Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trident Tested Clegg

In 2007 Nick Clegg was saying that there was little point attending the next non-proliferation talks in 2010 if "we've already thrown all our cards away". Not only that but he was snippily lecturing Chris Huhne about how all his considerable experience in the courts of Europe and International Lobbying told him that if you aint got a wood in your bag you aint gonna be taken seriously as a golfer ( Of course he put it in his querulous schoolboy way, but that was the gist)Now he wants to scrap Trident in a Policy he must cringe to repeat. God knows I detest that lying hound Gordon Brown, but his line " Get real Nick , get real"... was the best of the night in the second PMs bun fight .
Of course Lib Dems being Lib Dems there is a clever clogs story to muddy the waters but what is the truth?
The truth is that Nick had to throw his hippy baby boomer activists a bone to keep them quiet as he moved the Party from pale pink to pale pinky-blue. He must have hated the reminder of what Lib Dems really are and why they cannot be trusted just when he was getting some traction, but he is stuck with it, and there is a greater lesson in that.

These debates give the entirely false impression that each of the three is a free agent .They are not .Brown has his unions paymasters and left wing . Cameron has the back the 50s brigade and Nick Clegg has the dregs of the 60s still dopily imagining that the world will one day join hands and sing Kum bay ya, my Lord. Of the three their backwoods men are by far the most dangerous


Blue Eyes said...

You are right, N. The staunch old-fashioned Tories might still secretly want women to go back into the kitchen and gays to be so in secret but at least they know they are wrong and out of step.

Newmania said...

Well people say that BE ,in practice I don`t actually meet many people who say such things

Blue Eyes said...

Not in London, but I assure you they exist :-((

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