Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Next For Labour ?

David Milliband`s speech was a coded message and you have to read it shifted to the right and more Liberal allowing for the ultra left wing predilections of the Labour Party . By merely mentioning the market he positioned himself rightwards which gives you some idea .This is the piece David Milliband wrote for the New Statesman the last time he announced his candidacy .... (when he did his “Come and chase me .. routine but no-one did )
It’s a better “speech “ and pitched at the presumed intellectual lefty reading the New Statesman . This is really what he is ,and so this comes close to the real David Milliband
Personally I would like Ed or Balls , but even a Boy David has the, “I agree with Nick “, problem . We are already bashing banks, second homes , reforming tax and repealing authoritarian New Labour edicts . I don’t see the sort of municipal socialism emerging as an answer as working where it has to , in the fast moving South outside London.
I just don`t understand , honestly and truly ,where the Labour Party goes .Yes they have their subsidised public sector regions , the NE Scotland and so on but does anyone think these cuckoos in the nest are seriously a model for the country . I have been telling
Hopi Sen ( Blairite New Labour spinner ) for ages how out of touch he is .He thinks I am extreme because I disapprove of uncontrolled immigration , but I am delighted with the coalition and voted Blair in 97.
He is the one way out in the red and with nothing in common with the ordinary folk at the Garden centre and Tescos and Mothercare . They like this new politics and so do I

( Comment on Hopi Sen`s blog)


Nick Drew said...

oh, I think we know where next for these recently-de-throned princes of NuLab

several years in denial, weaving this way and that, until they finally realise that those subliminal voices that say - you ministerial Jag is just around the corner, ready to whisk you back to your rightful Whitehall office - are just the sounds made by the tumbleweed in their deserted ideological blind-alleys

saw it first-hand with many of the dispossessed of 1997

the brains knew they were dished, but the hearts didn't

Newmania said...

They seem determined not to do that Nick but I hear no-one saying "I was wrong "

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