Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tomorrow Belongs To Clegg

You have to admit it there is something attractive about Clegg .All that petty corruption and endless grubby politics badly needed to be swept away . What we quite clearly needed was a fresh face with a simple pure and populist call for change ,change we can all believe in
(Details tba )
Yes you find me caught up in the mood of “Yes we can “ ,and I see Cleggs closing remarks at the leaders debate going
something like this .Nothing wrong with harnessing old loyalties on the other hand , by way of contrast I am hoping for something like this from David Cameron.
Two magnificent pieces of music in film of course . Watch the slow awakening of the old fat man in the first clip , why was he so slow to believe , why , once won over ,so passionate? Each character has a life before and after this moment . In Rick`s bar the complexity intelligence and emotion make this one of the great scenes in the greatest fim ever

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