Tuesday, May 11, 2010

English Parliament Now !

.Now ticking off Next Left

.and if New Labour believed in proportional mandate then they would not have been wrecking the country on a vote of a million less than David Cameron achieved and a smaller proportion. Don`t give me that make me PR oh lord but not yet, shit that’s just an stash for a rainy day . Does anyone think we would be reforming electoral system an outcome desired by no-one , if New labour had won . Anyone who does obviously missed the fact that the same promise was reneged on by Blair and Brown for ten years . Jesus look who runs the country ? Fucking Alistair Campbell and Mandelson , who voted for that?

The whole PR argument is , ina ny case , based on a fallacy .We have a majoritarian chamber . I have had less than no say in anything done by my country for ten years and I am typical of a vastly larger body of opinion than the Lib Dems . Most of their votes were anti Labour / Conservative Politics , so many are based on lies , and there is no line whatsoever between vague discontent and excluding the the voter from the governing process .
What is political Party ? Just a name what opinions get excluded ...well lets see. The majority who dislike Europe , the majority who dislike immigration, the majority who dislike social progressives , the majority who want us to keep Trident , the majority who watt to suffer not victims . We are already skewed to the left !

Let us not forget that this deal can only be cobbled together by excluding Wales and Scotland form cuts and they are also exempted already form the disgraceful and shameful National Government the Pink Mugabe`s are stitching up . Have you seen the size of the Conservative Majority in England ? There is increasingly only one answer to this its sad but we need an English Parliament and it can vote on the basis its decides suits it . We don not have to accept a system imposed without referendum by the lying whore traitors of the smallest Party who lied when they said they were equidistant lied and lied and lied AGAIN


Auntie Flo' said...

I so agree with you.

A friend of mine, a local Conservative councillor and I have already begun talks about organising a campaign on this once we recover from our post election exhaustion.

Think about it, newms, under our Conservative manifesto, aren't 5% of the people now empowered to put forward a new law to be considered by parliament?

Then that's what we must surely do; use the power of the internet to scoop up all those people who are p*ssed off up to the eyeballs about PR to form a coalition of our own.

Auntie Flo' said...

We had no choice but to agree to this coalition, did we? I've been hypocritically arguing for it on Lib Dem sites, with my finger crossed while typing because I don't believe a word of it.

There's still one glimmer of hope though, newms. Clegg is having a hell of a job persuading his MPs to agree to leap, lemming like, abed with us.

If he doesn't succeed, Brown's gone, Cam is PM, albeit of a minority government, and can rearrange the voting system as he likes. We could have fair, equi-sized constituencies which will give us a good majority in a soon to come election. We can also hold a Referendum on an English parliament.

Auntie Flo' said...

Oh, I forgot, parliamentary vote...wassat? We need only use Labour's iniquitous parliament act to force it through.

Gawd, what am I saying? I'm turning into a bl**dy nulab.

Bill Quango MP said...

I came to much the same conclusion. If the Libs had walked away, Dave puts English Parliament first on the manifesto and says election in September.

Anyway doesn't matter. that Brown object that was jammed in the pipe seems to have been flushed. Time for some Blue Loo with a hint of jiff lemon to sort out the mess.

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