Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Nightmare

Todays You Gov Poll opens up a new and dreadful nightmare

The full horror of the thousand year Lib Lab Reich is starting to dawn on me .As Hopi implies Liberals , who after all comprise the SDP , have an enormous amount in common with New Labour .Here are the areas of agreement
1 Immigration – Both favour flooding the country with foreigners so as to loosen Nationalist ties which both consider old fashioned and faintly evil .70,000,000 is nothing there will be no country
2 Europe – They have already conspired once to hand over yet more of our voting rights to Brussels’ and the truth is both want the country to be the sort of Socialist Democracy we see on the Continent. It will be a post democratic regime
3 – See 2 The size of the state has not really been a Liberal objective since Gladstone whatever Clegg pretends . They will redefine Liberal as consisting of positive freedoms ( as they always do)and head towards 70% state on the Swedish model.
4 – Every trendy nostrum from letting criminals out to teaching by dance and play wil be churned out of Whitehall into the schools where our children will; be brainwashed into the belief that their parents are not with the programme . The programme is a sort of feminine fascism; multiculturalism, internationalism , breaking the country into regions.
5The losers will lose foreverMarriage …forget any support it will continue to be denigrated and despisedPrivate Sector Small Business – Neither know or care about it . It will be legislated off the face of the earthTaxation- Will of course go up to pay for all this whatever the Liberals say . They are incapable of cuts , more so than Labour

This could be the end of the country and it has come fittingly enough as the result of an X factor moment of brainless fascist populism. The mistake you male Hopi is in imagining the Liberals are serious about ID cards and their weeny token quibbles .They never want anything but more spending more rules more taxes more Europe , more single mothers , more social workers more public sectorPolly Toynbee must be wetting herself with glee if this Poll is the truth the country is finished .

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Electro-Kevin said...

Then Cameron should be open and take a risk on the immigration issue - done with the right temperament would be a vote winner .

Telling us he will cap immigration from 'outside the EU' is not good enough - a flood of 2m Turks in one wave can be expected on this logic.

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