Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Iain Dale and Sunder Katwala ,were united in condemnation the Mail`s piece questioning Clegg`s English credentials . True it was a little mischievous ….
“His wife is Spanish, his mother Dutch, his father half-Russian and his spin doctor German. Is there ANYTHING British about LibDem leader"
..and the censorious Dale finger duly wagged…. “ let's stick to analysing LibDem policies and exposing the flaws in their ideas”.. advice I wish someone would take, including him
In fact each of these very typical British politicos assumed the position .The Conservative a bit pompous , the lefty sniffing out racism with all the sinister relish of the Child Catcher from Chity Chitty Bang Bang.
It would be easy to join the harrumph ( “Hey I didn1t get a harrumph out that guy !”* ) but I am not so sure . Tony Barber of the FT`s Brussels Blog
makes the Mail`s point a bit better

Viewed from Brussels, the rise of Nick Clegg .. is a fantasy come true. ….Britain’s opinion polls are topped by a party whose leader spent five years working at the European Commission and another five years as a MEP in the European Parliament. Gott am Himmel! ….Clegg studied at the elite College of Europe In Bruges an institution geared to producing crop after crop of graduates with a lifelong enthusiasm for EU integration. He speaks Dutch, French, German and Spanish, making him as proficient a linguist as such dedicated Europeans as Herman Van Rompuy, the EU’s full-time president, and Jean-Claude Juncker, the Luxembourg premier.
Clegg has a Dutch mother, a half-Russian father and three children called Antonio, Alberto and Miguel. ….... Clegg’s emergence is enough to make even the most agnostic Eurocrat think that there must be a god, after all.

Now isn’t it valid to ask if Clegg can be trusted to look after the interest of this country ? I mean come on “ Antonio, Alberto and Miguel….? ” Nothing in his background says yes to me and much of it says Neine , non and …um that sort of funny foreign thing

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