nick Robinson so pregnantly termed 'the morning after the night before', or as some commentators are calling it, the Dave and Nick aka the Eric and Ernie Show. Not quite Ant and Dec, but not so far removed that you'd notice.

What do you make of all of this newms? It's left me scratching my head and mightily confused.

One thing I do know: the Conservative right are going to do their damndest to have another night of the long knives ASAP. I just cannot bear to watch what Rory Bremner is going to make of this.

Newmania said...

I am in favour Flo I am disposed to be optimistic and supportive

I have high high hopes and I am not in the mood to be cynical and pessimistic. I am resolved to listen to what Liberals have to say and make my points in a civil way if I disagree

I am actually quite thrilled ....suddenly to have a government I can belive in and be proud of..I had quite forgotten it was possible .

Bill Quango MP said...

I thought a quick look at Liberal- Conservative conspiracy site..
Might be something weird going on there.. some rationality might have broken out..

1st post: It’s not good for Labour, and it’s a disaster for the country and the Liberals. But I think, multiplied by Caroline Lucas’s win, it could be the start of a Green surge.

Phew! Business as usual.

Auntie Flo' said...

Fox news: 'The Odd Couple

CNN: 'British PM eats humble pie'

Huffington Post: 'Conservative from central casting fills PM's chair.

ABC has the full, sordid drama of Knickers' playing fast and loose with the then Prime Minister and the next PM - and loving it.

Something weird has happened here, Newms. I'm the Liberal, you're the Conservative, yet overnight we seem to have both walked into a doomsday machine which has rearranged our political molecules :o)

Newmania said...

BQ I had no idea quite how bonkers the greens were until I heard what one of them had to say recently

Nutty with fruit and choccy bits

mutleythedog said...

I am surprised you are not in the cabinet Mr N!

Aunitie Flo' said...

"The coalition government's move to make it harder to dissolve Parliament is a "constitutional outrage", ex-Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has said." BBC

Hahahahahhahahhhahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahahaha :o)

I've waited 13 years for this moment. All I need now is for Brown to dare condemn it as a constitutional abomination from the opposition backbenches - as Cameron reduces his massive pension pot for 'war crimes against the English' - and as 75% of us shout "So what!" My cup runneth over. I'm coming round to the idea of this coalition, even though its with the slippery Clegg.

tory boys never grow up said...

I'm afraid you are wrong about the Boundary Review process - the process is an independent judidicial one - neither the process or the rules it which it operates were changed by New Labour, and you can imagine the outrage if they had tried.

Conservatives and Lib Democrats however seem to have little difficulty in proposing changes to our electoral processes which they have neither but before the elctorate in their manifestoes or in referendums.

Newmania said...

In much the same way as by not changing thresholds fiscal drag was used to increase tax.
Had the process not been an outrageous advantage to New Labour it would have been reformed and certainly not delayed endlessly. It is in fact rather typical of the government by deceit we have endured ( no surprise when Campbell and <Manelson outranked elected representatives ) . Look at the use of PFI`s to retain the now laughable “Golden rule” ( remember that ?)..well the examples are endless .
The chief abuse of the electoral system however was to use devolution to elevate the value of Scottish and Welsh votes over English votes thus buying off Nationalism with English rights .
This has all contributed to the Conservative Party polling a million more votes that New Labour at the last election and New Labour disappearing as a significant force in England .

Wake up and smell the coffee Tea Boy there is no place for anti aspiration anti English anti work anti freedom 20th century politics in the real world and by that I mean the parts of the country that work .

Not sure what you mean about “Not in the manifesto” ..English votes and equal seats were and very publicly so . If you mean the referendum on AV then it is always a Liberal aspiration and much more .Good god Brown trying to inflict himself on us with the support of MPs doubly over represented and with their own devolved Parliament !!!

Oh the joy of having a government I can actually be proud of full of decent people trying to help me

Flo – Yes I enjoyed Lord Adonis but to tell you the truth I rather like him and I regret the ultra partisan role he has taken .He is a good man at heart one of the very very few NewLabour-ites that does not terrify me .

tory boys never grow up said...

I meant the 55% mechanism and 5 year fixed parliments - please show me where any of these proposals were in anything put before the electorate.

You cannot take support for fixed term parliments to mean anything you want.

tory boys never grow up said...

The Tory manifesto said nothing on fixed term parliments. The Lib Dem policy has always been to have 4 year fixed term parliaments. Please explain how the electorate ever voted for 5 year fixed term parliaments???

The Tory manifesto was silent on the issue of English votes/laws/ parliments as was the LibDem one - so don't make things up.

Newmania said...

Your first point is hilarious and more seriously piffling when I recall such manifesto promises as no tax rises , honest govenrnment and refomed public services .The second is ,I am afraid ill informed

Google is your friend TB read`em and weep

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